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f . -fdfo^^A BRIEF 


Of the whole Book of . 



Lively defcribing the Eftate of the Church 

in all the Ages thereof, both Jewiih 
^nd Chriftian ,*tochis day : 

And Modefily pointing at the Gloriouf- 

ncfTe of the refiored E(iaceofche Church ofche 

lewcs, and ihehppy ace iTcof chcGcnrilcSumthc 

afproachi:igdaicsof Rcfoimation, wt-cnthc 

WaI! of PaEcicion iLaIlb;;e ta'cn away. 

A Work very ufifuU and fcalbnableco every Chri* 
ftian ; buc efpecially fuch as endeavour andcbirii 

after t;)C fcilsng of Church an 1 Sr.'te , according co 
whc Kule and Pacccrn of ih .- \V ord of Cod . 

Written by that Learned and Godly Divine John 

Cottony Batch. lor of Divinity : and now Pafior of the 
Congregation at no^jn^ in Nerp'Evgkmd, 

Printed for Phsltp Novil , at the figne of 

the Gun in Ivie-Lane ^ t 6 4X« 






V. -■ 





opened and explained. 

The Text. Chap. I. 

iSMHe Soagof Soi^, which h Solo- 

liSk 2 Let him kilTe mec with the 
SB kiffcs of his mouth : ^r chy love. 

is better then wine. 
5ecaiifeofthe favour of thy good.oiijc^ 
$ , thy Name is as oiDtment powted 
.therefore doe the Virgins love thd:- 
Draw meiwe will mnne after thee : the 
hath btoueht me into his chambers: ni 
fi will 

The S<mg (f Songs. Ghaj 

will bee glad and rejoyce in thee, wee 
remember chv love more then wilie> 
upright love thee. 

J I am blacke, but comely, (O ve dai 
tersof Jeralalem^ as the Tents o^Keda 
the curtains of Solomon. 

6 Looke not upon me becanfe I am bl 
becaule the Suiine hath looked upon n 
my Mothers children were anery with t 
they made me the keeper of the Vineyi 
but my owne Vineyard have I not kept, 

7 Tell me, (O thou whom my i 
loveth') where thou feedeft , where thou 
keft thy flock to reft at noone : for ' 
fliould I be as one that turneth aiide bj 
flocks of thy companions ? 

8 If thou know not(0 thou faireft an 
women) goe thy way forth by the foot 
of thy flocke, and feed thy kiddes beHde 
ftiepneards tents. 

9 I have compared thee , O my love, 
company of horfes in Pharaohs chariots. 

I o Thy cheeks are comely with row 
jewels, thy neck with chains of gold. 

II Wee will make thee bordets ofj 
with flodsof fllver. 

12 While the King fitteth at his t; 
my f|nkenard iendeth forth the iinell d 
ot - 

X? Abmidteof myrrheifmy welbel 
unto mee, hee fhall Ue all l^ghc betwixi 
breafts.. ;v^. 



Iji)^t'fings ancUtit. 

My beloved is onto mee, as a clufter of 
lire in the Vineyards of En-gedi. 
iehold^thou art fa]re,niy love : behold^ 
X faire, and haft doves eyes. 
Behold, thou art faire^y beIoved,yea, 
t : al/b our bed is green. 
The beames of our houfe are Cedar, 
r rafters of firre* 

T H E Ex P L A N ATI O N, 

i.verfei. The song $fsongs^whnh 

2. Let bimkijftffti with the ki(fes$f 
moittb , fir thy love is better then 

as the manner of ancient times , at 
3ufalls and Nuptialls to indite and 
^ {Epitbaldmia) love-fongs ; a The 
?'thc 45 . Pfaltnc may fceme to bee 
1 by one of the chicte fingers of the 
Ic 5 (who now were all of them 
cts ^ * jifofby Heman, Jedathun^) 
occafion of Sd^omons marriage 
Pharaohs Daughter ^ for though 
vas a ftrangcr by binh from the 
ion wealth oflfirtfcl, yet his mar- 
B 2 m%t 



* Ruth 4. 1 

II. 12. 

a Pral.45. 




The ufe (fmarriap»fings, Oia] 

b I.King, 
c vetfc 3. 

10.— 14. 

riage was lawfiill with her : And th 
fore^ notwithftanding this marriage . 
love to God is ftill commended^ ^ 
lomon made affimtj rvitb Pharaoh Kin 
Egypt , and^ soUmon loved the LQrd^ 
For 5 indeed herein Solomon was 
-} Firft. a type of Chrift , admitting 
Gentiles into the fellowflnp of his 1 

Secondly, this Pharaohs daughte 
came a Profelite to the Jewifh Reli^ 
d Hearken (oh Daughter) and confider , 
incline thine eare .y forget alfo thine' 
feopUy and thy fathers houfe.^c^ 

Now though that marriage fong 
penned upon that occafion •, yet it a] 
deth farre above all earthly refped 
worldly marriage , and by a diviri< 
heavenly workmanfliip fets forth a 
venly marriage-fong betweene C 
and his Church : of like Argument 
this fong penned by Solomon himf 
not to expreffe his affedions to Phar 
daughter 5 or hers to him, or the \ 
parts of either of them : no, nor th( 
refpe6ts to any Shiinamite amottgl 
reft of his wives , as fome have v 
conceived 5 for then how ablurd 




1 Chap.i. Whoperfmated in thisfin^. 


monftrous were fome of his compari- 
fons, likening his fpoufc to A comfanj $f 
Horfes in Pharaehs Chariot , her Head tc 
[ carmely her Eyes to Fifh. f coles , her Nofi 
I to a Tiwevj her Teeth to afiocke of sheep ^ her 
whale Selfe toaterribU %^rmj withBan* 
fters i But his fcope is to defcribe the 
cftate of the Church towards Chrift^and 
his refped towards her , from his own 
time to the laft judgement, as afterward 
it fhall appeare. 

Now 5 through this whole marriagc- 
fong this Decorum it kcepethjthat though 
the Calamities of the Church be as well 
defcribed throughout this lon^ ^ as the 
comfortable condition of the iamc in all 
ages ^ yet fuch difmall paflages are vailed 
and ihadowed under lome i weet and a- 
miable refemblances , left the joy of a 
marriage feaft ftiould be darkncd by un- 
feafonable mention of fo fad occurences^ 
Neither are all the pafTages of the eftate 
of the Church in every age here defcri- 
bcdj (for how can that be in fofhorta 
fongfr)but the chiefe heads of things in 
every age are fwectly, and fhortly, and 
lively , not onely pointed at , but decy- 
phered. Thefe verfes containe ^ 

B 5 Yvt^^ 





The tide, j Firft 5 the title of the whole bo 

Secondly , the defcriptioh of the e 
of the Church in the dayes, Firft, of 
lomon verfe ^ .^—4. 

Secondly , of Solomon and Reh< 
am, verfe 5. / 

Thirdly, of Rehoboam, verfe 6. - 
In the title we have 

Firft^the form of the bookjt is A J 

Secondly^ the excellency of it^ A . 
^ Songs. 

Thirdly, the Author of it. Which t 

The Song ofSongs^ ^c. In Colof. 3 
there is mention made, 


Secondly, Hymnes. 

Thirdly, (pirituall Songs* 

Amongft the Hebrewes there 
Pfalmes made to be fung with Ir 
ments , as well as with voyce , and 
tained Arguments of all forts, for p 
on, thankfgiving,and inftru(Stion. 

Songs were chiefly made for the v 

H3mines are properly praifes of C 
thoi^h any of thefe are fomiioict 
for all. 


C0L5 .6. 





ip.1 Songs not un/iafauhUy O'C. 

rft, thiscbth letusfee^ thatkwene 
* wiflbcd, that this bookc were mr- 
into verie or meeter in each latv- 
^e y that wee might fk\g the Can- 
s as the Hebrews did« 
xoncfly 5 this teaches us to ftrive for 
a gracious frame of f^it^that we 
it alwayes bee fitted to fing co 

[lis Song containes the eflate of the 
rch, ^ well in the worft as beft. 
s^ yet Solomon can as well fing in 
nifery of the Church', as in her pro- 
ty; And'^David hath as wellPfalmes 
lis deqpe waters and calamities, 
F his greateft deliverances : And the 
ghoft faish , « Rej^yvi in the Lorddh 
s : And though filling be chiefly fit 
rcquifitc infmirm, yet weefliould 
t aifofi3ta Pfalmpinour afflifticAU 
vc commonly in our ill howers are 
Tullhi to fing , and in our meriy' 
ds our fpirits vani(h away in car- 
mirth and jolity ^ but whatfocva: 
Aate of the Church be 5 we fhould 
our fpirits as ready to fing as to 

hirdly , is reproved that aiicieift 

B 4 law I 



* PCiLo. 

c rliil.4.4 




i4 2. Sam. 7. 1 1. Ct^. (^ned. Chap.i 



cime four 

he tooke from Saul •, for even from So- 
lomons poftcritic the kingdomc was cut 
offinJcchoniah.-The promife therefore 
of mercy to Solomon above Saul reach- 
eth to the beftowing of an heavenly 
kingdome upon him. Befides , in that 
place two bleflings are promifed^ | 

Firft 3 Adoption , I mil he his father^ 

Secondly , Eftablifliment in Gods 
houfe andkingdome : fo that if the latter 
promife fhould not evince his pctfcvc- 
ranee, yet the former dpth. 

Secondly , this is to ftirre us up to the 
reading and. meditation of this bookc^the 
fhore for thePenmans fake. 

The 2 .3 .& 4.verfes fing and (hew forth 
the eftate of the Church in Solomons 
time. Verfe 5 . the eftate of the Church as 
well in Solomons time as inRehoboams: 
The verfes following to the iiinth , the 
eftate of the Church in aU the time of 

In the Church of Solomons time 
fourc piaffages arc chiefly obfervable. 

FiriV, Solomons choyce of heavenly 

- wifedome, by which chiefly wee enjoy 

fwcct and familiar feUowfhip with 



Chap. I • the Song ofSmgs. 

mons throne exceeded his in all other j 
magnificence : ^ fo did' his name exceed 
his alfo 3 yet this is no difparagement 
to the other Songs ^ fo neither that 
fome of Davids Pfalmes fhould bee 
ftiled "^ golden Pfalmes : ^ All purified 
gold 5 yet fome gold wrought more 
cxquifitely then others ^ and finer en- 
graven then others ^ even fome portion 
of .the pure and holy word of God, 
more exquifitely penned and polilhcd 
then other. 

The firft Reafbn why this Song is 
more excellent then others , is, bccaufe 
this Song fpeaketh not onely of the 
chiefeft matter , to wit , Chrift and his 
Church •, but alfo more largely then any 
of Davids Pfalmes , and with more ftore 
of more (weet and precious , exquifite 
and amiable Refemblances , taken from 
the richeft Jewels , the fweeteft Spices, 
Gardens , Orchards , Vineyards, Wine- 
cellars , and the chiefeft beauties of all 
the workes of God and Man. 

Secondly , this Song admitteth more 
varictie of interpretation then any other, 
j and alfo of Angular ufe ; fome hiave 
applied it to exprcfle the rautualL a£- 1 

h I.King* 

* Pfal. 16. 

i P(al« 12. 
6. . 

' f 




I^es of his mouth ^hat. Chap.i. 

* I. Kings 
2 z.z5> 24. 



P&l. 119. 
98. — 100. 

f ICi. 57. 

t Pro. 17, 

a EccleC 
12. i^. 

* Pto.8. 

* Math.5. 

words •, his breathing into our mouths 
a right anfwcr^ makcth us fpcake accor- 
dingly : as^on the contrary , when one an- 
fwers pen^erfly , unjuftly , erroneoufly, 
Satan then hath kiffed them with his 
kiflcs 5 hee hath fitten as a "^ lyii^ fpirit 
in their mouths. 
- [^ The kfjfes of his mouthy which is more 
then the hjfes of his lips 5 the one is a 
filent gefture of love , the other implieth 
alfo amiable fpeeches, when Chrift 

Firftj by the voice of his word^ or 

Seconcuy, by the breath of his fpirit, 
doth either 

Firft 5 put wifedome or grace into our 
hearts, or 

Secondly, fpeake peace or comfort]^ 
to our foules. 

^ I ere Ate the fruit of the lifSjpeace^ feace^ 
&c. Solomons wifedome is the grace of 
God , as wickednefle is folly •, t The be^ 
ginning of this wifedome is thefeare ofGody 
" the end of it is the keeping of Gods CoffB* 
mandements. : This wifedome whofo 
findes , findes Chrift, * the wifedome of 
the Father,in whom God is well pleafed 
with US', and in whom hee (as it were) 
kilfeth us^This wifedome doth not onely I 



Chap.u SphknaUllifiJedtmieh^s peace. 17 

enable us to walkc godlily to our falvati- 
on, but likewife fits us to goe in and out 
before our families ^ before our people, 
and fo enlaig« us to all duties of our cal- 
lings : And to walke in the wayes of this 
wiledome , brii^s peace to our foules, 
and to thofc that live under us: y All her r^tci.t? 
paths are peace. 

Fer tijf Uve is better then wlneJ]^ The 
fevowr or God in giving wifedomc, and 
thereby peace to a mans felfe and others 
depending on him , is more worth then 
wine 5 (that is) then whatfoever makes 
the heart of man * glad. This prayer I 
was powred out bySolomonjthe chiefeft 
member of the Church in this time, 
when he prayed for wifedome, tand pre- 
ferred it before long life, riches, victory 
over his enemies, &c. 

Or die this whole verfc mavcxpreflc 
the dcfire of the Church to Solomon, 
that he would expreffe his love to her by 
his divine fentences , "^ and bookes, and 
fongs, which are better thentheircivilliji.^. 
peace, "^^ then the fittit^ under their own " 
Vine aixi Fig-tree. 

Becmfe of the fa^vear of thj good eynt- 
me^/s.'} Good oyntments arc the gifts 

C ^xvdA 


Jud. 9.1^. 
\i King.j. 

2- Chron. 
* Ecdcf. 




8 Sj^tmUgracescaMqjfntments. Chap.rj 
23.— 31 

t X Sam. 
16. y & 
10. !• 
c Exod. 
d I Kings 

e Ad*x.S. 

f Rev. x.^. 
loh. xi.j. 

a loh. 1.17 and graces of Gods fpirit^* Bttt the amjn^ 
tiftgipfnchye have received rfhim^(^c. fo 
called, bccaufe they hcale a broken heart 
b Luk. xo. ■ as b oyle : the oyle of Gods grace heales 
34- ^ the bniifes of the foule. 
my 6 1. 1. Secondly , as oyle doth make the face 
* PlLxo4* : to Ihine , * fo do thev. 
» ^ • J ^ j ThircUy , t as by the holy oyles all the 
^ ^ '*' ' veffcls ofthe Tabernacle \^ere confccra- 
ted -^ fo by thefe graces all the veffels of 
mercy are confecratedto God. 

Fourthly ^ by the oyntment were a- 
noynted to their offices t Kings, c Priefls, 
^ and fome Prophets-, c fo by thefe graces 
arc wee annointed to God our Father in 
Chrift, f Kings 5 Pricfts and Prophets. 
Savour is the manifeftation of thefe 
graces , as oyntments are manifefted by 
their favour. 

Tty name is as an oyntment fowrei 
forth : ] that is, precious, fweet, and fii- 
moufly renowned •, therefore doe the Vir^ 
gins /(^o/^^^^.TheVirgins inthis fong arc 
fuch as Chrift hath not yet efpoufed -to 
himfelfc, "^ flor fpokcn for in way of 
marriage-, "^ f uch as carnall Jewes, or the 
Love theeQ 


* Can.^ S 

If^erfc 3. 

* iKing. 

hat is 5 Firft , honourably eftccmc 

^condly, affcd thy fight and fellow- 

hirdly 5 fcekc after thee. "^ This was 
led in Solomon : His ownc people 
fenced him , even all of them •, his 
s was famous in all nations round a- 
him : all the Kings fent to him, and 
11 people fomc came to heare his 
dome. * The Queen of Shebacom- 
1 from the uttermoft parts of the 
1 to heare it^ and countcth his people 
y under it ; t HGram King Oi Tyre 
^ God for his wifedome. " 
raiP me,!} It may well be the fpeech 
olomon to Chrift , prayii^ that 
jft would draw him to the Father, 
; unto him in holy duties, and pro- 
ig to bring all the people to runne 
him after God : Or it may be the 
h of the Church to Solomon, de- 
; him to draw them together, by 
eke edidts and proclamations, to the- 
me duties of Gods worfliip , ancj 
fifing to come freely , to runtogc- 
willingly in the times of fuch aflem' 
; which was done* « 

c 2 \rhx 


ti Kuig. 




Wh/umeamly Chambers. Chapii. 

rcrfe 4. 

* x« Ohio* 

I. »,— tf- 

b I •King- 

\^Thi King bMb brought mee iM§ 
his chdmiersi'^ That is , into thofe 
bride-chambers, where Chrift famili- 
arly converfcth with them 5 which were 
I three: 

I Firft 5 the Tabernacle of Gibeon* 
Secondly, theArkeatJerufalem. 
Thirdly , the Temple. 
Into thrfe * Solomon brought the 
whole coi^regation of I&ad to folemne 

The words following in this verfe, 
(hew a threefold rcfpeft which the peo- 
ple beare to Solomon : 
Firft, they rejoyced in him. 
Secondly , they remember his love 
better then wine. 

Thirdly , the upright love him. 
Their rejoycing in him, is recorded^ : 
their remembrance of his love more 
then wine , is there alfo implied ^ for,de- 
parting from the meeting with fuch glad 
hearts , they afterward remembred the 
comfort thereof, as more bleffed then 
\ the peaceable living under their ownc 
Vine and Fig-tree : The love of the up- 
tight to him continued all his time , even 
i when his wives,and hollow-hearted fub- 
) )t&s 


ip.i. Setmon a type dfChnf. % i 

flattered him, and enticed him to 
ation of Idolatrie. 
A confider fiirthcr, that Solomdn, 
tiheeis here fet forth as thedefire, 
band bleffedncfleofall his people, 
s then a type of Chrift, greater thai 
mon 5 whofe heavenly fellowfliip 
nftrudion the Church aefires above 
: whofe graces are excellent and 
jring him love and renowne, of 
mthe Church praycth to be drawn, 
vho leadeth us to fcllowfhip with 
in holy worfhip 5 whom therefore 
people rejoyce in , and remember 
3ve above wine: the uptight love 


Ver^ %. 

s,firft,doth fhcw us the happy eftate 
;!^hurchor Common- wealth, whca 
afplace labour not for preferments 
5ri(Uy profitSj for honour or long 
but for wife and underfhinding 
s , that may goe in and out before 
K)ple in their callings ^ when they 
: to be kiffed with the Mcs of Gocfe 
h^ that he wouldbrea^ into them 
graces as bee needfiill for thdr 

condly, this Iheweth what ptoc«sc& 
C 5 atoa.- 


\\StA \ 





c Hcb.i i< 



a Magiftrate love and rq)utation • w! 

being enriched with Gods graces 

fweet oyntments , hee manitefteth 

fweet favour thereof in all his adn 

ftrations. If any man defires a o 

name^if any man defires love and ref] 

this is the way to get it •, Fill your h< 

with the good gifts and graces of G 

let Gods grace fhew forth it felf in ; 

fpeccheSj in your anfwers, in your pi 

ces 5 this oyntment will bee ftrong 

get a good name, then any other noy 

thing to hinder it : The Viigins will 

you, for they rcjoyce at your faith ^ 

by faith mir elders were well reporte 

Bythefe Solomon got a good nan 

the world over. 

Thirdly , this is to teach a Magi] 
to draw on the people to holy dutie< 
all meanes he can, by his proclamat 
laweSj^nd examples. 

Fourthly , to fhew that the gr( 
comfort or fub jeds , and the flro 
love to knit them in all hearty afFed 
to their Prince, is his forwardnel 
I drawing them on , and leading thei 
end to the holy duties of Gods woi 
Draw mee, and 1 willrnnne after t 

Verfe 4. 



lp.l. i%w the Church is UacK 

Jomon once be drawnc, all the pco- 
^ill come after rejoycing, when they 
fee the M^iftrate come, 
fthly, tomew usa jfigneof atrue 
feorChrift-, fuch a one preferreth 
ivftiip with him above all things^de- 
ii^ in his company 5 in his ordinan- 

Thus did PW, d 1 count dl things 
xnddrcffifir chrijliSo Dofuid^^ Whim 
I in Heaven bnt thee i 
\m hlaeke^yet comely ^&c.'\ 
.thefe vcrfcs is defcribcd the eftate 
e Church. 

rft 5 of Ifiael and Judah, in the laft 
> of Solomon 5 andthen of Reho- 

condly^ of Judah alone, 
lirdly^ of Ifrael alone after the A- 
cy of the ten tribes, 
mrthly , of Judah alone^ in refpcd 
. civil! condition under the fcrvice 
* King of Egypt. 
\m blacky S'c.'} The Church is fet 

by a double adjundion, the one 
aiy to the other ^ lam blacky yet 
y •, and both thefe by compari- 

Oi^ ila^^ as tie tents ofKedar. 
C 4 Secon^j^ 



yerfi 2. 

d Phil.j. 
7,8. . 


f^erfe 5. 
Verfe 6. 


Verfi 9. 
rerfe 5. 





g I.King. 
h I.King. 

I i i«Ktng* 
11. 1 6)1 (^9 

k P(kl.48. 

I, 2* 

2 Chron. 

IJ. 10.— 

1 T*King. 


m2 Cor. 


Sccxmdly , ofmely , 4^ the atruini or 
hangings of Solomon. 

Firft, W4^lr, by the fall of Solomon 6. 

Secondly^by the folly of Rchoboamh. 


2. By Schifmc. 


4. By the Rebellion of the ten tribes I 

Tet comely^'] 

Firft 5 by the prcfcnt purity of Gods 
ordinances in the Temple, k 

Secondly 5 the conftancy of the up*, 
right in cleaving t6 God, to the King^ to 
the houfeof God^and David •, the which 
was done in profeifion by whole Judah 
and Benjamin, and the Ifraelites inhabi- 
ting in the Cities of Judah, but in^ truth, 
by "the upright K 

tti Dmghters $f Jtrufalem , &cJl 
Children of the Church are called 
Daughters rather thenSons,as being pre* 
led as a pure Virgin for Chrift their huf- 

K^sthiUfftsdf Ktdarjf^cr\ Thatis^ 
of the Arabians , who were called Sec- 
nith, or Nomede, for that they wandred 
up anddowne, feeding their flocks in 



Chap.l. Tie Church Uh^dars tents 

tents, which they made of Goats haire*, 
a courfe ftuflfe of it fclfe , and, being wca- 
thcr-beaten,the more homely and black : 
Hereto the Prophet alludeth whai hee 
calleth the Church jof Ifrael n Aholah, 
and Jerufalem Aholibah^mytentinher: 
for flie was then as the curtains ofSoltmon. 

It was Davids griefe*that he was long 
xronverfantin the tents of Kedar : the 
Church was now like to thefe tents^ 

rirft, in their blackneffe, which re- 
fembled their adverfity . 

Secondly 3 in that fhce now lived a- 
raor^ the enemies of her peace, the fons 
of her mother being angry with her. 

Thirdly, in that black and fad de- 
fection which layd the foundation of the 
after Captivity, when the Church wan- 
dred to Babel ^ her tent being removed 
as the curtains rfSohmcn^ or, hangings i 
havit^ the name from the coupling to- 
gether. "^ Jofephus faith, that Solomons 
hals were hung with hangings of Babilo- 
nian tapeftrie in their courfes or fuits, and 
the wall of Marble underneath moft cu- 
riouily wrought with rich Imageric : It 
fccmeth alfo, each hanging inwardly 
more rich then other. Such was tVvc 

n Exek. 


* Hortcn- 
Ant. 8.2. 





^6 Ikfj^fe not the Church though hlack-Cha3^.i. 

cftate of the Church in time of publickc 
defedion, pure and richly graced in tb? 
upright members 5 whom me better one 
inwardly knew 5 the more gracious they 

L00ke not ufon mee, becmje lam ilack^ 

This Verfe hath two parts : 

Firft, an admonition of the Church 
of Judah to the daughters of Jerufalem, 
not to defpife her , nor alienate them- 
felves from her in regard of her black- 
ncflc •, or, as it is in the Hebrew , BccmJc 
I am pee thai am black. 

Secondly ^ a rendring a threc-folci 
Reafon : 

Firft-^ of her blacknefTe. 

Secondly , of their not defpifit^ her 
for it. 

A third Reafon is^ . 

Firft^ from the hk;heft caufe of 
her a6i£tion , The Sunnehath lookedupon 

Secondly , from the inftrumentall 
caufe. The anger of her mothers .chil- 
dren agaiiift her. 

Thirdly , for the meritorious caufe, 
which (hce acknowledgeth was wholly 


Ver[t 6. 

o lob it. 


Chap.i. Whtft meant hy theSunne. 17 

inhcrfelfe^ her not kcqping well her 
own vineyard^ aggravated by the divers 
d^rceSjthough they made her the keeper 
ofthe vineyards. 

Lifcke net upon me i'] that is 

Firft, with a fcorching eye^ Sun-burn- 
ing me, making me ftilfm ore blacke by 
your difdainc and feparation 5 as the Sun 
is faid tolooke upon, that is, with a 
fcorching eye. 

Secondly , with a piercing eye , as 
the Vultures do, whereof Job foeaketh^o 
ufing the fame word here ufed of the 
Sunne, which fpieth out what hee may 
fatten upon^any corruption or carrion. 

The Sunne : j that is, God p hath look- 
ed upon me with a fcorching eye , in dif- 
plcafure ^ for hee was angry with Solo- 
mon, q It came not by chance, or civill 
caufes in politie , .but by divine pro- 
curement-,and therefore the daughters of 
Jcrufalem,to make fuch an ufe of it as not 
to alienate themfelves the more from 
God by it : That which commeth from 
God fliould draw us neerer to God •, Hee 
did it to fetus more Kins^sinthe Com- 
mon- wealth, as Solomon had more 
Gods in the Church. ^ 


rerfi 6. 

,q I King. 
XI p.& 



Tf^at meant hy Vims. Chap.i. 

rerfe 6. 
r I.King. 

12. I 6. 

f X.. Chro. 
xS. 4.-5. 
t 2.Saai. 

B P&I.80. 

Ifa ^. I. 



Thefinnes pfmj m&tAer were angry with 
mee^ ] That is ^ the ten tribes were offen- 
ded: ^ yea this anger of the tribes was ex-. 
ceflive , when it brake forth into fuch ex- 
tremity •, and therefore they rather to 
be reproved , then the Church difdai- 

They made me the keeper ef the Virtes:']^ 

Firft, God r 

Secondly 5 all the tribes 5. 

Of the yines^ 3 that is, of all the Chur- 
ches u« 

But mine cwne Vineyard have 1 mt 
kept: 3 that is , not the Churches of Ju- 
dah and Jerufalcm , Idolatry and Super- 
ftition creeping in. 

No not the Vines of mine own houfe. 

* Wall 28 j^y y^'isQs "^ from falling to Idolatry, and 
fe^ucing my felfe to tmeration of it. 



Tell me , chthoUy&c.'^ This verfe con- 

Firft 5 a Prayer of the faithfidl difper- 
fed throughout the ten tribes , and com- 
manded by Jeroboam to goe no more to 
worfhip at Jerufalem , but to goe to Dan 
and Bethel, defiring to know whither to 
refort to finde Chrift feeding his fhecpe 
a that heare his n;§yce. 



b x.Kifig* 


rerfe -8. 

Chap.i. LawfuUTrkftsareShi^eards. 29 | 

Secondly , a Rcafon to prevent her 
turning afide to fupcrftitious worfhip, by 
following fuch teachers as will not bee 
fubordinate to Chrift, dependii^ upon 
his diredion ^ but companions with him, 
ufurpii^ to prefcribe with like authority 
as hunfclfe in his worfhip b« 

ifyM kmw imr\ This verfe contai- 
neth Chrift'sanfwer: where obfervc 

Tirft , a Compellation, oh thu fidrefi 
amongfl t^^men. 

Secondly, a Suppofition,7/itAfl«JtMir* 
efinoti,2& ir he ihouldfay^itis much thou 
^fhouldeft not know. 

Thirdly , a Dire(ftion to follow in this 

Firft, thefootftepsofthctruefhccpc 
of Chrift^who went up all to Jerufalem*^. 

Secondly, the tents of the Shepheards, 
the lawfull Priefts, who were there alfo 5 
d There they feed the kids and young 
ones, who elfc might in time grow ram- 
mifhand ranke with fuperftitious and 
bad minifters. 

I h4ve cwif greet thee.'] FleretheciviU 
eftatc of the Church of Judah is defcri- 
bcd^ for after that the recourfe of the 
feithfiiil Priefts and Levites had ftrcngth- 

€ 2. Cliro* 


Verfe p. 

v«^$N i 


1 Chr. 1 1. 

d xChra 


I 30 The Church compared tQ horfis. Chap.i. 

ned the hand of Rehoboam 5 * hce fell 
away , and moflr of Ifrad with him : 
wherefore God fent Pharaoh Shiftiak 
(for all the Kinp of Egypt were called 
Pharaohs) to fubdue them to his fervice. | 
So then the Church of Judah is herefet 

Firil , by her fervice to Pharaoh , as 
if 5 like horles , they drew in Pharaohs 
triumphant Chariot <i. Jofephus faith, 
this Shifliak was Sefefteris , of whom 
Herodotus fpeakes ; yea of him faith 
Diodorus Siculus, that hee caufed Kings 
as horfes to draw in his Chariots. 

Secondly , by her acceptance to God 
inthiskryicct, I have c$mparedtJ!fee to the 
am f any of my hordes ^ and fo in the He- 
brew 3 becaiiic they had fubmitted them- 
felves under Godsjuft hands «. If Solo- 
mon had fpoken of any of his Wives or 
Concubines , it had beene a monftrous 
and abfurd comparifon to liken them 
to Coach-horfes : Alfo becaufethis is a 
marriage-fong 5 heefctteth downe cx- 
prefly no difmall thing to interrupt 
bride-chamber joy , but vaileth the fer- 
vice under this magnificent comparifon 
) This 



Chap.L Idolatry ntakits the Church hlach 31 

This flicwcs us what it is that makes { 


the Church blacke, wherein the defor- 
mity of it ftands^in the fall and fins ofthc 
people, and of the Princes , in declining 
to Idolatry in their folly , fchifmes, and 
rents from their mother^ profaneneflc^a- 
poftacy, and rebeUionin the Church and 
Common-wealth : Thefe doe darken 
the faireft Churches. 

If Solomon fhall fet up other Gods, 
God will fet up forraine Princes in his 
kingdomc : It hee and his people wiU 
fcrve other Gods , God will caufe his 
Princes to draw in forraine Princes Cha- 
riots ; If we be at unity with other gods, 
God will be at enmity with us. 

Secondly , this doth fliew us there ufc «. 
may bee a true comely Church in the 1 
middeft of fuch deformities , yet the 
trac Church of God in the greatcft dark- 
ncfJh is alwayes comely : It is not the fins 
of Princes and people that can take away 
the Churches comelineffe ^ they may 
bring blackneflfe uponher^like to the tents 
pfKedar : but draw thefe curtaines afide, 
and you fhall finde that Gods Church is 
comely, like to the curtMnes rfS^lotMn. 
Run we not therdbre from the Church 




yi The Church true though hlach Cliap.i. 




becaufcofherblackncflCj but runncto 
her 5 and cmbracc;hcr in her moft lad 

Thirdly , to f each the children of the . 
Church not to feparate from the Church 
for corruption fake 5 not to looke onely 
at her corruptions, but to fee her comli- 
I neflc alfo •, and not adde afflidtion to the 
afflidediMuch leffc are we to think they 
in Bohemia^aiid in the Palatinate, are no 
Churches, for that they are now funnc- 
burnt ; The funne, even God^hath look- 
ed upon them 5 and it is not their mo- 
thers children, but the baftards of the 
Romane Harlot have beene angry with 
her. Let us not then look at them with 
a Vultures eye, as though wee would be- 
hold nothing but corruption and carrion^ I 
nor, with a fcorching eye , make them 
more blacke 5 but with a childe-like cye^ 
to pity them for their calamity and 
blacknefle which is befallen them. 

Fourthly, obferve that the calamities 
of the Church fpring not out of the dull:, 
but it is God that caufeth darkneflfe upon 
the Church ^ yea, to fpeake reverently, 
it is he that lookes at her with a fcorch- 
ing eye-,he fcarcheth her fins,and, finding 



lap.i. This Sa^pem^s^ SdommsfalL jj I 

m out^doth Uaft her that fhe is tann'd 

[ ifuii-*itf nt : If then it be Gods hand, 

us pity the Church fb much the 

re 5 and ftrivc with Cod to renew the 

itofhiSr countenance upon ha*. 

-ifthly 5 it was a finrtt in them to be Ufc 5, 

\vy with^hc Church , as fome of the 

iratr^ ax^^ and doe d^rt from us ^ 

it ii' not a little Gme' and fault in us 

\efpiSe other ChwrcheJin diftrcfle. 

iiatfani'if forte caft offEhgland., fliaU 

r^oGt it becaufe fome of the fonnes 

\et liiothet doe fo i BoW rtueh. leric 

1 AVftrti f he fonnes , = nbt of a rtiother 

of a hartoc ,' hates the Churehcs Jbe^ 

idth«i'fcasr (hall wee fhen rcjeftthc 

urch^God forbid'. - 

iiuMy V tHs tea!ch«h us eoncevnii^ Ufe ^. 

3{iM)fi,;thae .- ^ 

'irft, he repented c^hisrfaU^ aeknow- 

j;ed hi6\bKeing irihttrt^ (^keeping his 

leVkK'i'aKTf .;'■ ' 

KBcoikfft V' h^e vwxt this fong after 

6it afld*fepetttahc€- elfe, ifhee had 

±old'hia Ml, and re^tance before it 

> donfe^'it might feietii like the Jcfuites 

>ii(h re^htance, who ^onfeffe to their 

efts thek fin before they commit it : . 



54 WhoheaufyfidlinChnftsejfes. C 


* sChro. 


I Kin-iS. 

fffrfi 8. 

But he pcn^ied it after his ftJIjtoaffi. 
the njorc erf hfc falvatiop , which . 
make doubt J>f. 

• Seventhly , . this fliewcS us fuch f 
are the fiureft and moft, beautift 
ChrUls eyes (asiiipt rcfting in the < 
numdem^ts. of governments tout 
matter of^c}igjqn,but)doc.fcqke.f< 
trueChurphindpMre wojihip.of < 
arid follow;it-,, though with n^\t 
thi;ir * fubnrl|Sii^4-.poffefljonfc, 1 € 
caileth .thofcj ^ie;;|ain?ft ^one;,w'< 
\^hp jiere enqaiffi after hkn^^^ipt 
to^^w hi^ ^io thefe thatlw^ni; a 
of felyatippra^hoBii^are deftfW t0. 
a^eBthcm ^ jgo4_wf bcra thcy-findtf t 
there tHcy goe -, and part vfoh ar>y 
to enjoy thc^ittity;of .Qotl? woribii 
ordinances -, thefc in Gods.-^cc^ 
theworthidiC;hiJfl|ans. , ;. .j ;; 

jEighthly, h^rcjis .ihe\y$d t^on 
of the true Church of Gpd:, ^^c 
doubt whetha: Cpd be pod ©r Baa 
doe halt bctWecne. twa opijyc^. 
knowing whethectojoyneivith B 
or England ^, Goe tjienout bythc 
ftcps of the flocks ■; where the feit 
hearing Chrifts yoice refort, and' wi 
- ' ] 

Cha. Ih Chwxh forfikes God/md he her. 35 

hcarc any voyce but Chrifts , follow ( 
thofc : now times are fuch (blcfTcd be 
God) as every one may finde out where 
the Church is ^ but in the cafe of black- 
neflc and darkncfle 5 enquire then 

Firft 5 for fuch as will hearc no voyce 
but Chrifts , and follow then the foot- 
ftcps of the flocke : fee where they feed, 
there joyhc your fclves. 

Secondly , where you finde fiuthfiiU 
minifters Priefts, as Aarons^owass^ and 
Levites anointed with heavenly graces : 
Thither carry your kids ^ there plant 
your families to bee fed under fuch ihep- 

Laftly^ wee may fee here when the 
Church ncgle<5ts Gods fervice , God 
gives her up to the fervice of forrainc 
Princes , to draw as horfes in Fharaoh 
chariots : And yet being humbled ft* 
this^ God will have mercy on her , and 
fo difpofc of it 5 that her fervice (hall 
not be bafe, for God will make them to 
draw his yoke -> though they draw it in 
the yoke of forraine Princes , as Rcbobo- 
dm and his people did. ^ 

Tiy checks are cemefy with rmes §f 
jewels ^^ the eftate of the Church is here ircr, ^v,,v 

D2 de{cnV>e^^\to«nA- N 


f 2 Cliro. 





g tChro. 

rer. 8,9. 
h I King* 

I dcfcribcd 5 as it was in the daycs 
I bijam^ in thcfc words^Tlfcjf chnks or 
Ijwkh Jewels ) and as It was in the 
of Afa 5 both in the fame words 
in the words following to the 
the eleventh vcrfe. 

. Tiy cheeks ^yhat is the outward i 
the Church are comely with ro\ 
Jewels 5 that is with keeping theij 
place, and order, and manner of 
owne ordinances; 

This Abijam oroclaimcth himl 
all the houfe or Ifrael -, z But as 
(faith he) the Lprd is our God, wee k 
forfaken him, the Priefts which minifi 
the Lord are the fonnes of Aaron ^ i 
Leviteswait uf on that bufinejfsj m 
hurne unto the Lord every mormng m. 
eveninghumt facrijicesand jweet it 
the shew bread alfo they fit in order u 
fur e table. 

It was not fo with the Houfe of 
"^though /ibijahs heart was not 
right as Davids -^^ yet the oirtwar 
or the Church , her cheeks (as it 
were comely with the orderly k 
and obfcrving Ae ordinances of 
yea and comely alfo was the face < 




chj looking up to God in diftrcflc, 
:h moved him to deliver you from 

^ necke with chaines of Gold.'\ 
lines of gold are wholfome lawes^ 
like chaines, to keep the worfliip 
and true Religiofi pure as gold ^ 
Lawes are called chaines : k This 
[one in the dayes oiJfa , when hee 
^red the Altars of the ftrangegods^ 
kg downe the high places, brcakit^ 
"mages 5 and cutting downe the 
^ ^ commanded Judah to feeke the 
God of their fathers^and the people 
gly fubmitted themfelves ^ to enter 
covenant or law , that upon painc 
ithalhhe people fhould feeke the 

twill make thee.'} This flieweth the 
udncffe of the people to joync widi 
i reformit^ Religbn, at^ adomii^ 
hurch^as is recorded m. 

rdersofgdik^ That is the borders 
ikingdome, pure as gol^ by ckn- 
nd putting away dl thfe Idols out of 
artcTS of Judah^'yea andof Benja- 
ilfo, and mount Ephi?aim , the vciy 
, and fronticrsiand bonders of tte 

J 1 Chro. 
Fer. lo. 


1 iCltto. 
II.— yf. 

rn iCfanx 


lo,—* 16. 

Ver. II. 



n z ChiQ' 

St»4$V i^v \ 


€MiplmJ»J^^ Cburtch. 


u z Chro. 
19. y. 


therefore themfdh^es iaidco teich i 
t a Chro. ckies of ^ddhi. Thus liicfc Pi 
were as atbundleof MyrdK aoKNig 
Priefts and the Levites , to dedfl 
controverfies amongfttbefcopk, 
m matters concecDiiig God im 
King t, to p»dervc the peppfc^ wi 
another ms^rom torii^ion in all 
ters^whether of Religion or wilJU 
Yea , 2iid^€hjhaflpa l^mfeife i 
{eodiig Chrift the Chtnches. well 
ved upon earthy he refted in the; bo 
of the ChuBchas a bntidlc of M3 
fweetj and ftixxngly preferving the 
pie from * cbrruptioii : • from See 
to mount EpfiTdim hce went -a 
throughout all the people to bring 
backe againe to the purity of Gods 

As a dup^ar of Camphir€.'] Gaw 
is ia fhrab for findl like untjo Spil« 
wafting the bbftruftion of thefp 
and by the very fmell of it raakini 
wgiJthr^sistaAjfrm monr liv« 
niorc ftrong^ yca^ land avail^c: 
gainft the bitcittg-of ierpeas : fud 
Chrift to his Cfiorch^ 'svhen the 

* iCbto. 
yier. 14. 


t Chron, 



2 Chron. 

1 ^. — 10. 

rttCe ). 
— fi. 
^cr. I 5, 

iOhapXThClmrchfuremderHes:^ 41 

iS^ir gathered thcmfelves together a- 
inft the children of Ifrael in Bngtdi^ 
X by the miniftry oi^eha&iel^ he made 
^hfwhaf znd his people, 

. ¥kvk^ more ftrong in Btith, to reft on 
God and his word. 

Secondly, more lively and heartily to 
praifc God : yea ^ and hee laved them 
frotn their enemies , themfelves not ftri- 
king a ftroke ^ though their enemies the 
br<^ of the old Serpent put them be- 
fore in great f eare. 

Behold thou art faire mf love , behold 
thou art faire : ] The doubling of the 
words expreffcth the fuperlativc degree, 
by an ufuall Hebntifme , JMre^ fairer that 
is, very faire-, which (he weth the cftate 
of the Church in Hezekiahs time , who 
remroed and kt the Priefts and Levites 
in their courfes , reftored their burnt fa- 
crifices and oblations, fandified the 
Priefts,called all the people to the Paflc- 
ovcr, prayed for their healing , tookea- 
way all the Images , groves, and high 

\^ Thou hafi Doves ejes .-] That is, chaft 
and loathing ^ uncleaneffe , as Pliny re- 
ports the Doves to be. Hezekiah loa- 

29. ft 30* 

r(ffr, 15. 

plin. lib. 



it.' 4.. 

yir, 16. 

^ Kiog* 

2J. 15. 

*. zCfaro* 

thed even the monuments of Ido 
even the brazen Serpent;, (though 1 
times Gods ordinance, ) when on 
people went a whoring after it; 5 
this means,abufes crept into the Gh 
in the dayes of ^oram-, Uz^ziah^ ^i 
Ahaz,^ are not recorded till they co 
be cleanfcd, left the joy of the mai 
fofK fliould be darkened by the mc 
oflofad occurrences-, whence alfc 
that the abufes that criept in afte 
death oiHezekUh , in .the dayes 
nd(feth;3xA^inman^ are not menti 
till their cleanfing came, recorded i 

Sebofd .thou art fake my belova 
fleafant. ,1 ^alfo our tea is -greene .• 3 T 
thceftateofthe Ghtirchinthe daj 
good ^ofiakyrv/ho reformed it to th 
cftate^ofTJiirity and beauty as in the 
ofUezHiiak^ yea , in this hce exec 
him, in taking away the high j 
which 'Salomrf had built for his y 
Idols, as alfo fome other corruptic 
Jhaz,^ ver. 12. and befides, hee ma< 
the people to ;wor(hip the Lord o 
and to fcrve bim."^ 

[ Te4 fleafsirft /J It being more 

% Ckuj4 

L Tlx eJUte if the Church untkrJopah» 4^ 

, fo young a man to worke fb great 
:kc of refonnadon. 
rbedisgrcene^'] ThchoufcofGod 
:hc temple , the bed in the houfe 
the ordiiunces of God , wherein 
was wont familiarly to embrace his 
^) and fhe him. 

hefe in ^ofiahs time flourifhed in 
erft purity , t fo that there was no 
K)ver like unto his. 
r bed is greene y"^ Itisanallufionto 
pringtimc, when the worfliip of 
b^n to flourifh againe ^ after a 
er time of myrie and dirticpollu- 

f 2Ckro. 

"he beames eftmr himfe are Cedar ^ and 
afters^ or Walls ^ w Galleries ^frirre^ 
fe words fetout the beauty of the 
rchj in r^ard of the rcpaircs of the 
pie made by ^oftah. 
he ufe is to obfcrve the fcvcrall 
ties and ornaments of the Church, 
h are, 

rft, t© enjoy each ordinance of God 
is ranke and place : It is as if the 
►kes, or open face ?of the Church 
-/d«:ked with 'rowes» of jewels. 
km m^ £ri^s of jche jftj^ 

Vet. 17. 

2 Chr.^4. 
8.— -14. 

Ufe I. 




44 6«ij Z^wi ibotier iifo^ 

the peopk y and fuch dtk& or con 
on of Gods ordinances^ is a Uefxiifl] 
fpicnous in the face of the Church. 

Seconfiy , good Kings oc^t t 
upon their! peo[de whokfome Ls 
and ftrait binding to thejpiirity of] 
gion and the worftiip oT God : It 
impeachment to their Chriflian \i 
as Apabaptifts dote , but an crnai 
to their beautie , nu^Ljiig thdr tk 
comely as with chaines of goM : Ii 
the codimandcmcnt of Afa^ Whof^ 
wmdd »at (ieke the Lird Goaoflfraeljj 
he ftftti' death, t Af9d Joflah Uoke 
all the abomimtions out of all the Com 
that fertamedto the Cbildfen^ oflffoel . 
ma^alhhjtvteyeprefemtofirue, e^v 
ferve the Lord their God^ 

Thirdly , |)eople to be ready tol 
themfelves by loleinne covenant 
oathtoikeepe fuch Lawes , and to 
their Princes in dcanfing their uttet 
borders and corners oF the kingd 
from Snperflidbn ahd IdqlatFie ^. ^ 

*i Chro. 

t ^ Chro. 


is no impeachment of Chriftian 18 
tobofv^ to Chriftkth : Lawe9 : y&L 
the beaiity of a Chriftiah Cm^cj 
weapirtttcwthaineis^ithofe I^wes^"^ 

■ 1 4 


)A. liSfuflvsfmt «tt ^aumiBilanceiL 4^ 

ntia^iefbrthegoodofthe Church, 
was their proj^ndfe and rcbellion 
iy, * Let'us^hrtakt their binds nf$m- 
ntafi swaj their curds frmns. 
uthiy, Ptinccs to fend forth £ivoti- 
1 gracious Minifters into all quar- 
^ftheir dominions^ that aH their 
e may tafte and feelc how fweet 
:eachiiig of the word is ; This is the 
aent or a Church, wheiiChriftian 
es foprovide^thataU^daicesinay be 
[hed with preaching MiAiftersv 
is to open abbxof Spfken^ that 
ndll therebf miiy iiow forth, but 
vc them relifhed with the dregs' of 
rftiticMa^thisisablemiih; y > 
chly ^ to fee that the nobles and Ma- 
Ltes cQuntenaiicePriefts ohdLevites, 
y their authority to give die free 
gc to the word, and to prevent dif- 
ances which clfe might be oficrcd 
[inifters in their Churches, yiaall 
ift rates to prevent corraptions in 
ars, whether of Reli^on or Civill 
cc,is as if a bundle ofMyithelhould 
icinthebrcaftsofthe Church. 
S(riily , the Lord Jefus to refrefti and 
igthen the hearts and fpirits of his 



Ufe J. 

Vcr. ig. 

I •■< 

* «. 

Ufe 6. 



I 48 ChriftdeS^mpunardiamctt, Cbapti 






• •L.'-'^M 

V« iH 

I Cor. J* 


cot»z^ieene, not in the winter 
ofherdnde polhidons ^ and be(bce,dK 
chaft eyes of the Dove iccorded, aUior- 
ringuncleanndle, nottfaccjfcs fiiUofla- 
dulterf , bringing fpirituail pcdlutionnpf 
to the Church : ^v^ien ^thcare is amr-S^K 
pcrftitioifi: worfliip^diere ic is overipnisl 
with winter^ but whenitis pui^^thcn 
is die bed greene-, when Gbdsordiii 
artlce|6 pore, there Chiift deligfatedibi 

Eleiftnfihfy, ic is tt omamentXKf/ tl0 
Chuidf'co feftore her with bcamciV 
Cedar y ttihtt waUs , orgalleries Widt 
.¥irre >'C«^ii faiiioas-fi>rdurablene£j 
enduring etnen to eterhiryr , faith Plutfi. 
Firre is«kxe^tabie for his fweetneflKe^ 
whild hae^grONVeth) for his heigfatlJi 
ftraighcrilalle and 'pefpetiiall grc c migfei} 
Solmtimf ' hodfe (m: Teffl{]4e was of oldlt 
lively ej^^ partly - ' ' 

Firfti cf Jhft humatie body of Chrilftj 
the Temple^f the ddty. 

So-ondly i of the inyfticall body of 
Chnft^^iiiS Church or congr^tiofl, 
I Cor. 3.15. Chrifts humane body never 
decayeth 5 And therefore ncedeth no re- 



^ ; ^ 

L ut^icaj^d Church hw to he rep(ttrd. 49 I 

j5 His myfticall body the Church, 
all into decay through corruption 
>drinc or worfhip , it may be moft 

rft, by la^ng in the wallsof the 
rch fuch foiid and etemail truths 
od , as may hold up the walls of 

ms iLn^Arr reftored the Church by 
g this beame of Cedar, tbs dodrine 
*e juftification by Chrift. 
coiidly, byfettingupfuchworflup 
workesfor thepeople towalkein, 
t truely fweet and amiable in Gods 
, fpringing from fteih and .giccne 
rity, crowing up to the heavens | 
are like galleries of firre , whereas 
» of perrcdion , and workes of fu- 
ogmon , and all other reliaues and 
» of Poper k, arc no better tnen rot- 
cul moth-eaten wood, fitfcwellfi^ 






"^ -. 





opened ^nd explained. 

■iw^ii g i 



T H B T E X T, 
CHAP. 2. 

Am the rojc of Sharon ^ and the lillj c 

2 e/*> the lilly among tbornes^ ufi m 
among the daughters. 

3 jis the apple treeamong the trees of the 
fo is my Moved among the fins, I fate d^^n 
dor his {hadow with great delight and his 
Tsoasfipeet to mjf tafte. 

4 He brought me to the banquettmg houj 
his banner over me rvas love* 

. y Stay mee vpith jUggons y comfort me 
apftes^for I amficke of love. 

6 His left hand is under my heady ^ 
right hand doth embrace me. 

7 J charge you^Ojeo daughters of JeruJ 

■ x..» , 

The S»^ of Son^s. 

— -^ . 

Rcesy axdiythe Hwds of the fields thatyte 
«f Hf. nor awake my love tillhepieafe. 
the voice ofmj/ beloved , beheld hce com^ 
aphg upon the motmtatnes^ ^kjfpmg upon 


Mj beloved is Itke a %^e,oT a young Hart: 
keefiandeth behind our wall ,- hee looketh 
r tht window, jhcwing himfelfe through the 

t^My beloved [pake, ondfaiduntomeyRife 
'aVOy myfaire one^ and come away* \ 

For looy the winter is pajf, the raine if over 


The flowers appeare on the earth, thetimt 

vging cf birds ts come , and the voice of the 

'heard in our land. 

Tht figjtrtoputteth forth hergreenefigs^and 

TS with the tender grape give a good fmell. 

ty lovoy myfaire one, and come away* 

my. dove ! that art in the clefts of the 

% the [ecret place of the fiaires y let meefee 

itenaucCi let me he are thy voice , f or Jweet is 

*ey and thy countenance is comely. 

T^ us the foxes ^ the little foxes ^ that 

s vines , for our vines have tender grapes* 

J\ty beloved is mincy and I am his : hee 


VntiU the day breake , and thejhadovtes 

y : tume my beloved , and be thou like a 

rr a young Hart , upon the fffoUntaines of 

E a 








Tat Explanation. 

Cant.2.vcrfci. JamtherofeofSk 
imd the Itllj of the vallies. ' 

npHe eftate of the Church from 
' ^ fiahs rcpairc of the Temple, ' (i\ 
laft verfe or the laft chapter) is defci 

Firft, before the captivity ^ njerfe 

under the laft dayes of Ufiah , lehdk 

Ieh(ji\akim,Uho]achin znd. Zedechiah^ 

Secondly, in the captivity, 

I . At home, the remnant,verfe 3 . 

2L. Abroad,in Babylon, verfe 4. — 

Thirdly, in the end,after the capti 

where is defcribed, 

I . Her calling out of captivity , I 
turne and worfliip in Jermalem , 

8.— 1^ 

Secondly, her eftate at Jerufale 
the dayes of the Maccabees , verfe 

lawtherofe^JiT^hcvoicls firft,! 

Secondlv, fweet for fmell, comf( 
both heart and braine. 

Thirdly , wholefome for ufc ari 



Ctmjl hom a iMlj. 


I Chro.5. 

I Chr.i7. 

^ Sharon ^2 Sharon was a fruitfiill 
lying under Baflian , where the 
Is were wont to feed , excellent for 
ffcand fruitfulncflfe. 
dtk lilly^2 The lilly is firft fragrant, 
condly faire , yet of the vallies, 
e the heards ufe to feed , as in 

hefc words then fct forth the Chur- 
complaint of that time, as fome In- 
eters of chiefe worth have concei- 
t ; though the words may as fitly be 
ed by ChrHl himfclfc , to fet forth 
his o wne diipofition and the Chur- 

le firft, Hee was then the rofe of 
eld, the liUy of the vallics, to fticw , 
ivhcnthe Church defpifed him, 
)nverfe with her in the Temple , 
the worfhip there celebrated: 
:e was now ready to leave his 
pie , and to be a Sanduary to his [ ^J;^^^»'^ 
rch abroad. 

condly, Chrift is here defcribed act- 
ing to the eftate of the Church of 
dme, which wanted culture , orde- 
and drefling , thomcs and bryars 
ring up in the Church, and not wee- 


& 10.4,9. 


54 ThChurd)hw(i^tmd1jXiy. C 

t Mic.7,4« 

It Cant. 

b Matth. 
Verfc ^.y 

dcd out : * The wicked are as th 
and bryars, t and ftorc of them gro 
up in the Church. 

When the Church is as a gard 
clofed^a then bryars and thorns arc 
ded out •, but neither Magiftratc no 
nifter did his duty in removing ofl 
in thofe dayes : ^ fo lillies of the fie 
taken for lillies neglefted, which n 
take care for themfelves, nor othc! 
care for them. 

Thirdly , As the rofe of the fiel 
lillies of the vallies ^ or lilly amon| 
thornes^is continually, 

Firft, fubjeft to be prickt and ren 

Secondly , trodden underfoot 1 
heards of beafts/o the Church wa 

1. To be vexed with the v 
growing up with her. 

2. To be trodden under foot t 
beafts of the field , the Babiloniar 

c ^ofiah^ how fweet a Roe ! ho\ 
J 5-2^ 2,,! 3 , 1 a lilly ! yet how untimely trodden 
^ ^' by Necho: The other Kings were p 

z chron. difplaccd 5 imprifoned , and the 

, 3<^-i7. kins 

- - I ^ 

c % Chro. 



i Col.}.]. 

Ch.z. Chrift m Geddiah an Jpfk'tm ^*f 

kingdomewith them, at the pleafuteof 
the Babylonians and Egyptians : and in 
the end, the whole Church laid waft by 
the Babylonians. 

Againe, Chrift is the rofe and lilly, as 

Firft , fwcct with the favour of his 

Secondly, beautifulU 

Thirdly, medicinable. 

When the Church is corrupt in it 
felfe, it is yet faire and fweet in Chrift •, 
^ In him our life is hid in our worft ta - 
Icing; He being white as a lilly by the pu- 
rity of his righteoufnefte, we likewife are 
white as lillies in him cloathed with his 

As the Apple tree among the tree^ of theVfTerfe 3 
woody fo is my beloved among ihefinnes > / 
fate mee downe under his fhadow roith great 
delight^ and his fruit was fiveet to mj talle.l^ 
A tree firft, not tall as the Cedar ot Le- 
banon , 'not ftrong as the Oakes of Ba- 
(han 3 but a tree of middle ftature,imply- 
ing an infcriour Magiftrate , not fo high 
and mighty as the Monarchs of tne 
world, yet uich whofc ftiadow yeelds; 

Firft , refreftung to a man wandrii^ 

E4 ^tvii> 



1}.— 15- 

f vctfc i6. 

* Ier.40» 
lo.— 11. 



and fainting in a wilde forreft. 

Secondly , whofc fruit is fwcct and 
comfoitabk) fuch was Chrift to his 
Church, difpenfing himfelfc in GeJaliJfj 
whom * '^NebnchadmzzM' made gover^ 
nour over the rcnmarrt of the peoj^c that 
were left in the land. 

Firft 5 under him, as under a (hadoW) 
they were fearelelfe and fafc c : But afta 
he was cut d($wn,they were driven from 
under his (hadow, atid durft ftay no log- 
ger in their own countrey^which was left 
as a wilde forreft ^. 

Secondly, they gathered, 

Firft,much fweet fummer fruit *. 

Secondly, much good Inftm(5tionand 
dircdion from leremidh and 54r/^i&g,who 
both lived with him . 

Wine cellar^ ']Heb. Houfe of wine 5 not 
fo fitly termed banquctting houfe,which 
Solomon exprefTcth by another name*. 
A wine Cellar is a low vault, under the 
ground, darke, cold, raw and gloomy 5 
yet replciiiflied with vcfTcls of liquor, 
which rcfrcftieth -and inlargcth the heart, 
and openeth the mouth. 

This houfe, to the Church,was Baby- 
Ion, whither God brought his people 


.2. Thtmfirtstfthe Spirit as inne. 57 

* Aftsi. 



captivity^which at firft view fccmcd 
jfuU and heavy, but afterward yed- 
tothem many fwcct taftcs^yca deep 
]£hts of Gods hyouT : Gods Spirit 
^upon men, makes themfeenleas 
of new wine*. It rcfrcflicth and 
r^cth the heart, and openeth the 

'irft, tothe praife of God, 
econdly , to the edification of his 
urch 5 luch a f^nrit God poured upon 
liel y Ezekid , Shadrdch and his fel- 
^es * in the captivity. ^^ ^ 

4nd his Banner over mee tpos love.'} 

?irft, fbranenfigncofdefencetothe 

Secondly, for a flagge of defiance to 
ir enemies : how lovingly and clori- 
ly (as with a banner of fovc difpiaied^ 
God defend the three children and 

3ow did God offer defiance to Idola- 
in the three children *. 
^tay me mth fiaggons and comfort mee 
h mles , for lamftcke of love.} I, the 
lurch IS here faint and ficke, and ready 
fwoonc,for defirc of fiirther fdlow- 

Din.:? .If 

itf — it. 

^ 6, 10. 

rerfe J. 




a Phylid- 

tDan. 8. 

27. and 
lo. — I a. 


Dm. 2. 
4», 4^- 

r^r/J 6. 

(hip with Chrift , and for her own hdpe 

Firft, Flaggons of wine to ftay her. 

Secondly, Apples to comfort her ^ as 
indeed apples doe comfort the heart and 
ftomacke , prevents fwooning , and rc- 
ftraines poyfon * : Thus l>4^/r/,thiougl| 
abundance of Revelations was faint and 
ficlce, and defirous of more cieerc know- 
ledge of his vifions,and of the Churches 
deliverance, and found the t Angell rea- 
dy to refredi and ftrengthen him : And 
tlie other members of the Church fee- 
ling fuch fwect tafte of Chrifts prefencc 
amongft them in the captivity ^ were 
(doubtlefle) earncftly defirous of more 
fiill enjoying him perfecffly, 

Firftj^bythe Miniftery of the Pro- 
phets, as by flaggons of wine. 

Secondly, by'the Magiftracy of Di- 
niel and his fellowes^whom the Kingfct 
up for inferiour Magiftrates , as by ap- 
plesjthe fruit ofthe Apple trees. 

His left hand is under my heady his right 
handdfith emhraceme.'] 

The words may be either a narration 
how it is , or a prayer that it may be ; fo 
in the orriginall, thebleflingsof Gods 


.2. Gods ri^t and left handli^hat. 59 

hand arc riches and glory, * and of *^^'°^' ^ 
ight hand Icncth of daics,or immof- 
y : Riches andHonors God convey- 
to us by the hand of the Magiftratc, 
lortality by the hand of Minifters. 
The Church therefore defircth God 
er captivity , (which thing alfo God 
itcd) that, 

irft Princes fhould be the lifters up of 
head, her tmrfing fethers & mothers, 
ccondly. Prophets and Pricfts might 
Lver to her the fwcet teftimonies of 
rifts embracing love , this was done* 
evill <Mercdach to lehcjakin , and by 
Miniftery o^ Daniel and Ezekiel. 
The Princes allowed them great li- 
ty, t the Prophets difpenfed heaven- 
ind comfortable dodrine. 
^ charge J0U , o yee da$^hters of lerufd- 
, ij m Roes, and by the Ninds (f the field, 
tyeftirre not uf , nor awake my love till 
ieafe.'yHeb. I adjure you, that is, I 
fe you to fweare by the Roes, and hy 
Hinds of the field , not by them as 
perfons thou art £0 fweare by,buf by 
)fe for whofe fake , and by whole 
*anes they are to take thetfifelves 
und as by a folemne oath (not to ftirre 

* 1 King. 

M. 17. 

Dan* *• 
48, 49* 

Verfe ^. 

60 iPrepofterous d^'perance ma dejireahle. 

ler. tf. 

Uie I. 


up or awake my love) that is, not to 
voice Chrift to exercifc his Cliurc 
any change of their eftate , till it 
plcafc himfelfe. 

Thcfc Rocs and Hinds are wild 
fcarefoU creatures, cafily and and fv 
running away, yet otherwifc willii 
feed with the flieepe, fuch were the 
Gentiles willing to converfe wit] 
Jewes , and to come towards Reli< 
yet if the eftate of the Church fl 
nave proved more troublefome b) 
indifcreet or offenfive carriage ol 
Jewes 5 they would foone have ft 
backe from fcllowfliip with them 
tjieir fakes therefore the Church ( 
gcth her daughters , as by an oath, r 
difturb the peace of Babel , not to 
prepofteroufly deliverance from th 
before the time that Chrift had ap 
ted , left it turned to the difturban 
her peace ; and to the "^ carrying ; 
fuch Gentiles as were comming on 

This may firft let us fee that nor\ 
ftanding the reformation of Rcli| 
Chrift maybe pleafed rather toU 
J broad in the fields, then at home, vs 




people would willingly aflcmblc: 
5 houfe of God was iiow repaired, 
. the bed greenc * ; and the Church 
ites Chrift ta come in unto her, in it, 
hee difpofcth himlclfe fo , as more 
ling to call her abroad. So wee may 
, that notwithftanding the purity aiKi 
plicity of Chrifts worfhip, jret (jhrift 
ot bound to any place -, it things were 
er fo rcformea^yct he might leave us, 
I goc into the wude field. Rome hath 
g doted on Peters Chairc, and Jcrufa- 
1 might as well have bragged of her 
nlcdgcs as any other piace,but Chrift 
/cs them : Never reft we then in any 
ward eftate, for Chrift may leave us. 
e Palatinate hath beene as reformed 
iny Church for do(ftrine, and though 
y might fay , their bed was gteenc, 
I their beames were of Cedar, and 
ir rafters of Firrc , yet God hath left 
m : for doe we thinke that if God had 
^ne there , thefe things had befallai 
m that now are. 

Secondly , this lets us fee, that though 
;iftrates and Minifters fhould«both 
e& their duties in ordering and drcf- 
5 the Church,fo that the wicked were I 



Id, 17. 






I 61 G(kihath(I(o/esanm^thontts. 

tolerated to grow "lip with the 
God keepes the fpirits of his c 
fwect and pure , as rofes and li] 
the midft ot bryars and thomes : 
deceived then , for there may be 
and lUlies growings where is n 
but bryars and thornesto fcratch 
It is not ftraight no Church, wh 
there ; for Chrift can fee his C 
though (he be there. 

Thirdly^we may here obferve : 
the Scparatift , that it is not ftraij 
Church, that is commingled (a 
fpeakc) with notorious wicked one 
Church may be Chrifts love , y( 
a fragrant and pure flower in his 
and noftrils, and yet live amongft 1 
and thomes. 

Fourthly, obferve the ftate ( 
Churchjis fometimcs expofed to 
tunitie of treading undcr-foot , n< 
nor hedge to fence them: It m; 

Firft, tofcratching and rendii 

Secondly, to treading under-fc 
*pfal8o. the wilde beafts *• 
, Y; ' ^ • Fifthly , this ferves to dired infc 
j"^^^- I Magift: 

Mt^iftrates.aretobe J^'tnes. 6^ 1 

ftratcs , how to carry jthemfclvcs 

ds the Church ^ to be as Apple- 

in a wood , wherein the Church 

ling may findc, 

ft^ fliadow of protcdion. 

condly 5 fweet jfruit of loving 


thly, we may here fee the wonder- 
Dwcr of God, and ^oodneffe to his 
ch, in turning their houfe of bon- 
into a houfe of wine ; in fpreading 
lis banner of love over them in their 
eft diftreifcs and dangers : what 
dolefiill times of his Church then 
/ity, when men would thinke God 
s his Church into a dungeon, then 
rries her into a wire Cellar : This 
be a ground of folid comfort to us 
r worft takings, for though wee be 
t greateft extremity,yea, in the dee- 
lut^eonofdarkndfe, God can fu- 
? and uphold us here^ and refrefli us 
many comforts. 

venthly, this ought to ftirreusup Ufey. 
ore ardent and longing aflfedionsj 
Chrift , fo that as wee be ready 
int and fwoonc through earneft at- 
^ns^ after more fidl and iamiUar fel- 


^4 Jmffmfive li^alkk^ mcejfaj. 



lowfhip with him : It was DdmeL 
he was ficke of love ^ fo let it be v 
for want of Gods prefence •, aiK 
that God would rcfrefti us with h 
fence, and fend good Mimfters and 
Magidrates to be as nurfing fatt 
his Church, 

Eighthly 5 thisferves to teach 
ftraigntly to charge the children of 
when they enjoy Gods prefence ai 
vour in the Minifterie^and Magifl 
fuftaininc and comfortii^ them , t 
heed of aifturbin^ their peace, 
I, By any indifcreet, or 
a. Oflfenfive carriage, for it is 
rirft,a difturbance to Chrift him 
he is ftirred up and awaked 5 (as it 
before he plcafe. 

Secondly, the Roes and Hinds 
field, young commers on in Religic 
foone feared away by dangers and 
bles arifing aeaiiift the Church ^ t 
fore we fhould be carefiill and take 
wee provoke not any dog to barke 
then they will be gone : Let us thei 
walke wifely, and inofifenfively , 
none be dncouragcd , that CI 
who doth fuftainc us , and refref 

!«<■? ■« ■ ■ 

may dweU with us for ever. 

7%r v^ceefmy Misvid^beholdheicim^ 

In thcfc words arc dcfcribcd, 
Firft ) the Churches deliverance but 
of captivity : where is laid downe, 

Firft, tne preparation to the delive- 
cancc in the caufes of it •, which were 

Firft, the voice of the beloved. 

Secondly, the commingofthebda-' 
^red, and that fwiftly, 

Firft leaping and skippii^. 

Secondly, as ayour^ Hm or Roc*. 

Thirdly,tus beftcging Babd and over* 


Vtrp 8. 


comnuns it fet forth in three adions : 

Firft, ftanding behind the wall. 

Secondly , looking out at the win- 

TWrdly, fhewiiig himfelfc through 
Secondly, the calling out of captivitjj: 

Firft, to goe out of Babylon into their 
owtic Countrey 5 whercunto there arc 

Firft, from removall of impediments, 

Secondly,iSrom ftore of oppoitunitieSi 

ver.12,13. F tbkii? 





* Va. 14. 


» Ver. 16. 



Thirdly, to worihip God in pu 
ipcctings in their ^>wA Country "^^ 
.. Secpncjly , thc.ftatc of the C 
returned into her owne Country 
regard, /. 

- .(Firftjpfppppfitionof enemies*, 
and rav^enous; where is fet forth, 
^ ggft,thcir oature^ th?y are foxc 

Secondly , the h^ippe di^ 4oe 5 
fp^ the vines... 

Thirdly, there take us th? fcj^cs 

Secondly, of their communlor 

Qhrjftj outward enemies ^ apd h 

z\>\j£cs retrained , partly, more pie 


Firft , Ciiy hdiwed is tnm , d» 

Secondly , "^ Ftedeth among^ 

Secondly, interrupted, and 5 
tuniies Chrift often and fpeedily, v 
ahjifuccouring/thera, and that ; 
time of the comming of Chrift , a 
abolifhing of the fhadowes of the 
moniall Law "^^ 

The tfOjce of mj beloved. ] Th 
th^ report of Cyrus comming to b 

i.z. 7h Churches deUyerame hy Cyrus. 6y 


)cl 5 and his muftcrin^ together of 
tiy Nations to that fervice^ which ru- 
ur was difccmed,by the feithfiill ^ to 
;heaccompli(hmcnt of the prophecies 
m them before , of deliverance by 
iw*. And therefore the Church hea- 
^ this rumour , fuddeniy acknowled- 
b in it the promife and voyce of 
riftt : and To it was no leflTe gratefiill 
hem , then dolefuU and dreadftill to 

U ccmmeth hoping ufon the rmuntaines. 
My hkveJ is like a Roe^ or a young Hart\ 
"fldheftandeth behind our wdlyhe looketh 
h at the winJoiP ^ Jhewing himfelfe 
^h the lattice."^ 

rhefc words expreflfe the great cxpe- 
on and fpeed which Cyrus made in his 
mey againft Babel , all the Nations 
^ in the way, 

^irft^either of themfelyes fctting open 
r gates to him^ as weary of the Baby- 
an yoke. 

econdly , or fpeedily furprifed and 

Ue fiandeth behinde the rpall,'] Laying 
c to the wals of Babylon. 
^e looketh forth at the mndoives: 3 That 

F 2 K 


f^erfi <fi 





68 CymvidmdtoMyertheChw^ C 

Vcr* xo. 

I.— 4« 


* ElM.7* 

is, hcc givcth fomc glimps ofhopc 
further cnlaigcmcnt to the Church. 
Hefhetvcth himfelfe through the latti 
As in the onginall, any place bui 
through in the fiege of Babel 5 Cyru 
verting the courfe of Euphrates ano 
way, which before came througl 
midft of the City, burning up the re 
and dryii^ up the water paflages , 
(hewee himfelfe throigh the place- 
entered the Cinr *, 

My beloved (pake and faid to ff$ey Rs 
nrf love^mjfaire one^and come away: ] ", 
is, C)rm made open proclamation foi 
dcpartdre out or Babel , and rctume 
into mine ownc countreyf. The 
Cyrus was an heathen , and kne>^ 
Chrift the beloved, "^ vet the Churi 
Cyrus faw the hand and voyce of CI 
ufing Cfrus as an inftrumcnt for dc 
ranee ; whence Ezra faith , "^ the] 
ftirred up the fpirit oi Cyrus. 

For Joe the winter 4Sfafi , the rai 

over and gone. 2 

That is , firft , partly it was 
fpring time of the ycare , the winte 
raine were now over , which clfcn 
have hindered travaile. 


I. i^etumefivm caftilnty mtkSfrmg. 69 


deflowers a>fe4re w the earthy the time 

finging efbirdis is come^ md the vijce 

tmU is heard in mr lMi\\ 

hich, with the words foUowing^ is, 

A, partly a defcription of the 

gtime, which invited them to this 


rondly, partly a letting before them 

:h conveniences , which^likc to the 

I time, might invite them to this 

e fimers aj^eare on the earth:'] That 

m tlfley ofthc people of the Coun- 

amongft whom they fojourned 5 


•ft 5 praifed God for their delive- 


condly , the metaphoricall winter 
ibels captivity ) and all the ftormes 
were blowne over 5 whence it is,the 
lean word is hei*e ufed to fisnifie 
winter , not the common Hebrew 


:ondly, furnUhed them with gold 
Iver 5 and other ufefiiU things for 
journey t. 

e time of the finding of birds is come:'} 
vk^ that the Priefts and Levites , 

F 5 ftvo\i!L^\ 

I.— J, 



«■• _ 

70 Jfrael hackoMrd to fetfVe Sabel Ch.!* 

fV. I J 

* Vor. 10, 

f^. 14. 


(houlid now fing and praife God in 
their ownc Countries • which they 
thoi^ht unfeafonable to do in a ftrai^ 


The vo^ce $fthe turtle is heard mnir 
lMndr\ That is, of Chrift the faithfull 
fpouleofhis Church, who is fnoutniiig 
in Judea,becaufe he findcth not his M^ 
(the Church) there. 

The fig-tree futteth firth her grienejlgfy 
and the vines tvith the tender gi^ape give s 
g00djmelly^ That is , the chiefb of di? 
Fathers and Elders of the people , th^ 
(hew thcmfclves forward to coliflfc* 
nance the journey , and to prepare Sk 
it. ' 

Jrije my love , myfaire one , /tnd c(nfi 
away.'} Being twice repeated*, itar- 
gueth the people were flacIetoleaVC 
their ftates , which they had planted 
themfclves in at Babel •, and thercfbit 
flood in need of calling on againc and 
againe. , 

my dove , th4t art in the clefts cftk 
rockey in thefecret place ofthefiayerSj kt fii 
fee tkf countenance^ let me heare thy vayee^ 
forfweetis thy voice ^ and thj counteract 



Ch«24 If^fodestoikChurclh 


Omydwe.'^ That is£^ iny chafte,inna^| 
cent and fake foouTe.' ' i 

. Tha an inm clefts 4f ibe rockc\mthi 
fecretpLmiftheftayerSy'] That flow xloft 
worfmp ihe in holes and cornets. 

Let me pe thy ewntefumce^ let meheare 
thy vcjcr^ Let mee fee thee aiTembied 
into ti^e face of a Church, in my Sanftir- 
ary 3 let me there heare thee calling; upon 
mee^ finging praife to mee, fpeaku^ itiy 

Fer freet is thy voyee^ and tbj cmtti- 
nawe comely. 2 

Firflj the voycc of the Churchy cic one 
and the fame time, 

Firft 5 rejoycing <in Gods woftddrfiili 

Secondly, weepii^ and b^ailing, 

Firft, their owne unworthinefle. 

Secondly, the decayes of the Church, 
in regard of former times «. 

6.1,— J. 
with ler. I 


Tate its the foxes ^ the little foxes thdt ^^jf' 
^iU the vines , for our vines have tender j, ^^^ ^/ 
V^s.^ 1rhatis,reftrainc(thefbxcs,the 
uttlcfiJies) the enemies of the Church, 
of greater or lefler power ^ ^ fuch as 
were the Samaritans. Thefe fpoiledthe 

F 4 vVx\es 

2 4* 

I.— I 

Heft. 5. [ 






<y!i!e?fey g hinifgegt die proccL'uuBL (■ dc 
bttil^ing "-^f die Teazle ^2iB£i^Dai 
^fsfdie Cmarr ,.Aad t lic ici iacey Agi fiirl 
trodyofhixxiicifcandhis&ik^^ ihi 
thcT'^is ajsEcs-soinc upon, ct&r ml 
^?i3fuiarioti or dbe walls of Jcrafikflii 
tmeht eoiily cfemclith die fSane^: Yd 
thcf ^ fo'sn in the ctad were cdatandiB' 
bxiwcd , Fkft , psrdy bytbe EdEttof 
Daruu^: ScccytxRvj pazdyby tfachlK« 
ins of HifMMf and his fbfs • anddie^ 
ftru^ion of feme other of the JcvKS 

Church cn|oycrh familiar and comfer* 
tabic Communioa with Chiift , diefe 
enemies being qudlcd *. 

SheefeedetHamM/^thelilliesJ^ That is, 
among pure and Eire ChriftiaQS , a& 
corruptions being weeded out ^ both 
of ftrange wives * , of ufuiy ^ of ri^ 
of the Levites maintenance and mioi- 
ftration^ t and prophanation of the Sab- 

UHtUhhtday hreake^andtkeJhadowesfi» 
. may ; turne my belwed , and be thou lihs 
. Xoe $r Ajoung Hart , upon the fwuntaines^ 

* Bxr« to. 

2. Ch.lHtrh in mftrumtnts ofddberMce. 73 

me tny btlwedJ} That is^ retumcj 
1 to vifit and fuccour me. 
4s d K&e^ w d young HartMonthe 
ftaiMs rf Bether.2 That is, iwiftly 
fpeedily y * Bether being ncere to * jjaau 
1 on the other fide Jordan ^ as who 1. 29. 
Id fay^Though thou fometime tume 
I us 9 yet be not farre,but ready ever 
inon to retume and fuccour us. 
till the iUf breake^ and the Jhadmves flee 
•1 That is, till Chriftcome^and the 
emoniall ihdowes vaniih. 
irftjj this tcacheth us that inallthe Ufcx. 
vtaents of the Churches delive- 
^ we (hould fee and difceme Chrift 
king and working in them : See here 
Church lookes not at Cyrus fo much, 
at Chrift in him. Doe riiey hearea 
our of a deliverance^It is the voycc 
i^hrift, anditmuftneedsbelftro 
ce which Chrift is the author o 
r wifeft Danid, Shadrach^ Mefhach and 
^fv,thcy fay it is Chrift^and all the 
yecld 5 and the Church fees Chrift 
le skipping : Doth it fee Cjrus about 
wals^She fees Chrift there. Doth ftie 
Cjn^ fhewing himfelfe through the 
ce < She fees Chrift there. Doth <he I 




74 Chriftmatttfhtt hifaU theCburSi 

Vcr. ij, 



t PW. I 

6f II. 




fee when he is pdlTcfled therc^and 
proclamation to themtx)goe up 
to Jcf ufalcm f She looks at it as ( 
vdyce^faying,* Jrifi ntj k^e my foi 

So the holy Ghoftieacheth , w 
vour any doth (hew to the Chur cl 
Chrift that doth it y fo take it, that 
good befall the Church, it is Chri 
doth it •, If any lead into captivity, 
ch^Mz^z^r^ox any other, it is Cnri 
leads her into a wine Cellar : If th 
any noife or worke of deliverance 
Chrift that comes leaping and ski{ 
So in all the calamities , and in 
bleflings that befall the Church, a 
all to Chrift :* The fame hand that 
the fame hand hath- taken away : 1 
turned the captivity oi^^hy and 
turned againe the captivity of his p 
This is a wdnderfoll ftay to 
Church, and to every member of i 
man Cannot bring it into captivity 
bring it out againe : Mans hand c 
bring hard things upon the Churcl 
bring her 6ut j^ine of them ^ fc 
were in mens hands, or in Sathans 
our own hands, it would not go( 

i.TUChurdesadamtiesmautiniuJl. 75 

us 5 but being in Chrifts hands a- 
y it may be a fbty and a comfort, 
rcondly, this teacheth us^ that when y^ ^ ^^ 
imcor the Churches deliverance is 
e , Chrift will come quickly and 
lily for her deliverance , leapii^ and 
^irigasaRoeordHaru The winter 
not alwaies remain on the Church, 
.01 when (he deferves a black winter. 
patient abiding of the Saints jhall Mt Pf.9.xt. 
)es be forgotten. Suppofe God leades 
Church into captivity feven 
eSj yea fcventy yeares^ yet it will not 
lyes continue. This may ferve to 
iort us in the diftrdTes of the 
iithj at home or abroad 5 God will 
il wayes punifh with reproach or de- 
fion , but the time will come thefe 
be ^one land flee away, 
huxlly, this lets us fee the Church 
5tf eth by calamities •, fhee comes out 
er from them , then Ihce went into 
n : (he entrcd and went into captivity 
ng God 5 defiled with many abomi- 
ons-, flie returnes owt^Mf love^faire 
> The Church of God , and the 
mbcrs of it are more lovely in Gods 
it by tht hard times that palTe over 




76 TUChmhhateredlychalHfemems 

Icr. It. 

tPro.}w 1 

tPC 119. 


them : when this Church had 
feventy y earcs in captivity, (a hai 
it was, yet) they loft nothing by ii 
kiflcd his Rocl , and fought Gc 
now hcc ftiies them lovely : He 1 
them becaufe thev loathed hira 
were now tried and purified-, befo 
were loathfome , but are now 1 
before hated , but now loved, 
what a bleffcd ufechaftifements a: 
the Church : how loathfome foc\ 
goe into captivity , when wee de 
Iclvps with lufts and fins, yet wh 
have beene throughly humblec 
fome croffes , how fairecome W( 
* Mjfonne deffife net the chafienih 
Lora^ neither be weary of his coy\ 
And why doth God fay, Deut. 8. 
f roved thetn to doe them good ^ wl" 
faith,my love,it is more then lov€ 
love , it is love it felfe •, and fair^ 
more then faire ^^ So , t It is good 
(faith Ddvid)that J have beene affiiii 
the Church before her affliilio 
loathfome, fbule, hated ^ but nov 
faire and lovely. 
ThoH m faire oh my love. 2 
Fourthly, this lets us fee , the 

• pf. i»r 



a. Jh Onirch mt dwojies corffkuoitt 77 

> wintenftprmes ihall'noc alwayes lie 
a her, but they (hall in the end blow 
r : * The rod of the mckedjhdllmt rejl 
I the Ut of the righteotis. 
ifthly, we may fee that outward com- 
s are eafily able to drowne in us a 
^ng after Gods ordinances : the con- 
ment that fome found in captivity, 
le them (land in need of often calling 
rtiime to Sion. 

ixthly , . wee may leame here tibat the 
of tne Church is not alwayes vifi- 
and confpicuous in the eyes of men, 
al waies in the eyes of God 5 for they 
t under the flaiits, and worihip God 
oles and comers. And a while after 
rift faith. Why dofl thou lie thus un- 
the ftaires, aqd in clifts of rockes, let 
fee thy fece , and heare thy voyce. 
i Church of Rome advanccth her 
I that Ihe hath alwayes bcene confpi- 
us •, butthisisnotmefigneofatrue 
arch , for the true Church is not ai- 
res confpicuous : Though Chrifl al- 
^es fees fome to meet in comers and 
cs, yet not alwayes in folcmne affan- 
». TheDoveofChriflJefusfome- 
e$ makes her ref):tn the rockes, and 


' ' — * . — r? 

I 78 2^ need ofitty mediators ha Cbriji. 

Ufc 7- 

Vcrfb 14. 


Verfc 16. 

builds under the ftaires , where < 
fees her^ but not publickly. 

Seventhly^ fee helre the Church 
not Angels and Saints to mediati 
her,herowne voyceisfweet and( 
tenance comely in.Gods cftimation 
that day yee fhaU aske in my name i, am 
not to you that I mil pray the Father fi 
for the Father himfelflovethyou becM 
have loved me. Chrift tels us , hec 
have no great need to pray for us 
God himfelfe loveth us ^ to hear 
voycc , and to fee us ^ let us then n 
afiaid to put forth our voyces ; la 
then for fuch a fpirit as to grieve, fo 
finnes , and to rejoyce in Gods men 
for God is pleafed with that : hee 
true citizen of Sion , that when h 
j bounds in Gods mercies^yet hee wc 
for his fins ^ and when he weepes fo 
finnes , yet hee is thankefiill for ( 

Againe , obferve , the Church 
alwayes be troubled with fome eneo 
Take us the foxes that ffoile the vk 
There fhall be ever fome Sanballat 
Tobiah , or fome other to be nibblir 
the Church of God: wonder not at 1 


lUGmrdxtoitmksJhiillUrMi 79 


s will be fcH biit dbferve touching 
nemfei of the Church, 
ij they fhall dcale fd>tiUy and 
f with her. 

andly , they may difturb and hin- 
r peace and proceedii^^ but 
rdly, they iholi intheendbere- 
d, asin liivd.19.10. Andthebeafi 
en J a$idwi$h him the fd ft Prefhet 
eught miracles before him^c. Thefe 
ere cafi alive into a lake of fire bur- 
ith brimfttme. Therefore Ictfuch 
know the time will come when 
t will either take them, and chaine 
and bind them up ^ as he did San- 
Tobiah , Shether-boznai * ; or elfe 
:hem up, as hee did Haman and his 

Let men then take heed that 
oe not pufli at the Church , for 
^ill either chaine them up> or hai^ 

tly , here wee may fee, when the Ufe 9. 
es of the Church are reftrained or 
yed , and corruptions weeded out 
iJie Church then enjoyeth fweet, 
ife , and fiiU fcliowihip with the 
Jefus, and hee with her : Hee gives 
ed^ of his favour , and fhe gives 


1*1 ■ I— 

80 Cwruftims rtmytdjMlitt oifPfeLi, 

him pledges of (Hire; worihipi^ng 1 
He feeds them with his ordinances, 
him with their facrifices, And they 
would proqne Chrift this, let them 
vide for weeding out of their finne: 
ufury , wicked marriages , profana 
of dods Sabbaths, &c. Such Chui 
(hall be fweet , am much fweet fi 
(hall they enjoy one with another,C 
with them, and they with him. 



» ■ 






opened and explained. 

T H B T BX Y* 


tgk w mj bed I pHgbt hm'wbtmmji 
rUvetht I fi$ifh$ him , tm J fimidbim 

andihthe broadwkjes 9 IvHUfid^bim 
ffim/elovetb: Ipnj^ himlmt Ifmni 

TT watch-men that go ahut the city fmmd 
whom I fiid, Samjehm vhom mjfinU 

79MS but a littU that I faffed from thorn 
\nd him whom mjfrtUe UvethI hold him 
Id not let himgoe , $mtilll had brought 
> wj mothen houfi, andiuiothoob^mfor 
u conceived uie. 

a IV 


rirr/r !• 

84 Whmmgkmhd)eChurcL O 

The comfortable ifliic of her fed? 

Firft, By herfnc^ng ofhim^ verfe ^ 
Secondly, By her holding nfhim^ vc 
Thirdly, By her bringing ^him imi 
mothers houfe^ verfc 4. 

Fourthly, 5y her charge to the ddugl 

of^erufdemy to walk circumfpe^y^ 1 

this eftate be not intcrruptcd,vcrfc 5. 

By night:'] that is,ia time of darkw 

and publicke calamity •, when Jntioi 

Efifhanesy the little home waxed ex< 

dmg great, wafted the pleafant land, 

fome of the hoft and ftarrcs of heave 

the ground ^ when hee tooke away 

daily facrifice , and trode downc 

Sanduary , and caft do wne the trut 

the ground •, when he robbed the T 

pie , murthered the people , fpoilci 

City, made lawes for profaning the 

bath, for offering Swines flcih, for 

lefting Circumcifion, when he fetu 

Statues of Jupiter olympias , the ab 

nation of oefolation in the holy p 

( when he burnt the bookes of the 1 

I and death to have a Tcftan 

\ when he brake downe the Altar ax 

up .another , when hee put wom< 

Dan. 8. 

9.— !*• 


What the Churches bed. 


/ho had caufcd children to be cir- / 

^d^ and hangol children upon the 

>f their mothers, i Mac. i • 2 3 • to 


1 l^edi'Jtiot in my bed of eafc and 

( as fome take it ) for what ealc 

ic Church take in the night time 

nity t' but in my bed, tteit is , in I chap 1/ 
:e and duties of Gods worfliip, ( i^-& j.r* 
nple and the ordinances. 
rht him wham my fonle loveth.'] I 
and endeavoured to have fcl- 
) with Chrift 5 ha I found him ncf^ 
idmiy being polluted and the 
icrificc taken away , and profane 
* up in the place. 
tjtreets of the C/Vy:3that is, in the 
[femblics of the faithfully in the 
gues, in the cities of Judea and 
im •, but behold there Altars e- 
o Idols, and incenfe burned, and 
>ks of the Law cafl into the fire ^• 
)ehold the citizens of Jerufalem 
and gone ^ : and the reft went in 
on to Ba€chfis\. 

watch-men ihatgoe about the citie: 3 
the Levites , who anfwered her 
cnce«, but a little after fhe found 1 i 
G 5 {ucco\>ct\ 3 

Ferfi 2. 

*i Macr. 

T7.— ^P- 
* I Mac. 


t 2 Mac* 

r^erfe J. 

I 26 

Hmmdl^xnthe C 

\t Mac 

fuccouratModin, fbrthePricfts, 

wAsinum^ and the rdft that went a 

to rcpaire the ruines of the Churcl 

Common-wealth; to thefe die fait 

Church repairing, * and findit^ dc 

ranee and comfort, by ^^^uLa e^>eci 

or rather by Chrift in him t , She 

him not till (hee had brought him 

the Temple^where flie foone after c 

fed the Sanduary , and re{k>rtd the 

ty of Gods worfliip, and offered (ac 

according to the Law , fo that (he f 

great comfort and joy in 'the dut: 

Gods worftiip *• Thus againe f 

they Chrift in a typicall Saviour, 

him bv faith , and , with courag< 

zeale, brought him into the Tempi 

I Sandhiary.the houf^^and chamber < 

motlier •, that is , of the former CI 

of Ifrael , or of the Catholikc Ch 

for the Chutch of the former ages 

mother of the latter •, or the \ 

Church is the mother of each p 

ufuall phrafe of Hebrew fpcech : 

Temple is the houfe of both , thk 

^aiy is the chamber of her tha 




Qmrcfrfumd Chri/i,^ 

■g w ' r 


■ ■■"T 


cifMr^CfPHy yec daughters of ^^rufd' I J^frfe 5 

^tfiirrenotuf^ ntr amahemy love till 

CMTge yoUy&cc.'} Sec the fame worck 
ncd, Ch^. 2. 7. The Church char- 
1 all her daughters, all her members, 
ike heed, left by their undifcreet dea- 
, or any wicked pradtife, they ftknc 
iie neighbour Princes of Syriaood 
pt^ not to difturbe the peace of it!he 
irch , and to provoke Chrift againe 
*ave them deiolate •, which though 
'/^ and il/i^w//^/ and Alcinmshtokciy 
they prevailed not fo fiirre, but 
ift was ftiil found in the Temjplc of 
aithfiilltill his comming in the flefli. 
^bo is this thM commeth out of the ml- 
zj(fe kke fillars of (make, perfmned with 
he andjrankincenfey with all powders of 
wrchm < ; 

iso is this that commeth out lof the ml- 
rffe.1 This is a dcfcription of ^^o^;* 
Ifty and of the Church gathered fay 
liriftery in the wildemeflfe: which is 

xft > by the admiration and inquHi- 
idle ot the cJd^ Synagogue after him 

G 4 ^ixAV 

rerfi 6. 


8S JihiSafUfisJ^mfiaxhtmfntiid. C 

and his bapdrmc : Who is this diat I 
mech^orarifcch, &c. which wasf 
led * : To whom the Jcwcs fcntP 
^ Levites to aske him. Who ait t] 
andall menmufcd whether l^wei 
the Chrife. 

Secondly, by die place of his ar 
and die Cnurch with him in the w: 


Thirdly, by the manner of arifin 
pillars of fmoake, which 

Firft, arifcth from fire, as the CI 
arofc from zeale and fcrvcncic of • 

Secondly , afccndcth on high, : 
propagation of this Church did, a 
I Jerufalcm t. 

Thirdfty , fils the countrey , a 
Church aid with rumour and incrc 

Fourthly, by the excellent frag 
and rwcctncflTe of the graces therec 
fumed t, preferving fromputrefa 
fuch was tlic powerfiill zcale of 
and his miniftery , ftlron^ly fragr 
' Myrrhe, and preferving his hcaren 
pliarifaicall hypocricy ^ Frankinct 
oflikc ftrong fragrancy,ind of chi< 


b Lulcx I . 


9i II. 

c Luk* }• 
I o. — X4» 

aking of the noly inccnfc t •, by 

h prayer was fignified *, to intimate 

rs^ranqr and tervcncy of his pray- 

/ho taught ail his difciples to pray b. 

ith all fmdirs rftht merchant.'} to 

perfumed with the fwect graces of 

5 c filled with the holy 6hoft a- 

r all Prophets , yea aoove all that 

? borne of women <* ^ whence alfo he 

med all forts of his hearers with 

» and dired^ons fit for their feverall 


ifthly, by the dodrine of ^f^^f ^who 

efly preached the Lord Jefus mani- 

d m the flefh.^ 

'hold his bed tohich is Solomons^ three" 

valiant men are about it^ of the valiant 


rhold his bedv^hich is Solomons.'} this 

rinethe Church of that time recei- 

and belecved : In which doiftrine, 

firft Church firftdifcemcd and be- 


irft , the Temple of Chrifts body ^ 

he bed ^ was taken, as alfo it is here, 

he Temple, which was.the type of 


ow,this as ^hn pointedb. Behold the 

rerfe ^. 

f Chap. I. 

g loh. 2. 
19, xo. 



po Sdmims bed H^hat ftfi^uftB. C 




Hof. I. 


lambe of God ; as heie it is /aid, BthU 
bed. This Temple it is the Temple 
Solomm^ci Qhvk^ in him the Goa-fa 
dwellcth bodily. 

Secondly, the guard of Angels atl 
ding it,to prevent the fcaie of H^&ds 
mity and others. 

Thirdly , the matecr of his human 
*verf€ p. Kkag Solomon made himfeli 
Couch 5 the word may be tranfla 
Coach or Couch : this latter I rat 
takc^partly for the Etymologeofrf/in 
foL 38. to be fruitfidl asthebridcsl 
is , and partly for agreement with ^ 
former word Bed, ver.j . 

No earthly father , but Chrift by 
owne Spirit made his ownc body ^ s 
his owne bed in his mothers wombc * 

Fourthly^the matter of it,the wood 
Lebanoa,tor theVirgiaM^jfdwck in> 
zarcth of Galile at the foot of Lebam 

As Solomons Temple, the type 
Chrifts body, was made of the wood 
Lebanon, the Cedar which is free fee 
corruptioa •, fo was the bodyof Cte 
found from feeing corruption K 

Fifthly, the ornaments of it 3 whi 




9 — 

^ pardy his offices : 
ricftly, as pillars of filvcr abiding 
oFGoids wrath, and pureas fil- 
sdin the fire. 

rophcticall, delivering us a word 
IS as gold, even as fine gold <. 
Singly 5 whence it is Hxd^ver. 10. 
'erhfgofitafpitrpley thcroyallor- 
t orKings. 

>ndly, partly ,the aflfedtion where- 
ndcitooke and executed thefe of- 
love of the daughters of Jerufa- 
?r*io. All thefe fohn dcclarcth ». 
ondly 5 hee exhorteth and ftirrcth 
faidifuli to behold, 

odly 9 ^ie cmAments rvhereiMh his 
ampned him in the day of his effou- 
'he day of his efpoulals was the 
leoGod theFathcrcontradcd him 
le Church *^ whence after hee is 
the Bridegroome p, and ^ohn the 
,Toomes rriend , his Difciplcs 
hildren of the Bride-charaSer : 
he Church henceforward in this 
is called the Spoufe, not before. 
nme fpherewith his "wdther crowned 
is the tcftimony of Chrifts fovc- 



1 Pfal. 


Vcrfe 10 


in loh.}. 
29. to the 

nioh. 7« 
29.— end 
o Ver, 1 1 . 

* Mat. 5. 



5lMf WlyCI^JiJmtmeshkieshimfdfi. 

when ordinary mcancs failc, God v 
found in extraordinary: Whofoeyc 
would findc Chrift, and fcckc him 
where, they fhall furcly finde him 
in his ordinances,or out of them. 

Ufe 4» Fourthly , this lets us fee the afi 

nate cleaving of fuch to Chrift , a^ 
long fought him and not found h 
at laft : fuch lay hold on him , an< 
not let him goe , verfi 4. which 
Reafon why Chrift fomctimes 
himfelfe from us , that wee mi^ht 
him the more diligently , and, h 
found him^ cleave to him more fto 
ly -, and this God lookes for at thel 
of his. ^ 

life 5. Fifthly , this doth exhort Chri 

that live among bad neighbours to 
the more circumfpedly^as the daug 
of Jerufalem are here charged upor 
to doc^ver. 5 . being between the S) 
and Egyptians. It is a charge givi 
the Church to her daughtelrs , cc 
heed they iftirre not up her love , r 
wake Chrift till he pleafe. 

Two Reafons are given for if 
Firft 5 It may provoke Chri) 
bring another eftatc upon the Cli 




(hijltobefiumdmhisardmnces. 9^ I 

cthrcn beyond the fcas^ whom 
ight have commended a yeare or 
;oe , and have found Chrift thcre^ 
w he is gone, (he (eekes him but 
him not; Seethe Church of God 
ime enjoyes all the ordinances of 
fometimes none *, fo a Chriftian 
bmetimes hath Chrifts left hand 
her head , and his right hand to 
ce her , foone after (he findes him 
iWeemuft not condemne the 
:h for this-,for they that are tender- 
bved of Cbrift may fometimes 
lim and not finde him. - 
rdly, this may comfort fuch as 
Chrift in all his ordinances : they 
ithcr finde him in them •, or, after 
J of them, in fome unexpected or 
rdinary helpe. The Church here 
►undnot Chrift in the Temple^nor 
affemblies and rccourfe of Chrifti- 
iple , nor in conference with the 
>, found him (bone after in an un<- 
ted and extraordinary helpe , even 
Maccabeus^ vcrfe4. for indeed it 
xtraordinary . for the tribe of Ltvi 
e i^ the fword and fccpter , which I 
1 belonged to ^uiah : foyou fee 1 


Cant. x.€. 





^6 Wkat^acesn^uifitemali/^iilkr. 


Vcifc 6. 
* Luke J. 





thaf commeth (M of the wilderneffe li 
lars offmoake , perfumed with Myr 
Frankincenfe^ ^c. 

Thirdly, this flicwcs whatgi: 
graces arc tnoft rcquifitc in a M 
and doc moft adoriic him , even 2 
his Miniftery , and fervency in j 
and all forts of fwect graces to 
and dired all forts of his people i 
fevcrall callings, as J^ohn aid , wl 
people came iand faid , Whatfhalh 
He onfweredandfMdyHe that hathtw 
let him impart to him that hath non 
So ^ohn was perfumed with gra 
all men : for men miift not come ii 
Miniftery with judgement and Ic 
alone, for thcfe may come from i 
but they muft come perfumed wii 
ces, to keepc themfelvcsand other 
putrefedtion •, yea , they mufl lab< 
thofe grades which will eive a 
fent to lave themfelves ancTothers 

Fourthly, this fhewes us the ma 
and Godhead of Chrift j Chri) 
mane nature is the Temple, o 
wherein the Godhead refteth t 
and the Godhead made this Terr 
bed for hirhfclfc , no earthly fath 
him. F 


Mthh^needfuUmChrift, ^7. 


Ay , fee here the piotcdion and 
ICC the Angels give to Chrift, and 
to the Church and all his mem- 
erfe 7,8. 

hly , wee may here fee in Chrift 
ever is bchoovefull for all our 
)ns. Inr^ardof his Prieftlyof- 
t is pure as (ilver , to cleanfc our 
y , and to abide the fire : In 
of his Propheticall office hee is 
IS as eold, to enrich our poverty : 
rd orhis Royall and Kingly of- 
is glorious as purple^and cloathed 
, to advance our bafeneflfc ; His 
r middcftjis even paved with love 
His heart is an hearth ( for fo the 
gnificth ) whereon the fire of his 
wards us bumeth continually • let 
love the Lord Jelus againe , and 
the feeds and fruits of his grace, 
m (hall we fee his heart flaming 
vc to us : and then whatfocver 
bloudfhed, warre, captivity, &c* 
es from love •, his whok heart is 

enthly , let us take up oiir 

cs md meditations about Chrift*, 

oe forth and behold him-, tethis 

H abvmidasA 



I i>ii« 

X Kiii.^« 



Vcrfc 10. 



pZ] Wemufi^iyeowrfelvestoChrifl. C 

Uie ». 




abundant graces fill our empty ioi 
Eighthly 5 if thou bccft a daugho 
Sion, thou art eonti^dicd to Chrlft 5 
know it by this , Doft thou read hi< 
terse' art thoii delighted with them i 
doft tliou rejoycc tofpeake to him a 
by prayer^ If thoudoft^it may be th( 
or diy heart, for tliy eftate is good. 
Laftly , this doth exhort us all to 
up our felves as fpoufes to Chrift , 
that with all gladnelTe of heart , fine 
is aflfeded to us , who yet- hath not 
from us but debts- and b^gcry: and 
that doe give themfelves up to CI 
need not feare wanting comfort ^ fo 
fpouies fhall finde fuch comfort as t 
Shall he be glad to have us, a compa 
beggars •, yea , as I may fay,a com 
of deaths^ and wds ittht gladneflec 
heart to be eipoufedto us^.whiel 
wha^; his Father cdntraifted him t 
and fhall we think it a day of deadi 
fet our feet intoChrifts bedf Al the 
chants <;annot fet forth our excell^ 
i when he fhall pay all our debts^and j 
us with all his graces 5 therefore let 
forth,and bring him home to us ^wc 
then finde him comfortable ttt lis 
day of efpoufals. 1 



". *■. » 

fii63 a A«ifcjft&A ' Ai li jt<j ft j|iilLiM fafa^^ 






opened and explained. 

The Text. 

CHAP. 4. 

M^hdu art f aire mj love, beheld, thou dH 

'e,tkou haft doves eyks ypnhin thj lockjesithj 

as dflockjif goats jthdt affearproin nwmit 

• ■ , ' 

1^ te^h are Uke a fiockg ^ffheepe tha^are 

orne , -which came up from the t^ajhmg : 

^ every one heare twins, and none is barren 


y lips are liked thread of fillet dnd ihf 

xcemeljf : thy temples dreUkidpieceofa 

gnate Within thy lockes* 

^ necke is like to the tower ofVavid^il* 

dm 4Krmffry\ whereon there hang a thoufand 

s^M^rields of mighty men. 

hy two breajts areliig twoyoBng Koes^ii 




Vix "t P» 







■1 • • 

TXeSwgo/Sopgv C 



V" . * 

a0Mi IwiUgetmitP-tbc m§tmt4ms9fM 

7 ThoM -sn all ffj^e^mj^bve ^ there iii 

withmefrcm Lei4nim:M^frem thetef ef], 
n4yfrem the tpfafSket^i^HermM , fn 
Lions Jcfi4,fir09n^fff.meMfit/ms efthe Lefif^ 

9 f^otihdj^^Tav^intyheMn ^m^fifii 
ffoufe ; tl3otih^y^jiri^ m^, bc4n wkb 
thine eje$^ with 6m chiine afthyneckg* 

1^ Hemfkireisth^leveymypfterimjfl 
hew nitnch fetter if thm hve 'tbem-whee fd 
fmellefthy oyHtmeHtstl^all jfiees\ 

II ThjlifSyQmjifiatifi^ drep MS the I 
temi.'h^ej mimfkf 4rt wider thj.ta$ime^\ 
fntellefthv garments islikg the/hfell^fLe^ 

1 2, Ag<irdin.mclQfeiis.m}fiJ^ mjfjft 
JfrifigfliHt up,afduntai»efiakd» 

I J Tfy]UafkFari4n orchard of fteougn 
Vfiit>flMfa»tfrsi^t^ Camfhtre^ with S^ikenM 

14 Sfiil^njarda9ulSaffro»yC^^'^^'^tf9k 
namoKiWith all trees ofFrankincenfe ,. Uk 
opdAhes^ vnthaHthe chiefe ffices^ 

\ 5 jifottntain cfgarJens , a riiell efi 
waters^ and fireames from LebanoH. 

16 j^waks^ O/JSI^orthmd, ^W/aipk 
SomhyblowHfon my^arden^that th^fpspei^t-i 
may flow ent: let mjjeloved^co^^imfphifgf 


i..x:t.i ■ 1 1 - i V i -'^r • 

.The^Jiatioftk Cbnrchin Chrifts timedOl\ 

HI Explanation. 

imdtfmt art f dire y ihtu hafidivis 
thin thy locks :thf haire is as a flock of\ 
that dffe»efrom moam GiltM^ &c. 

is Ch^jfJtctdefcribesthfeAftatcof 

e Chuf ch iA hdr pcrio^i: 

in Ghrifts tithe^uhder his Mihiftc- 

fei. — 6. 

ondly 5 aft^r his afcenfiori , uiidcr 

yo(ms^ verfi J. --^ii. 

^d\% affei" f heir d^paifarc , durii^ 

\ ten perfecuti6ti^, ntitp^ iiJ^iS. 

\ Church in Chrifts time is fcotn- 

d and defcribed, 

r^by hei- beauty in ^enerall^JJriS^^ 

tfaire my love , behold^thouarifidH. 

ondly 5 the beauty of her fcverall 
it that time moft coftfjrfc vimis, as 

t, of her e'^es^ verfe i • . 

^ndly, of her haite, vdrfc i . 

rdly, o/her teeth^ verfe i. 

rthty 5 Ofh& lips^ vtifc ;j . 

^^ ofh& temples^ verft j* 

thly, ofhernetkey vetfc 4. 

€tklAY,ofh&hriitp,yMtii '' ' \ 

Hs SecotAVjV^ 



\ _ 


loz 'TheChurchfahremChrillstfme. C 

^ * 

Secondly, the death of Chrift B 
out in her time, a/erfe 6i 

Behold thoti artfitire : ] faire twic 
peatjcd implies , by an ufuall Hobrai 
that fliec was very faire : and btl 
twjkre repeated, argues her enjinent 1 
ty was very confpicuous •, fuch w^ 
qla|:e of the Church gathered by hi 
niftery and flocking mer him. 

Firft, it was faire and beautifiilj, 
ly in her flocking after him ». 
. -Secondly , leaving all to follow 
"^ hanging upon his mouthy and ' 
dripgat the gracious wojrds an^j; 
cbmming from him. 
Secondly, In his bof h, 
btoh.$.29| Firft 5 prefence with her^is her li^ 
ioh,i ».} $ I Secondly ^ decking of her by hf 

Lok* 19. 

43-- o 

«' » ' 


cMat. II. 


' This beauty of the Church was 
knowne, yet ought to havebecnel 
obferved : * " 

Firft of all , by the phildren of 
dome c. 

Secondly, of all the d iGireekes , 
dioh. I z.j ftrangers c of the Pharifees and Eld 
c lotu. I ^^^ ^^ Daves eyes within, thy lefi 
i^. ; j Doves (asbcforeC)&^.i,i$.)af:ci| 

> '■* '*•*■•■■■ . "V 

a ..1 



loh. 1.47. 


Ch.4. Hw the Church bath 1)oy}e$4yes. lOjl 

Firft, for their chaftcncfle. 

Secondly , loathii^ of uncleanijcfle : 
mt there is with all in their eyes, 

I. CleanneflTe. 

E. Simplicity. 

This implies that the Church at that 

Firft, faw mor^ dearely fiindry 
nxths about Chrift then the fathers 
ad done f> or the prefent Goverriours g. 

Secondly , was of a fimple and inho- 
mt looke and demeanour K' > 

Thirdly , looked with a chaftc eye, 
Eter Chrift alor.e ». 

Fourthly , loathed the uncleaijiidfi of j 
harifaicali fuper ftitions k . 

Within thy lockcs.'] For their know^ 
jdge, though cleere in many things , yet 
srceived not fundry plaine points : as , ^ 

Firft 5 the death and refurredion of 

Secondly , the leaven of the Phari- 

€st. ; 

As the eye within lockes of hairc \i 
Jidred from difcerning things lyifl^ 0- 
*n before it. 

Thy haire as 4 pcke of Goats that offtoFt 

om nwum CilfM.'y 

H 4 H3k^\ 

3 »^ J If 34. 


66..:: <^ 

lO." ". . . . 

104 Chrifiimi hw caUd hmt and goats. Q 

Hairc , though it hang long upo 
head, yet it may in time cither, 


Secondly , be cut off: fo wer 
common Chriftians of that time 
were) haire, 

I. For multitude. 

. 1. Hanging on Chrift the head, 
i .5^. Falling many of them from h 
. ;Fkfti cither of themfelves *, Or 
- Secondly , cut off by the pradi 
the *Priefls:hence it was that Jefus 
pot commit himfelfe to them t- 
^ As a floe fee of Goats^'} which are 

. Eirft, to aflVmble themfelves in 
panics 5 fo did the people gathei 

; Secondly, to be without a fhep! 
a$ this people were "^ . 

Thirdly, to feed a farre off , an 
foriiewhatdangeroufly, upon Roc 

So the people came from h 
heare Chrift* , and were in dang 
feeding on him *. 
\ . Thy teeth are like 4 Ji$cke offhee^ 
are even Jhorne ^ which Came up fii 
rising : whereof every dnebeare tmt 
mfietsbarrer^ammgthem.'} v 


Verfi ». 

Ch.4. The JpoJUes all equd. 


The flieqjc whereto thefe teeth arc [ 
likened, are let forth, 

Firft, by their even- fliomeneflc. 

Secondly , by their cleanneflc , com- 
ining up from the wafhing. 

Thirdly, by their f ruitfiilneflc^Evcry 
one bringeth forth t\vins,nonc barren. 

Firft, even fet, none gaping out. 

Secondly, white and clcane. 

Thirdly, each anfwering to his fellow 
in the other jaw , none witting, as it is a 
praife to the teeth to be. The teeth are 
iLich as chew the meat, and prepare it for 
the reft of the body^fuch in that Church 
were the Apoftles , whom our Saviour 
calls a little flocke * : they were all, 

Firft, even fet, and even (home, none 
burfting out beyond his fellowes : Peters 
fupremacy ftretched not beyond the rcft 
of the Apoftles t. 

The teeth of innocent (hccpe arc even 
fet : They that have tufhes longer then 
the other teeth arc hunfiill and ravenous 
bcafts, as Dogs, Bears, Lions, flee. Ten 
of the Apoftles difdaincd the motion of 

Secxmoly , came up from ^abns bap- 
tifinc , and therefore when ^udLukYL ir I »4» »y 


t Mat.x^. 



& Mat.i 8 
Mat. 2a 

Mar. 10. 




> ■ ■ . ■ 

io6 The nature of the J^Jiks JoShine. C 


17,1 ». 

Firfi 3. 

(away ^ they tnuft needs fupply his p 
Ad. 1 . 2 1 . j Qy^ of the number of fuch as had cc 

nued with them from ^ohns baptifm- 

Secondly, they were futaWeeach 
to his fellow , and therefore the fevt 
were fent out by coujrfes *. 

Bi* efpecially they were fruitful 
bringing home many lambs to Chrif 
hence the feventy returned with joj 
Chrift *^ and Sathan is faid to fall do\ 
from heaven before them like lightni 

Thy lips are like a thread of Scarlet , 
thjjpeechis comely : thy temples are li 
piece of a pomegranate within thy lockes. 

Thy tips are like a thread of Scarlet , < 
thy fpeech is comely J] Both fignifying 
delivery or utterance of the Dodriw 
the Church at that time, which was 

Firft, as a thread (lender (tenuifilo^ 
plump or fwelling with humane e 
quence , but favouring of Fifher-like 
nuitie and fimplicitie. 

Secondly, as a thread of Scarlet 5 
as Scarlet or Purple is a princely t 
royall weare, fo their Dodhrine was, 
Firfljtouchingthe kingdom of heave 

Secondly, though tender , yet deci 
dycdingraine with royall Majeflyi 




[. Mmijlers how like Tmegranates. 107 

•rity of the Spirit of God, 
y temples are like apiece efa Pome- 
te mthin thy lockesJ] Temples of 
:^d are they: by which the whole 
watchcth or reftcth ^ they are fuch 
'ore as watch over the body^and for 
the Pomegranate was of much ufe 
old Tabernacle and Temple: "^Aa- 
:oat was hanged with Poraegra- 
and Bels •, Bels for found of do- 
\ and prayer , Pomegranates for re- 
ling and healing the diftempers and 
fes of the people* Pomegranates are 
aendcd by Fernelius * 
V/or rcprcfling the heat of Choler. 
rondly, the malignity, rottenneffe 
3;rimony of feavers. 
lirdly, the loofeneflTe of the belly, 
condly , for comforting and 
;thniiig the ftomacke and bowels^ 
keeping backe all fainting t. This 
the Ecclefiafticall governours of 
hurch doc performe to it ^ they re- 
: the heat of fallings out among 
ren, the notorious abufts,the loofe- 
5 or diftempredneflc of the people-, 
:omfort the feeble^md bindc up the 
z J and are therefore fitly rcfcmbled I 








Vrnth isjlm^ m Chift. 

IT,— 17. 

t r Cor. 
J, I. — 6. 
rerfc 4. 

10. & 15. 

* Neh.9. 

by Pom^anates, yea by a piece 
Pomegranate: for it is not the whole 
dy of the Pomegranate that doth t 
but it., broken in pieces^ by his juice 
rinde is medicinable. 

Within thy tockes :] Bccaufc th( 
Chrift eftablifhed Discipline , and 
vered it to the Church in his time * : 
it was not difpkyed , nor fhewed it 
in open execution till after his refuri 


Thy neck is like the tower ofY^zvidiJ 
The necke is that part that joyneth 1 
and body together ; now that w 
joyneth Chrift and his Church togd 
is our faith : which faith in fome 
members of that Church in Gl 
time , was obferved to be ftrong 
great * 5 and therefore is here fitly c 
piredtpthetowerofD^w^, for an 
i»^ry,( whereof we read) * rvheredn 
hanged a tho»fand b!H:klers , all Jhiel 
mighty men. It feemes Davids mi 
men hanged up their fliields in this 
mory againft times of warre • and 
like manner all the Worthies of If 
all the faithfull before Chrift , ha 
their fliields of faith upon Chrift 


Qh4 TkJp^hwlihfHoes. 



(vhom the faith of his Church was as a 
ftrong Armory t . Faith is not fo much 
I tower pf ftrength in it felfc^as in Chrift 
whom it apprehendeth* 

Thy tvfo Breafls are like two young JRoes 
that are tmnms y which feed among the 

Thy two breafis are like two young Roes 
^bd are twins.'} The breafts give milke : 
now the breafts that give milke to the 
Church,the finccre * milke of the word, 
we the Minifters, which in the Church 
of Chrifts time were firft the Apoftlcs-^ 
fccondlv, the fcventy : and are therefore 
here called twobreafts^and both asRoes, 
bccaufe not tyed to any certaine place 
within all the people of the Jewes •, for 
Roes ftay not long in a place : And both 
€^ twins, becaufe of equall commiflion, 
bei)[ifi bothXcnt alike to the whole houfc 
of Itoel, thoughjaftcr the Refurre<aion, 
the Apoftles commiffion was enlarged 
ftuther then that of the feventy. 

which feed among the lillies. 3 For they 
were fent not onely among the Gentiles / 
or Swoaritans , bqt amongft, 

Fitft , the loft (liiecpe c^ the houfeof 


SecotvdV^ A 

V'erfe 5. 

* 1 Pet.». 







Firji 6. 


rhefldjmhmdimtt. c 

Sccondly^thc trw-hcaifted or we 
feaied of die If raclttcs* . 

iThefe faithful! are heit compai 

Firfl, fbrtheittvHltehdft and^ 

Secondly, for their amiablcncflfc. 

Umillthe daj bredke^andthejbAdffWi 
anQOf : I mil get mtt to the minnim 
Ujtrhf^ dndto the hill efPrankincenft 

Uniill the ddf breake^and thefhadmm 
aafoy.l That is , uritfll the lig^t ol 
GofpcU brealce forth, and theihadc 
of the Mofaicall Ceremonies vaniih 

/ will get nte to the mount ^ns if'Mf 
a»i to the hill of Trankincenfe. J Tb 

to the mounts, 

Firft, d^ Olivet^ ? Where he 

Stco}xdlyfi^Golgotha^^kxcdi in 
Garden, and on the CroflTe ^ andn 
to his CrofTe all the fliadowcs oi 
Law, and, in fiilfilling them, '^ aboli 

Myrrhe and Frankincenff ^ ztt wo 
be ufed in imbalming,and with fuel 
Chrift himfelfe at his death was to 
beene imbalmed , if his refurtcdtior 
not prevented the women. Befides 

'^ ■ — • — ■ 

^^ejxhtance niahsfirmm amiSle. 1 1 1 

I of Chrift was a facrifice of ^ 
rmcUing favour to God^and therc- 
ic place thereof is fitly called the' 
uneofM^rrhe^ mdhillof Frankin- 
lough othcrwift thcmounaine of 
ic may well be Mount Calvary , or 
^thc place of his death ; and the 
?" Frankincenfe mount olivet ,- in 

of his afcenfion into Heaven-, 
^en Heaven it felfe, whither he af-^ 
1 3 may be well called the hUIof 
incenfe for fweetneflc. 
is firft doth teach us that a Church ^^^ • 
t beaucifiill m Gods f^ht^thoi^h 

\^ of meaneperfons. 
ondly, of fuch as were fometimes 
ous offenders , as Publicans and 
:s : and from hence 
l, poore people, 

ondly , finners , yea ugly finners 
be exhorted to repentance and fee-- 
fter Chrift : It makes them truely 
le inChtifts eies^though otherwile 
nfel ves never fo meane and foulc. j 
m hence alfo poorc finners may 
omfbrt •, thouejfi loadcn with iht 

of their deformities . they -i» 


■.. wm 


Chrifts qre^ arc veiy beaiiti£ii 

From hence alio the Septtadfts 
Jeame , that notwitbftandiiK maxiy 
fes in their teachers, or ocncrs <A 
Church 9 as the Scribes and Pha 
iKHbom the people were to heate^ yc 
Church may be denominated noii 
better part very fainr, as a hes^ 
wheat, thoi^h covered ovqr %viiii a 

Secondly, this may teach W& 
how to frame themfelves to be am 
in Gocfe fight, {viz,.) 

Rrft , l>y carrying themfelves eti 
with their brethren. 

Secondly,by clcanfing their heart< 
hvcs by the power of Baprifme. 

Thirdly 5 by fruitfulndre,and faitl 
ncffe in their Miniftcry. 

Fourthly, by not aflFcdii^ camall 
quence , out gracious and decp-< 
powerftill utterance •, for fwcUing w 
of humane wifcdome make t 
preaching fcemeto Chrift(asitwe 
blubber-iipt Miniftcry, 

Fifthly , by reflxaining abufes an 
fences amongft the peopIe,and ftren 
ning and comfi»tii^ the feeble min 


rhiy, by feedii^ their people wkh 
ere bulke ^ and not being drie 

eitthly 9 by taking moft delight in 
rfingamoi^lillies,. their wcU-af- 
people 5 though fceking alfo to 
all, and therefore fometimcs con- 
l with them as the Phyficians a- 
the ficke. 

s may teach ccclefiafticall GoVer- 
thcir office in the former vertucs 
Pomegran?ite^ to rcpreffe the heat 
ifes 5 die loofcneflTe and diftcm- 
^ of th6 people , to comfort the 
, and bjndcup the weake. Sec. . 
rthly 5 this, may teach the people 
3 approve themfelves to Craift^ in 
g after. Chrift in knowledge, fim- 
\ chaftity of Spirit 5 loathing fur 
ions, and places of bad refort. -. 
'cts ut vtniuni ad cani^ddteStd Co- 

3u fee'ft how Pigeons take their 

loufes thjit be feire and whfte. . 
, what fhouUl Chriftians doc- in 
Tavjrrns, Alc-boufcs, Stews,&c. 
i^Of feitb rooting ?uid bwl^ 

I ding 

* ; Pet,a. 


Vert 3. 




,,^ amiimf 





114 7l^/^e<f(i6r4VMK^ i 

\ik% thcrafdvtff ixpoa Cinift^ 

in theeJ} In thcfc words wee hav« 
fcripdon of the eftacc of cbe C 
Iboneafter Chrifb afcedfion , #11 
and built up bv the Minifiiciycf ti 
poftles, which they call the Apofl 
or primitive Cfaurdi« 
This Church is here fet (ovi^ 
Firf^y by her comj^ear beamy^l 

Secondly, byChr^ aSlkig 

behold the calling of the Ckntiles, 

Thirdly, by the ravifhii^ b«sMr 

fitter Church at that titnc : 

X. In one of her eyes. T 

2. One chainc of her ncckc.y ^ 

Fourthly, by her love, 


1. By the fidrfeneflfe of it. 

2. By the fwcetneflfe of it a-S>*w 
bove wine, S 

Vi&hiyjbyi^ Aovnt%n(4fle,iwee 
and wholiomndTcpf her do^rioe, 

'Siiohly, byr cheimdl oflitir gtfi 
l&ediac of I^baiton^f^. ri . 
Thumfaire: iTfaefubseneficc 

Church was acknovttodged b«fon 



Tkhmty •ftkifnmkhi Chmki, 1 1^ 

nioowtfaeperfeAfetrendflc. AS 
at faiimefle or beauty ftandcth in 

in die intcfirinr oFall the parts and 
3S of die bcx^^fbr if anv be wan- 
t is a maimed , a blemimed body, 
indly, in the Symmetry, or fit 
tionofailtfae mWibets c^toa- 

xUy , in the eood complexion , or 
of thqa alL Looke ^hat parts 
^utfitt for the compleat integrity 
IXC Church , they arc all found in 
loftollcle Church ipcomdy pro- 
1 of he^mv; for looke, • - 

:, at thicir dodrine^ and it was, 
'fcefibm aUerrour, fofarreasit 
^cnfcd by the Apoftles , Pro- 
Evangdms of that time *, who 
c fu£kred no weeds of fauedo- 
ogrow under tiiem *. 
'heir do6hine was compleat, eyen 

o!c counfcH of God t. 

was difpenfed in powerful! fim- 

mdly^ looke at tbeir wwfhip ^ and 


rat puri^ of Gods oidinarices. 

t Aft. lb. 

Aft. 4.|7| 

-^» f**^ f*' *'*» • ' ' ^.^ 


I.— 3.& 

^ Aft. 4- 


14,1 ^ 




wkhoat mixture of humane iavei 
a. Order , decency^ edificatii 

aimed at in ^1 the dudes admioif 
3 . FcrvciK jr and frequency in 

and fading. 

Thirdly^^pokc at their Chrifti 

munion, and jrou may fee 

1 . Tlieir unity one with anoth 

2. Love, and large-hcartedr 
towards another 1 5 efpecially 
Minifters *. 

Fourthly , loote to their Di 
and you may fee the Apoftles, P 
Evar^ifts, Presbyters, Paftors 
ers , nrR, teaching ; fecondly^cx 
thirdly, ruling : and all by, firft, 
ing, fccondly,. writing , thirdly 
coirfbrcnce , fourthljT, good es 
(No Ghurclies unprovided of 
ters, in the plurall number '^.) 

Thirdly , the Deacons prov 
the poore, -/* ^. 6.3,-5. 

Fourthly , both forts chofei 
Church, -4^.6.3,5. 

Fifthly,Excommunicatioris d 

upon weighty occafions, and w 

reverence, and with good fiiccei 

. Sixthly , Synocb"in]5>ofing, : 


. Thejcituatim ofLthami and Amana .117 

xrdfary things , cither in thcm- 
y or for the preftnt ufe of the 

is comely frame and order of the 
h Paul beholding 5 joyed init^.j *col.i.r 
;;^hurch was now called a Spoufc 
thrift had taken our nature upon 

e with me from Lebanon, {my Sfouje) 
'efrom Lebanon : looke from the top 
na , from the top ofShenir and Ber- 
om the Lions dens ^ from the moun- 
(the Leopards. 

f with me from Lebanon. ] It is a fa- 
lill in the uttermoft border of If- 
nhwzxd:Amanaz hill morenorth- 
n the weft ofSjr/^Jooking into5y- 
ipotami^^C/lifiaySc all Jjrazhc Icfs. 
y^onand Shenir."} Two names of 
lehill, though happely given to 
^artSjCalled alfo Syrion or Sien *. 
Lions dens and mountaines ofth^ 
U:"} Jerufalem * and theT6mplc 
Savigurs time vy^s made a den of 
and robbers-, but in the Apoftles 
fter the Afccnfion , the Rulers 
lore fierce and cruelly fpilling the 
}f Stephen^ and making havocke of 

I ^ t\vc\ 

Verfe 8. 


9.& 4.48. 

Mar* 12* 
Luk. 19. 



ii8 ChrijliaAnmypfirhttCha^ 

die Church : So then^chis verfc 
cals his Church of the Chnftian 
Firft, to behold from iAmm^I 
Jmana , the Church of the Geifl 
thered in Amiecb, theme ^ Cjrenej 

Secondly, to come out iron 
dens of ravenous peiri^utors at 
Ion ^ and to prepare her fdifet 
^n^KMg the Gentiles. Uponthep 
don of Stefben the fmtnfull wane 
to thefepatts, and preached the < 
partly tb the Jewes, and after 
Gei^es alfo "^ ; whereupon sres 
bers of the Gentiles bclccveoT : 
when tydii^ thereof came tojcr 
it was as the vovce of Chnft 
ihe Church of Jerufalem to fe 
Mbds to them , to fee the *C 
^hcre and to eftablifli them "^^ 
wards when the Church of the { 
increafed in number and grace , 
Jewes increafed and grew up 
phemy and cajge again(l the < 
Pinft called his Church at Jem 
kavetliofe dens and mountaines 
ons and I.eop8rds. ' 

Mfffier."} This implieth tha 







faketh not to the mother Church 
f ewes, but to a iifter ChuKh, the 
h of the Gemiks^fiich a Met as is 
'poufe , a true Church, now firft 
a fifter by reaibn of the acceffion 
Church of thcCemiles. 
$ hft favifhed mf heart , ff^fifier^ 
fe^ thmhi^rAvifhed nrfhunvhth 
^rimiycs J mth&mchMimofthimdt. 
\ hajtravifhtd mf htartjtim bsft rih 
mf hem. 1 This implies that 
was overcome exceedingly with 
e of the Church : for fuch repcti* 
nply, in the Hebrew Phrafc^t fu* 
re excellency* 

i Church fo affe&ine Chtift wa$ 
')the firft Church of the Cendles , 
)etweene JmsM and Lehsmn i for 
ti^feebfig the grace of God upon 
wasnotalittfegk4ofic, fo.diac 
it was ftirred up to exhort th($m 
inue and grow up"^: yea, bee 
X and fought S^iv/, to bring him 
them "^ •, mi, they both fpent a 
i^eare these , and aid winne nwch 
, fo that that Church was firft 
ZhdftiaiT, they firfl had their hti£- 
aneie^ the name of Chrift firft put 

I 4 ui^tv\, 



' ito jUMtmli^kit the Chwdesefes. 

t Aa.ii. 


%. to- Aa< 



iiponthem , for the fbrwardnc 
love to them^ and theirs to him 

With me of tkf eyes. ] The ej 
Church are ibvendl , accoidir 
Church may be feverally coi 
for if the Church be confide 
fmnbled tc^ether to publike d 
the Mmifters ofthe Church are 
amcMigft whom they at Amipch 
as ^^4^ t and others ^ amor 
the Ix>rd was efpeciallyddig] 
Bdnuidsznd Saul^ who were fe 
dia4v by the Spirit of Chrift u 
en all die neighbour Countr 
they two Joyned in one office 
OIK ^e to enlighten all the p 
if the Church be confidercd in i 
bers'apart \ the eyes thereof a 
ledge and faith t : In this Chi 
icjicelled, retting upon Ghri 
vmhovsiMofes his Ccremomes^^v 
Jewes would have thruft uport 

'WHh me chaineofthy nechJ] 
%nified La>ves t binding as - 
INow the Church of Amidch{{ 
Pml and Barndas to Jeriifakre 
the contention which Gwimh 
ftotiesdiinke)'ahd otheK^raifi 


♦Ad. If. 





Ch.4. ChmeshwuftdlytheAffiS^s. 121 

/wAconceming the ncccflfity of the Ce- 
remonial! Lawcs ; * the Apoftles or 
Elders made a Law or decree to abro- 
atc the Ceremonies , and yet cnjoyne 
bmc things, partly neceflary in them- 
felves^as to avoid fcMiiication •, partly he- 
ceflary to avoid the offences of the Jews, 
as to abftaine from bloud , &c. This 
Law the A4)oftles and Elders hammed as 
a chaine upon the necke of the Church 
ofAmioch and other Churches t: whence 
that Church received great confolation*, 
and the other Churches eftabli/hment 
and increafb *. 

How f aire is thy love my Sifier, ^jjf^fi- 
hwmuch better is thy love thenmne ! and 
thefmell of thine oyntment^ then all fpices! 

km faireisthy love yWy Sijfer!^ Sifter 
implies the fame, and fuch like gentile 
Churches, whofe love is here fct forth, 

Firft, by the faireneffe of it. 

Secoridiy,by the* ftrehgth, fwcfetnefle; 
checrefiilnefle, implied: in the preferring 
it above wine. ' 

How ferre,and ftrdhg , and fweet, and 
chcewifidl was the love of the Church of 
-i*;«f/^\ ^ xwhich aforehand prepared a 
contribution of their ownc accord for I 



*.?. — 29- 



rcr. 10. 

t ■ ii r 


* 1 Cor.l. 
I.— 5. 

1 1. 

the poore Saints at Jcnrfalem^evcn'^ 
rj mm Mctrding uhi$Ai\ityl The like 
or greater love ieemed in the pooie 
Churches of Macedonia ^. A&iielov* 
for poore men to iendreliefccoodien: 
Aitronglove for deepdy poore to favl 
rich liberality^yet more ftrong afid fwsct 
to pray the mciTengers with imich is* 
treaty to teceiveit^ andachoerefidllovt 
todoeallthisinabundanceof joy, and 
beyond tlie Apofttes owneexpedatira, 
This kinde c« benevolence the Apoftfe 
caUeth an odour of a iweet fmeU'^^it 
was Tweeter and better then wine. Afl 
this love (hewed to die pootie Sauits 
Chrift takes here as done to him&lfei 
^ decayes di this firft love (bewes how 
^*-4. jgieat this love was at the firft ^ 

7ht (mtU rf thine &jnmem$ thm ^ 
ffiees. 3 Oyntments ^ are the ^n:accs of 
Gods Spirit *:Thefe gave a fwtet re- 
port farft andneare in thofe Primitive 
Churches t* 

C0fdf€ : hntf and mike sare Hffder m 




* Chip. I. 





• » - - •■». 

Clk4. What d)e Churches ffrmeuts. 12} 

Thy lifSy f»jll/Sfmtfe^ dr^f as the honti- 
cmAc : hintf and mike are under thf 
tm^.^ Tms commendcth the Do- 
^nneand Miniftiy of thofc firft Chur- 

Firft > for the readuieffe and flowing- 
nefle of it ^ it dropped forth of it felfe, it 
needed notto be preft and conftrained, 
as an honey-combe. 

Secondly, for the fweetndfe of it ^ as 
the honey or the honey-combe. 

Thirdly , for the wnolcfomnefTe of it, 

The fmeUafthy garments is liketheJmeU 
\ of Lebanon.^ Lebanon is fuU of iweet 
trees of fpices growing in it^which yedd 
afiagrant final even afarreoff. Gar- 
ments are, I 

Firft, partly the weddii^ garments of 
Chrifts rkhteoufncfte. 

SeconcUy» partly the gracious carriage 
wherewith they aoathed themfelves in 
jEfaeir outw^d conversation : They cloa- 
thed and decked themfelves with Chrift, 
not onely to their JuiHfication^, but with 
his Spirit to their Sandifkacion ^ . which 
fliewes forth it fclfe in their humility, j[ 

meeV£nes,patience^tK)nefi]r)£uthfulneJ[s \ 


;' .:^ > 

■ * ■ * 

9' — .' •- 

I I',.'.. ?. 

IX. 14. 
i!A. 10. 

Uk 1. 


fciligcarc, fcrfc-iccablcncfs of thd^olx- 
;' v/arc! carriage , fo fere fbrrh as Aat tbc 
Hcarhcn fnKllcd a fwcct favour in thai 
vrholc courfe -. * ycz , even in Trj^m 
time, when the fmeU of g arm t tiis was 
not fb ft rong : yet what a fwcct tcftimo- 
ny doth Pliirj himfHfc ( though a perfc- 
cutor) give of them., when hec (aid y hcc 
could finde no fault with them batdiat 
they Tofc eariy^and went into the woods 
to iin^ Hymnes to one ^frs^ 

This firft is to refbrmc their jucfec- 
mcnts who fpcike of the Apoltolioll 
Church as an infant and rude ChunJi^ 
whereas Chrifl , whofe eyes were as a 
flame of fire^ and who beft knew it, 
commends it for perfection of beauty, 
and faith it was fairc:So that if a Church 
were fuch, Chrift might imbrace it with 
both his armcs. 

This is the Church excellent for her 
Miniflers , excellent for comnion Chri- 
ftians , which had pure, eyes . of know- 
ledge and faith •, ^ thap by hovr much 
necrcr any Church cdmes to this ^ by fo 
much the fairer it is 5 and by how^ much 
any Church Gomes ftiort of it^^ by fo 
much the fouler it is. 
( Secondly, 


'Zb^.AkHfis hknujhmtjfta their tdtratm.11^ 

Secondly , this doth teach us that not 
tbuies ^ but the toleration of them doth 
>iemi{ha Church, and detradt from tlic: 
3cr jfcd beauty of it •, for othcrvvife in the 
PrimitivcGhurches were found Schifms, 
ticrcfics 3^ a denying the Refurrcftion, 
jncharitable going to Law, Inceft^lo vc- 
ieafts in the Lords Supper , ftrange 
:oiigues in the publickc worlhip-, and yet 
becaufc the Apoftles ftood out a^ainft 
thefe and reformed them , the Church 
ftill retaincs her perfed beauty. In the 
Church of Spkjus there were falfe A- 
poftles* 5 yet it was a Church -, fo it is, 
corruptions not cutoff defile a Church : 
Aswethcndefirethc Church fhould be 
pure, leave we all our finnes and cornip- 
tions which may any way blemiflb the 
beauty of the Church. 

Thirdly, this teaches us to be ready to 
cxtoU and acknowledge ( as occafion 
fcrvcth) other mens labours above our 
owne. Chrift gathered a Chvarch in his 
ownc time which hce called,Fairc *; but 
this Church gathered by his Apoftles ( 4 
he calleth. All fidrc *• It grie\^eth him 
not loafcribc thoufands to hinifelfe, and 
tenthouj&ndstothem} yea> he foretold 


I Cor.ii- 

& 14. & 

17. Chap. 





* Cant 4. 

I MTt I 


^ I — ^ — ~ ^ 

uS. Hm Idmjkrs m0f heimhe midk, < 

Vcrfc lo. 


V«if< li. 


ilie w our love to him , and then w< 
finde Chrift raviflied with our love 

Sixthly , this doth teach ife wha' 
of love Chrift acknowledgeth an 
braccth •, to wit , faire , ftrong '^ i 
chcerefuU , in an enlarging our fel 
the rcliefe of his poore Saints. 

Seventhly ^ this doth teach Mir 
how to make their Miniftry amia] 
Chrift, (not to preach once a nionci 
quarterly, bythe preaching of the! 
but)to DC full as the honey-combe ( 
ping out of it felfc , to preach fwc« 
dbrinc as honey, and wholefomc as 
for the nouriftiment of Chrifts laml 

The Paftors and Minifters of the 
mitive Church did this without hd 
Univcrfities •, whatafhame theni 
for us to come fhoit of them in ft 
bundance of outward helpes and m( 
Would'ft thou be a faithfuU Mini 
let thy do6h"inc drop as honey , pi 
willingly, freely, fwcetly , comfort 

Laftly , this may learne and ftin 
Chriftians fo to walke , and fo to fu 
our felves with inward graces, and 
outward commendable carriage,as 
yceld a fweet favour and fmd to 

— — — I ■ ■ 

The Chmth undtr the loJPerJecutionsAip 

in^ that it may be like the fmell of 
on , that men may fmell afweet 
that come necre thcth : let bur 
be inwardly fiimifhed with the 
of God as with fweet oyntmcntS; 
r outward garments, our obtward 
fation fo direded with honcfty, 
ty^humility, meekenelTe and love, 
lat our names be not difhonoured, 
leflTe God by our meanes. Caft 
le (linking drunkenneflfc 5 whore- 
malice, covctoufneflc , &c. And 
Ding 3 wee fhaU take away allof- 
fo doing 5 Chrift fhall looke at us 
'aire fpoufe , and fay , Thim art all 
^ garden inch fed is mj fifief , mj 

n: the Church gathered by the 
ry of the Apoftles, next followeth 
fcder the ten perfccutioiisj which is 

t, by her reftraint^wr/? 1 3 . 
onoly, by her privacy ji/^je 14. 
rcfly, by her fruitfulndTe, refrefli- 
i wa:tering others^i/er/e 15. 
irfWy, by her prayer in this cflate : 

* Cant, 4. 
y. 1. ' 



m w *9 



r / 







u The Pcddoos) which an 

coouog iirtD dr Sois^ wr;^ II 

Secioodly , for £miaiiUc h 
and thtf forihis cod 9 cfat flov 

Thmlty, thafcChriftwouk 
iohis gndcf^andcshisplcai 

2« Chriflsaofwcr thereunto 
. Firft,hccofiimetfa into his g 
' Secondly, hegathcre&anc 

Thiidly^hefilsbis Churd 
with a loracmeafiue of plenty. 

A €ar£n:'} The Church 
csdle^ as verfe i^.an orchard ^ 
in tliebriginall , a Paradife^ as i 
the garden of Eden. All the } 
a wudemefle, or at leaft a wi 
oncly, the Church is Gods 
orthard, in thefc three refpe<a 

Firft , as the garden of Pai 

j the habibtion of i^dam in tl 

innocency, fo is the Church o 

who are renewed into innocen 

Secondly , as in that garde 
manner ot pieafant and w 

|.. The CImrch bowfialed up. 

s and trees growing, fo in the 
ch are all manner of ufefiill and fa- 

iirdly 5 as a man vvalketh in his gar- 
) refreflihimfelfe-, fo doth Chrift 
* in his Church, yea and calleth his 
Is thither to walkc with him. 
fprinji; ^ a fauntaine :"] Not bccaufe 
3nurch is the fountainc of grace \ 
scaufe, Chrift being in it , it is the 
r or fountaine of the waters of life 
all *. 

garden , ff^ing ^ fount aine , incldfid^ 
)^fialed'^'2 Not by a pale or wall of 
ce by Chriftian Magiftrates , but 
: (hut up by reftraint •, for the word 
ies to mclofe or fhut up, as with 
5 and fetters. 

;aine , the Church prayeth for the 
ement of the flowing of her fpices, 
1 5. and therefore her prefent fhut- 
p was uncomfortable to her. 
ic Church was then faid to be fhut 

•ft, becaufe under the perfecutions 
> {hut up in prifons^and other places 
niftiment , as under lockcs and fct- 

K 2 SecoxvdVj^ 




* Zach; 
IJ. I. 

PC 87.7. 



The Church hwfeded up. 

Ver* 13, 



Secondly, bccaufcthe Chur 
affcmlblcd in private clofc placcs^^ 
dens 5 &c. and not in the open p 
townes or cities. 

Thirdly , becaufe it was fhut t 
free acceffe of forrainers, men w: 
neither were the Emperours 
their Subjeds (hoiild repaire tc 
nor the Church willing to admit 

Thy flams:'} That is, thy chil 
members^ as an orchard oifomeg 
CMffhire^ verfe 14. Spikenard^ Saj 
lamus y Cyndmon. Tne children 
Church arc compared to thefe 
fome and fwcet fruits, trees, heai 
double refpc(5l. 

Firft , becaufe the vertues ol 
fruits and fpices arc efpecially fee 
they are cut and powred out, or 
or burned , or bruifed : So it is v 
graces of Gods children-, they ar< 
ly exercifed by the hard dealing 

Secondly, there was in thef 
1 then perfecutcd a refemblance oft 
I tucs of thefe fruits and fpices. 

Pomegranates reprcfic and r 

Ch.4. Chriftians hom compared to S^ces. l]} 




the heat of Cholcr, the malignity of fe- 
vers, the loofcncffe of the belfy ^ they al- 
fo comfort the ftomackc and bowels^and 
prevent faintings and fwoonings. 

Camphire with his fweetnefle of fmell 
delighteth and ftrcngthneth the Spirits, 
checreth up the minde, helpes the ftone, 
leftraines ulcers. 

Spikenard ftayeth diftillations from 
the head, ftrcngthneth the ftomacke, di- 
gefteth cold humours , helpcth concep- 

Safron thinneth fle^me , helpes le- 
thargies , coughs , and plurifies, rurthe- 
rcth digeftion, comfortcth the heart, re- 
dreffes the rottenncfle of the other parts, 
which alfo are ftrcngthned. 

Calamus helpes the pafTages of the ^Calamus, 
urine, and the faults of the reines,helpeth 
al|b the wombe and conception. 

Cynamon ftrcngthneth and cheereth 
the (pints and minde , drycth up rotten 
Matter , helpeth againft poyfon , war- 
ttieth and ftrcngthneth the ftomacfce to 

Frankincenfe reftraineth and helpcth 
Uccrs, gouts, fluxes of bloud, cleartTeth 
^ glueth up wounds and ulcers. 

K 3 M^rr V 




#Ut: :.. 


u 'vi-r:. :rj: Her. irje i'? ri^ i:*x: cold hia 

SiiabiC ro iie verrjes of thcU 

1 «;,rx,ir 

on, ambition, to rq?rctTe ulcers of 
gnity and cii^affcfHon one to anot 
hcalc the coldncfle, hypocrilic, a 
tcnndTc of their fpirks ; to ftay di 
ons of cold raw matters, droppin 
the head Bifhops of Rome • as 
ftrcoghthen appetite to the woi 
comfort the faint hearted , to V 
members tc^ether. 

Jfopntdine of gardens , ^c. ] \ 
Church, pouring out her confeiOGw 
mattyrdomes for the truth, proj 
and watered many Churches^ for 
martyrum was femen Bcclefne , a 

I^/i,4- What meant by the Northmkide. 1 35 

iving tpaters. The Church was not 
hen drycd up 3 but plentiAdly ftored 
Wth the graces of the fpirit, Streames 
^om Ldamn.Hht Churches were ftored 
vith fuch graces of the Spirit , as ftrea- 
ncd and iffued out from the mountains 
rflfrael ^ the writings of the Prophets 
ind Apoftles. 

jlwake^&r arife^ Nmhrvind^ &cJ^ The 
•Churches defire that a winde might arife 
* the North, and come into the South : 
!> wit 5 that ConfiantinCy borne in Torke^ 
fOuld come into the foutheme parts^and 
ike the Empire upon him,{and hlojp upo^ 
Jy garden) driving away the blafts of 
iafterly perfccutions, and breath iavou- 
ibly and wholefomly upontheChurch,^ , 
Ooling the tempeftuous heats of thepcr- ^ 
sicutions which the Church endured. 
["he Church prayeth not the South to 
pttie 5 but the North to come into tht 
k>uth, elfe 

Firft 5 the word hlow, if it had refe- 
?nce to both windcs , fhould have 
>ccne of the plurall number. 

Secondly , Northwinde and South- 
^irtde blowing together 5 would inter- 
ipt and crofTe one another by their con- . 
:ariety. jfe 4 Tb(a\ 

l^er. 1 6. 


t)6 what meant lySficestf the GarieTi 

Ver \6. 

Thd$ the ffices thereof may fi^Vi 
That the Gofpcll and ordin 
Chrift ^d the graces of his < 
which were there rcftrained fr< 
free manifeflation by the perf 
might have free ©aflage. 

Let my beloveacome into hisga 
eat of his f lea fants fruits. 2 LetO 
come to them^and partake of tb 
of the Churches fcrviceable 
God and him. 







O R 


opened and explained. 

The Text* 
CHAP. y. . 

tm c»me into tm gdrdtny f»y fifier^mf ff9Up^ 
htve gathered my Mjrrhewithmyffkf^ I 

eaten mj honey-temtt rtithwrf honey J have 
kg wy wine withn^milke : eate , O friends, 
*^,yea drinke abmuUntlyy O Moved. 

I fleepe, but my bean waketh, it is the vayce 
^ beloved that ktfocketh, frying 9 Opentomee 
^fier , my loveytny dove^ my unde filed :fornn 
is filled with dew ^ and my lockes with the 
r if the night. 

I have put off my coatJhowfhallTpnt itont 
ve wafhed my fleet yhomfhall I defile them? ' 

mfy beloved put in his hand by the hole of 

ffore, and mj bowels were moved for him* I 
Irofe Hptoopentomybelovedjandmyhands I 







droffed with Af^he , attd mj fingers ^m 

6 Ttf^nedtomfhlovcd^ b^mybei 
wkhdrdrnfie himfilfr, and was gene *fnj^ 
kdwhenhee fpa^e : rjoHgh bim» Ifiit I 
find him; Ical/edhim, tut he gave me xr. 

7 Thew^chmnthati^eutiAomthec 
mefhejfmote me, they womided mc^the 1^ 
the wals tookf away my vailefrom me. 

8 I charge yoUyO doHghers of .Jeru 
ye find my beUvedfhMje tell him^ that I 

of love* 

9 9Fhat is thy^teloved more then am 
loved y O thoufairefi among women ?. 
thy beloved more then another beloved, u 
dofl fi charge Hs ? 

10 Mj beloved is white and ruddy jh< 

1 1 His head is as the moft finegold^ I 
are bujhie and blacke as a Raven* 

la His ejes are astheejes of doves i 
vers of water ywafhed -with milke,and fitly 

I ^ His cheekes are as a bedoffpices, 
flowers : his li^ like lillieSy droppingfweet 

14 His hands are as gold rings fei 
Beril : his belly is as bright Ivorie overi 

I 5 His legs are as piHars of marble, 
fockets of fine gold, his coitntenance is as I 
excellent as the Cedars. 

16 HiTmotnhismofifiveet^yea^hei, 





therUvefy. This is fu^ beloved , and this is mjf 
friend, O daughters of JerufaUm. 

The Explanation. 

Cant. 5 . vcrfe i. I am come into mj gar- 
deny my ftjler^y fhoufcy I have gathered mj 
Myrrhe mth my ffice^I have eaten my honey- 
combe with my honey ^I have drunke my mne 
mth my milke : eate^ O friends^ drinke , yea 
drinke abundantly , O beloved. 3 

COnfiantine came into the Churchmen- 
joyed the fellowfliip of it, did par- 
take in all the parts of it , yea and richly 
endowed it ^ \o that the. Church and all 
her friends did eat and drinke , yea and 
did drinke abundantly of wealth , pre- 
ferments, &c. whence it was thatlhee 
fell into a deepe fleepe. 
I Firft , this fcrves to ftirre us up to 

Chap f 
verfc I. 


Ufc I. 

thankefulnefle and fruitfiilneflc to God, 
who hath planted us not in the wilder- 
neflc of the world , but in the garden of 
his Church. If wee now tranfgreffe as 
Adam did, eating of the forbidden fruits, 
* God will take his garden from us, and 





140 9r»ttffiihiChmdmiHtfm 

lyfitutfkxis ofthe caith aic t 
hils and ddButs,m<ompaiiibi 
Qiurcb^tlie Chuich isa garc 
initate fbnntaines pf livii^ 1^ 
evov thkfty ibule. 
. Toiidly^thoij^ the Chuich 
tunes in open viewofall, ,ass 
onahiil; yetitisfomedmes al 
wife^ kiclolod, {hut up9 fealed. 

Fourthly) when mc Church i 
in comers and convendcles , t 
bersof it hatch nottreafons , I 
fai^onS) butftillremaincthasi 
otehaidy fbuntaine , yeelding f 
ters, favoury and wholcfomc fir 

Ufe5. Fifthly, fee the wonderful! i 
flidions andperfecutions to the 
what favoury 5 andwholcfome 
cious graces are thereby excrcif 
how m^htily doth tne Chur 
fpread when it is moft rcftrained 

\^ 6. Sixthly, fee then what the wc 
the Church were againft their 
tors ; not daggers, d^s^powdei 
rebellions^ treafons,&c. butpr 
hiore feafonable times. 

Seventhly , we are to be ftir 



.The Churches Jlate after Conftantine.i4i 

that God would now ftirrc up a 
sfomc Northwindc, to blow fa- 
bly upon the Churches beyond 
:as, and ftrot^lyagainft their ene- 


hthly^this may teach us whileft we 
at home thefe faire blafts, not to 
ae forth the unfa voury corruptions 
r owne fpirits , but the fwcet graces 
^d •, elfc wee abufc thefe fweet op- 
inities we doc enjoy, 

ftly^ it is a time of much rcjojrcing ^^ p, 
1 God ftirreth up Kings and Princes 
ome into the fellowfhip of the 
rch 5 and to partake of Gods ordi- 
cs in the fame. 

(leePe^ but my heart tpaketh ^ it is the 
f o/wy beloved that knocketh , fijingy 


ow foUoweth the defcription of the 

? of the Church from Conftamine$ 

to the time of reftoring of the 

3ell 5 and reforming of the Church 

ie Miniftery of Luther , and other 

Divines. { 

iter that C^4;tf/w had largely en- 

ed the Church with peace , and 
:th, and honour 5 it fell into an eftate 

ver. 1. to 
chap* 6. 


t^t The Churches fecwitj defcribei. 

of camall fccurity- which carnal] 

Firft ^ by a comparifon, refei 
to flcq)e •, which flcq)cof hers ; 
ficd by the divers conditions , 
heart ivaktth. 

Secondly , by the carriage c 
towards her in this her fleepe 

1. The meanes hee ufcth tc 
and ftirre her up : which were, 

Firft 5 calling to her and knoi 

Secondly ^ putting in his han 
hole of the doore, verje 4. 

2. The fuccefle ofthofe mea 
the refpcd (he gave to them , 01 
fhe made of them ^ which was d 

Firft y his calling and knock: 
negleiftcth wholly, upon very fli 
tences and excufes, verfe 3 . 

Secondly-, his putting in his 
the hole orthe doore, 

1 . She is afteded with it , -fl 
rvere moved for him^ verfe 4. ^ 

2 . She upon it fought him : ^ 
further fet forth, 

Firft , By the degrees of her 

f. Um the Church feekes Chrift. 14^ 

. Shcarofeto open tohin^^verfc^. 
. Her hands and fingers NJropped 
rrhc upon the handles of the locke, 

. She opened to her beloved, 0/^.^. 
Secondly , by the fruits or fucceflc of I 
feeking, where is interpreted the 
: or fucceflfe of thefe two degrees of 
feeking, in regard. 

Of Chrift , hee n^as gone , hee had 
fdraivm himfclfe , &c. verfe 6. 
. Of the watchmen , of whom flie 
eth not for her beloved - but they 
ling her feeking Chrift, they 
^^irft, fmote her . 
Secondly, wounded her. 
Thirdly , tooke away her vaile from 
y verfe J. 

Fourthly , flie, not difcouraged with 
5 bad dealing and hard ufage of the 
tchmen, adckd a fourth d^ree in her 
king of Chrift . flicc chaigeth the 
jghters of Jcrufalemtomove Chrift 
: her , verfe 8. The fucceffc or fruit 
lercoTis added , for upon this charge, I 
1 . The daughters of Jerufalem. are 
Ted and occasioned to enquire of her, 


144 Jn peace Gods TtifvJhi^mgleBed. C 

yhfe a. 



2. She by their enquiry is occafi< 
to dcfcribe him^ 

Firft, by his colours^verfe lo* 
Scgondly , by his eminency^^^j 
Thirdly^ by his fcverall mcmbcn 

parts, "verfe 1 1 y — 1 6. 

Fourthly ^ by his amiableneflc, * 


3. The daughters of Jerufalcm 
this her defcription of him , arc fti 
up to affc<9: him , and to promife t 
fellowfliip in feeking of him with 

IJleepe: 3 The Church furfeiting x 
abundance of profperity in Con^ant 
time , negleftcd the purity and po^ 
both of doftrine and worfliip, and re 
vcd corruptions •, of which were pra] 
to Saints ^ building of Temples to th 
Superftitious regard of their reliq 
Images, and their worfhip , Ccrcrao 
annexed to their facraments , choyo 
meats^aflfciSting and applauding Moni 
life , Purgatory, &c* 

cJWy heart waketh: ] The Church ' 
ftill awake, 

Firft , to hearty devotion , accorc 
to their knowledge, and beyond it. 


what Chrijis knockir^ is. 


:ond\y, to difccmc fooic fuch grollc 
es as quenched the heart sod life of 
lianiry 5 as the impiety of jirius^ de - 
the God- head m Chriftsof il/^rf^i;- 
[)d Eunemius^ denying the perfon of 
\y Ghoftj oiNeftorim^ dividing the 
IS in Chriftjof £«//Vi&r/^confounding 
natures: other ftrawand ftubble 
pon the foundation they negledled. 
s the vdice of mi beloved that knock- 
nng^Ofenr\ Chriftufcdgoodmea- 
awaken his fpoufe, and to raife her 
n this carnall fecuricy • 
ft, he calleth to her in the voice of 
' good Divines, who complained of 
olcrablc burthen of humane inven- 
wherewith the common Chrifti- 
ere defiled and dablcd, as Chrift 
omplaines : His locks & haire were 
the drops of the night J drops with 
!flc of Rch'gion and darkneifc of 

ondly, he knocked by the raps and 
s which ConfiamiuSyValem^ and Ju- 
ivc to the Church jthc two former 
uting the orthodox Bifliops and Mi- 
and other Chriftians^ in favour of 
triads I and Julian making flat A- 

L poftacy 



:— . -Ja-'i 



> '.id 


■• _ 

m ' » 



^. What the ChitrchajMfih^hr fat. 14/ 

^4«r ir4/%^^ in^ y^ O Not widichc 
ofx^eneratioQ^ for that would 
faeene no hDpedifiient> butafiirthe- 
r tothepure worflup of God} but 
bad wa(hcd her feet, fheehad fieed 
leaofcd her coQvtfrfation from *dc- 
lems of fecular affaires: fine bad ta* 
ip a devout regard of viigioitic, or 
liciih or ^lonkiin fplitary retirednefsi 
being deanfed and waihcd in diefe 
:es, cannot betake herfelfe to wor^ 
hcLord in hisfimpleordinanccs,and 
^ waies of bercalling,. without fbme 
;ment : Thus marriage and worldly 
eflc (thoi^hbothalfowedbyGod^ 
eetnc a denlement, in comparifbn of 
ftri^ fuperftitious devodon. 
belwedput in bis hand by the 6$U of 
^ocr^ Md my bwch were moved fir 

If beloved fin in his hand by the holt of 
we \ 3 Or> My beloved fut dotPne his 
by the hole of the doore. 3 Either of 
h imply) that Chriftdid atfirftufe 
les for himfelfe to open the doore, 
I ihee would not ; attempting to re- 
z the impediments which lunder him 
enjoying his fpoufe : Ficft^ p^ ^^^ 





• 1 




148 Qmflfeekfs to purge his Qmrck 

I band iy the hole of the doore^ when I 
fed up Chriftiao Empaours^fuchas 
tidm0^ and both the Theodafii ^toc 
Dods^and to command the Fathers ; 
blcd> to ghre all diligence to roote 
hcrefies, and depravations of dc 
and worfliip, that the pure and hoi 
might (hine forth. 
How eafily nughtthe Church,upQ 
encou^ements,have broken the 
and bolts of fuperftition crept 10 
worfliip of God^whercby Chrift v 
barred from drawing neer to them ' 
Bifhopsaifembled in thofe CoutK 
that time,condemncd thofe grofs h< 
which blafphemed the dodrioe 1 
Trinityj but how deeply did they i 
to redrcflfe all other enormities an 
rupcions < bcfidcs, Chrift is faidtc 
his hand by the hole of the door^wl 
puts his fpirit,which is the power & 
of God*jioto the hearts of his { 
whereby they are enlightened to 
him bitter, andftirrcupmcnhow 
feek after him. So Chrift enlightc 
ftirrcd up Leo^ EfauricHSy confi 
fonnc, and LeoCoprommus, to bee 
bcft endcvours to roote out Idoht 

* Mat. 1 2. 
28, with' 
Luke X 



move Images^ which were one of 
tiefefl: abufes in Gods worfhip. 
b9weisiverem9V€dfor him. 3 Thcfe 
Pridces^ind other Chriftiansat that 
vere ftrongly and inwardly afFeded 
purity of Gods wcrfliip^in which a* 
thrift is found. 

^ uf to Of en to my beloved^ and my 
dropped with myrrhe^Andmy Jingers 
vettfweUing myrrhyUpon the handles 

)fe up to open to my beloved. ] The 
:h under thcfe good Empeioursrofe 
t of the blankets of thefe humane 
ions wherewith (hec was covered, ' 
d of flceping devotion, and endea- 
i to rcftore openly the (implicity of « 
wotflbip, re jedii^ Images and I- ' 

f hands dropped with mjrrhe^ and my 
mth ffveet [welHng myrrhe^ npon tne 
s of the lock.'yvhs. endeavours ofthe 
:h were fwcec & delegable and ac-' 
le to Chrifl;,and favoury to the peo; 
preferve them, as myrrhe, from* 
r pcrfccution, when Conftanttne the 
^iLeo IfaUricnSj called the feventh 
ntinopolitan Gouncell^and there tru- 

L3 V, 

P'erfi J, 


190 <Siffffm$ffCbri^ 


I ly and fblemoly coavioced and c 
ficd the worfl^ of Images: As all 
i;Air/Sr/ the Gicac did the like fon 
yeares afier^a Synod in Fr^i^ 
/ $ftnti t0 my Moved, but my 
hgi miihdrMmne timfclfiy and Wi 
mjfiuUfiuledwhtn ieffdk€:ljm 
lmtl€§uld nMfinde km:l €a&ed 

I9f€n€dt§$0jiehv€d.'\ This 
of the Church in executing in (bni 
the decrees of tbcfe fynods was: 
if^ofthe doore CO Ghrift : Imag 
dolatrir beic^ (hutfoith, therein 
oporfor Chrift to enter. 

But my ieUved had withdrav^n i 
nmdwAsgone • 3 Ghrift did aol 
to reveale himfcife 10 their publil 
biies> though Images were in fbn 
welifcoiovcd^ botiibecaufe thok 
for removit^ of Images were n 
tally received and executed^ thr< 
comming in of the Bifliop of Rm 
)>ecaurcthe worihip of God wa^ 
of 'heatheniHi and jewifti fupei 
which G hrift todec no. pkafure ir 
Mjfoule fatted when he fpake : 

faithful! in tbofe times wenr ai 


Zh. 5 Hutf the Church ufd hy her HKtUhmm. i Ji 

vich ftare and griefc, to coofidcr how 
Pbrift now fpcaketh to them afarre ofF, 
romcs not ncer to their hearts and con- 
ciences j io chat now, though they ufed 
uch meaAes to finde him as the times af- 
brded, yet Chrift did take no pleafure 
CI tho(e meanes. in thofe worfl)ipS) nor, to 
hdr fenfe^in thofe that ufed them. 

7 he watchmen that went abtmt the Citie 
mndme^ thejfmoteme, they w$undedme j 
^e keepers of the walks took away my vaile 

^ The watchmen that went about the Citie 
^mndme : ] Thefe watchmen arc the 
^iihops and Minifters of that time; as al- 
bthe keepers ofthewals may well bee 
he Magiftrates j for civill government is 
t wall of defence to the Church of God. 

Theyfiundme,'] And yet the Church 
tiouireth not of them, as ihee had done- 
Jjctorc of other watchmen j'^^^i^^ jounot] 
ten him whommy foule loves? fox (be knew 
diefe watchmen were of another Ipirit, ra- 
her wolves in (beeps cloathiDg>and more 
'eady to beat her from Chrift, then to 
3ring her to Chriflt. They fmote me with 
Knfurcs of excommunications, as arej^o^ 
ie the third Pope of Rome did Leo Ifau- 

L4 rw\ 

Ferfe 7. 

* Chap. 


I5i The Church wnundedly her l^atchnu 

I ricmtot hisendeavoors. Aftcrwai 
I fundry Chriftiam^havii^ iotcllig^ 
the Bifhops and Dodors were ai 
in a Temple at BjxMttimm^ to 
tence for rcftoring of Images, in 
of the Empreflfe /rai^ came iipc 
and forced them with weapons 
ofF fuch decrees; tbefc people 
tcrwards dif-armed and baniCbed 
diy lilands. Thus were the faith 
ten with the cenfures of Excor 
tion by the watchmen of the Cit 
nifliment by the keepers of tl^ v 
Thejwmmdedmiy'] VVith the 
of the fecond Councell of Nice 5 
that Councell^ aflemblcd in the 
of Bjzamwm^ & (cattercd by tb 
was afterwards tranflated by t] 
fell of the Bifhops of Rome. In th 
cell Images were againc reftorc 
great griefe of the godly , ya 
wounding of their hearts. The 
of a general! Councell in the b 
any error is no fmall wound to tl 

They tookc away my vatle fn 
when they forced thcBifliops o 
Nice, Neo-CefareayBierafoliSy ar 

Ch.5. Waldenfes Ttflyfi called. 


to recantation^ who before had worthily 
o{^(ed Images. To bring men to open 
recantation^ to lay open their nakedncfle, 
efpecially when they recant fiom the 
trueth, is to take away the vaile. 

/ eharfre you, O daughters of^erufalem, 
ifjcfinde my Moved, that ye teUhim that I 
am (icke of love. 

I charge you,o daughters of ^erufalem.'] 
The Church, finding her ielfe fohaidly 
dealt with by the Miniftcrs and Magi- 
ftrateS) would not give over her fearch af- 
ter Chrift} yet now /cckcth him in the fel- 
lowibip of private Chriftians^ andftirrcth 
them up to pray for her. 

TeUhim I am ftcke of love. ] That is, 
in your prayers acknowledge that the 
Church is ready to faile and peri(h for 
want of his prefence and fellowfhip in his ' 
publike ordinances. 

What is thy beloved mere theft another 
beloved, thou fairefi among women ? 

The Chriftians^the daughters of^eru- 
falem^ from this day forward^to the dales 
oiPetrm Waldus (oivihom the Waldenfes ^ 
tooke their name) were very ignorant of 
Chrift, and therefore they ask who hee 


f^erfe p- 


iy4 Tfxh\hia^cnCcsdefiat the 'Pope. 

was, and wherein better then an 
But in ftcad of him they magnifi 
Church J ffoly mother Church v^ 
in all with them : Her they acknai 
cd to be faircft among women, i 
they fee nothing in Chrift better 

(JHj beUvtd is white md rud^ 
Thus Petrtts WaUtts, a Citizen of 
opened C hrift to the daughters of, 
/fw, to the children of die Church, 
before them the white innoccncy 
holincffc in him, and the ruddy 
dye of his death. The rightcoufm 
death of Chrift plainly, yet pow< 
opened by him, brought many to 1 
Chrift, and to profcflc him j who 
by pcrfccutiun ftirrednpagainft tl 
the Bifliop of Rome they were di 
into many places) miilt'plicd t 
ingly;and bring then called ^Ihir. 
in many battels fought againftthc 
crs which Pope inmcein the thi 
fcm againft them, under condud ol 
Miunttford^ and others figncd w 
crofTerinmanyofwhichthc Alhh 
prevailed, helped by itjmttnd E 
Thtlusy and Peter King oiAragoni\ 

Cb.5. Frederick the Ihwherem famous. 155 

afterwards they were overcome aod Icat- 
tered further into many places of Chri- 
ftendome. So in regard of tfiefe troupes 
ofmany thoufandsy Chrifl: is here called 
the fisndard^ bearer ^K the word fignifieth, 
or the choice often thoufand. Again, at 
that time Chrifl; may be faidtobewhite 
and ruddy in regard of his members^who 
were then white with innocency oi lifc> 
yet ruddy ) enduring pcrfecurion. 

Jiie head has the tnofi fine gcld^hisUcks Vcr.n. 
ire bufhiey and black as a raven. 

His head is as the mojl fine gold. 'y Chrift 
comes now to be dcfcribcd in his mem- 
bers more particularly: This head of 
goldChrifl: (hewcdon the earth in thcper- 
fon oi Frederick^ the fccond Eraperour of 
Jbimtji Prince of much purity and worthy 
as an head of the Church of fine gold : ' 
He contended with many i^opcs about 
the headftiip of the Qiurch, advanced 
the headship of Chrifl: and of himielfe, 
his Vicc-gercnts, above he counterfeit 
head of the Popes Supremacy. Hcwra- 
ftlcd for Chrifl: againfl: them with jpuch 
difficulty, yet prevailed j fo that even in 
the popiih fchools his eledion ofGod was 
agreed and condefcended unto by fuodry. 


1 56 what meant by Voves eyes. 

His loch are hufhie^ot: curled, and 
AS A rAvejt. 3 Curled black haitc is a 
of heat and courage, and Tvicinhu 
it groweth upon: Such was the Emj 
himfclfc,&fuch were the common 
ftians of that age that did depend 
their Empenjur J they ftuckclofctt 
learned men with wit, more then {> 
ages had yceldcd,and fouldicrs witi 
rage maintained his pcrfonand cauf 

//fit eyes are as the eyes of doves 
rivers of water, tvAJhed with milks ^ a. 

Deves, diving in rivers of waters 
their bellies dccpe into the waters; fi 
their eyes looke clofc and narrowly 

Firft, the eyes are here fct forth b> 
care of the Church; he isnotfofai 
removed from it, that he had need < 
Pope to be his vifiblc Vicar to lookt 

Secondly,by iheir mildc innoccnc 
plicdjin that they arc doves eyes and n 
ft>! the Popes eyes 
as ha^kcs cyeSjlooking eagerly afti 

Thirdly, by their fit ftandiog, 1 
they may well looke to the whole h 

Ch.5. The doEimt of the Church Uh myrrh . 157 j 

whereas the Popes eyes cannot poifibly 
watch to looke well to the eftateof the 
Church fofaroffhim. 

To this purpofe tended the dodrine of 
the faithfuU Divines in the followit^ age, 
fuch as Michael Ctfenm^ Petrm de Cartd^ 

jdnyphanncs dt P^//W^^ and fuch as fol- 
lowed them. 

His cheekes are as a bed cfjpices,ds fweet 
flmers : his lip like lillies^ dr of ping fweet 

His cheeks are as a bed of Jf ices. ] 

Cheekes implie the outward face of 
thefaithfoll Churchy for the cheekes are 
a place mod confpicuous, which fbewes 
that the faithfuU of thofe times were as 
beds of fpices and fweete flowers , to 
wit^ not gathered into any fee garden^ as 
afterward in Luther s time, * but fcattered 
here and there> yet offwcet and precious 
favour ih the noftrils of Chrift : yea one 
Nicholaus de Bibrath^ living about that 
time) compareth faith and pietie in the 
Church to fpice rare and deare. 

His lips like lillies^ dropping fweet fmel^ 
ling myrrh.'} The doftrine ot the Church 
at thofe rimes was fuch as, like fnyrrhe, 
fervedtoprefervethe faithful! firom pu- 


rer. 1 5 




158 Wfjotmeant hy the (Jjurdxs 

Vcr. 14. 

trefaiSion,3ccntdingtothat,* That 
ye have alrfadj, hold faft till I com 
the Primitive Apoftoliquc Churcl 
iips dropped like an hony-combe, 
ol ftron^ fwccc rclifli to delight ant 
rifli to full growth: *But thclipsn 
Church drop rather myrrhc xhenY 
they rather prcfcrved . ibmc truci 
grace, then yeelded any abundant no 
mentto procure incrcafc to the Chu 

His hands are as gold rings ^t tvi 
BcriH : his hdly u as bright Ivory ovi 
with Saphires. 

His hands are as gold rings fettvii 
Berill : ] //^Bt/j.ircinftumcntsofa<£ 
their being fct v]\%\-\ gold rings impl 
ethmoifture and dimmc fight: Fr 
fctis Riidis, dt Goma. Hbr. 2.cap.S. 
thefe fhcw that the Miniftiyotrhc 
pcllihouldbe then more powerful! 
indeed God,aboiictha: time^Anno 1 
flirrcci up Dantes-, Marcillius^ Powv 
Ocham, Gregorius Ariminenfts, Petrar 
Wicklife^ and many moe, whole 1 
ftry brought on fomany, thatfomc 
counted it the firft rcfurrcdiion ; ye; 
Magiftratcs of that umQ^Ludovictts l 


Hands and BeUjf. 

Emperour^ PMif of France, Ed- 
lie tbkdofEpgUnd^fbQodoatm 
duc^ againft the Pdjpc, as diofc 
baods had got more ftiei^) and 
fek their owoc woRh, and whole 
ere dcered to fee morelight then 

lellj ds irigk Ivarj ^verUidwHb 
ts. 3 The belly is an hiddcn'part dP 
dy> yet fuch from ^hicb the left is 
leds which fitly tefemblcth the Sa- 
ntsliere,as alfo ch.^.i . which beic^ 
Dmtbofe that are without^yet noti* 
c whole body, as an heap of wheat 
^mc of the Sacraments, and die 
Iminiftration of the fame^was at tins 
dftoredby John vicklife^^axdem'^ 
I by his foUowers^tbough cohdem- 
the Councell of Conftdnce. Thefe 
acnxs are faid to be overlaid with 
es, whofe property is toftrengthcn 
erifli theprincipall folid parts,"^ bo- 
t>f the efficacy of the Sacraments 
tai^ht and adminiftred^to firength- 
quicken Gods graces in us. 
legf are as pillars ofmarbk^fet upon 
of fine gold f bis countenance is as 
m, excellent ai the Cedars 



* Racus 



Ker. IJ» 

■ I ll«l 



t6o Tie Of Jltmd At fofk. Q 

Hu legs £reMf^ilUrs§fmi£rUt^ fan 
f§ekii$iffmgdd. 3TticfetwoIcgsft 
ID be jibm Bmspod JermmoEPrMgrnji 
flood coofiaody 10 dsfeooc of the till 
cveouDtDdadi, bang cflaUiflicdMi 
cnctfa and gnceof GodySkwciej 
l4n §fmsrHe^f€t tf§mfickets §f fme§ 
' His cmtHtrnmce is MS LiiiumBm 3 

The fiuthfiitt grew fo pIcndfiill^iD 
Amm, that they (eemcd cvco to the. 
vtrfaiietobelikeathick woodCasm 
and firme) which chey were notahk 
hew downe ; and therefore they w 
forced, in the Couoceli of C§s^m(€^ 
allow them the u(c of the cup in the Lo! 
Supper^ becaufe they could not by ftrG 
hand keep them from it. 

Excellent as the Cedars. ] The Co 
is a tree eminent for talcncfTc, and fou 
nefle or durablnefle: fuch was then 
face and countenance of the Charcb^i 
ferved to grow up in confpicuous a 
nencie, and in foundnefTe of love to i 
tructh, that the Popifli teachers were i 
able to corrupt them any longer w 
their feducements* 

His mouth is moft fipeet^yea , ht 
altogether lovely. This is my hehv 

Ven 1 6. 


I1k5* Hw (hift ahc^her hyely. 


isismyfiritndy o dMghters of Jeru^ 


Bk miuth u mofi fweet. '] 

The dodrine of the GofpcU was 
[tight more and more (avourly by Jo- 
uMis Rochefand^mi other Mioifters in 
obtmid. v^ 

He is dltogetber lovely^ oxdefirtdbU. ] 
!hrifl: then began againe fo to difpenfe 
mfelfe to his Church, in giving them 
le faith and fenfe of his goodnefle, 
lat now they faw or found nothing in 
hriftj or in the profeflion of his name^ 
K what was wholly defirable. The rc- 
ikes of Chrid began now to feeme 
eater riches^ then the treafures of Egypt 
r Bdbylon in fome former ages :they that 
iv the trueth were often brought to yeeld 
id recant ; but thefe faw nothing to bee 
ore defired then Chrift^ Befides, hee is 
iw called holy and defirable^becaufe fo 
any (b generally were (lirred up to de- 
e and (eeke reformation. The Regions 
ere white and ready to the harveft, elfc 
ithtr bad not found fuch good fucceffe 
his Miniftry, 

^his is my beloved, dnd this is my friend. 3 
The dodrine of certainty of our adop- 

M tion^ 




t^^r^pi ^ ■ ' ■ ■ ' J " w m i^r-tyiB 

Qjrifi the Churches hehpeL < 

tioo, luffificaGon, Salvadon, b^^ 
moie plainly to be difcemed and adb 
ledged : Ghiift is not onely fiute an 
ficcable io bimfeUc $ but then the C\ 
could more boldly fay, This is mj 
ved, this is mj friend. 

a ^i W A AA ftjft ^ao fc ^fe j&j fej fc& Ag fe aft ^ 



O R 


opened and explained. ^ 

T H B T E X T. 

CHAP. 6. 

^Hither uthjbeleved gone ^ O then fair • 
eft amopjg women f whither is tfy Moved 
aftde? that we way fieke him with thee. 
My beloved is gone downe into his gardin^ 
eds offficesy to feed in the gardens^ and to 

am my beloveds ^ and my beloved is nune : 
fth amonj(^ the lilies. 

'hoH art beautifiHf O my love^ as Tirzjtk> 
as Jerufalemi terrible as an armie with 

'urne away thine eyes from mee^ for they 
vercomeme: thyhatreisasaflockjfgoats 
pearefrom ^ilead. , . 

^hy teeth areata flocks rfjh^f^ which goe 

M 2 u^ 




I$iffrmm the wnftmg^ vbert^ everj mu 
f As a feece ^ffwrnepmsu drctfytem^ 

8 Tlim are three fi0rc Qmeenes^amdfm^ 
C^mtAkteSy 0nA Virgms iptthetft n timh e r. 

9 LMyJiave^ mj unieplei is bm oMijhtk 
Hmemely ene of her Afatheff Jhee is theebikem 

Jf her ttuu bare her : iTjedtitghtersfawber^mi 
k fed her \yeay the Qmeenes^and the Cme^imsi 
and thejfraipdher. 

10 Whois jhee that loa^eth forth as the 
ingtfaire as the maone, cUare as thefitmie^ 
terrible as An arwj with banners ? 

11 IrreMtdavme into the garden efmaste 
thefraits of the valiej^ andtofee whether As. 
flonrifhed, and the pomegranats budded^ ■ 

12 Oreverl was afvare^mjifialemaiema 
likg the chariots of Aminadab. 

I? Returne,retume, OShu/amite; retnmy 
returne^ that we may looke upon thee : what wA 
youfeeintho Shulamite? asituverethecoaftij 
of two armies. 



Ch. 6. Wealth occafions the Churches Jleep. i65 

Thb Explanation. 

CzDt6.i. Whither is thy beloved gone? 
thou fair eft among p^omen, whither is thy 
Moved turned 4 fide ? that roe may feeke 
him with thee. ] 

nr He Churches afFcdiooate defcribiog 
^ aod praifit^ Chrift^ ftirred up many 
to to looke after Religion and Refor- 

Firft, we may here fee the danger of 
ixfetting the Church with wealth and 
)learures and honour. Conftantine had in 
be firfl: vcrfe encbriated the Church with 
/wealth and honour , and hereupon the 
[Church falleth into a long ileepe, which 
hee fhook not wholly ofFfor many ages. 
NIo wonder then of that fpeech heard 
iom heaven, Bodie venenum concidit in 
Ecclefiam: Now is poyfon powred or 
^Uen into the Church. 

Secondly, this may let as fee that they 
bave not the. fpirit of the Church of 
Chriftjthat when they hcare many voices 
Q Religion carried fundry waies,kno w not 
horn to follow, cannot difcerae which 

M5 i^\ 

Chap. 6, 
vcrfc I. 


. 4 






i66 IVam (f'l^atcbfiJmJIJle da^^ Ch 

is the true voice of Chiift amoi^ the 

ThisCbinch herie could dilceniethe vo 

of Chiift even inhcrflcepe, howim 

more eafily if (hee had been weU awal 

UfeB-. I Thirdly, this is to exhort both Mi 

fteis and other faithfoU Chrifliaoi 

watchfulneffe, left other wife corrupb 

in dodirine and worfliip grow aoKXi 

the people^ till the locks of Chrift 1 

wholly dabled with fuperftitionsithelo 

of Chriftjto wir^the common Chiifti:! 

Fourthly^ this may teach us to hi 

that they provide not well for the direi 

on of their owne jadgements,that dep( 

upon the voice of the ancient Churc 

for their chiefc patteme and guidano 

dodrine and wor(hip:who would builc 

pon the words of a manCthough othen; 

a good man) when hce is halfe aflee] 

Fifthly^hence we may difccra itis bci 

the C hurch (hould open to Chrift^app 

ing before him in the naked GtnpUdty 

his worflilp, then to cover our felves ; 

his worfhip with the blankets and inv 

I tions of mens weaving^ which will bur 

Ithe Church aflcepe in drowfie peri 

1 manccs of pcrfundoiy worfhip,and a 

I Chrift to withdraw himfclfe from us. 

/ Sixtl 





Ufc 7, 

Sixchly,this may teach us to know^to our r Ufe 6. 
ihame and griefc, that our drowfic hearts 
will ncg\c6t to open to Chrift upon his 
calling and Icnbckiog^unkfle he be pleafed | 
to put the finger of his fpiric into our 
hearts^ to open an entrance for himfelfe. 

Seventhly^ the faithfull muft not won- 
der, if, opening their hearts to Chrift and 
fceking after him^ fometimes they finde 
him not ; for it was (b with the Church 
here, and hath bcene fo with the faithfiill 
io all ages : We negleding to receive him 
when he ofl^eth himfelrc, wee muft not 
wonder if for a time be negle^ us. 

Eighthly^we may from hence learn that 
badMinifters wii fooner bear with anydif- 
ordcr in people^then ferious feeking after 
Chrift^and after the purity of ordinances. 

Ninthly^ we may here fee perfecudons 
alienate the afFedionsofthe faithfull, but 
inflame them to more ardency & eameft 
purfuite after Chrift^ as this Church did. 

Temhly/it may be known the Church 
hath lyen in a deep flecp, when common 
Chriftians can more acknowledge the 
Ghurch then Chrift himfelfe, when they 
can fee her to be the fair eft amongwomen^ 
hut knownot any eminent wonh inChrift. 

M4 Eleventhly ^ 


Ufc p. 

Ufc 10. 


Faithfull Q^rijlians hepire Luther. 

life 13- 

Ufe 1 4. 


in many ages, maketh but one t 
Chriftiin every of which Chrii 
fefleth himfelfe, in fomc membe 
eminently then in others. 

Twclvcthly, Chrift had his i 
people and members in the work 
Luther was borne jyeajie fhcwcd 
glorious in fundry of them, in the 
times of Popery. 

Thirtcenthly,in Chrift its welll 
there is nothing but what is lovely 
firablc; even pcrfecutions for his 
lovely and glorious. 

Fourtecnthly, it is no comfort, 
fmall, to know Chrift to bee eve 
precious and excellent, unleffe x 
alfo fay, hce is ours : This is my i 
this is my friend, yec. daughters 

Fiftccnthly , the afFctaionate i 
preaching and fctting forth of Chi 
rcth up in others a faving know! 
Chrift, and hearty afFecSion to hin 
Church here defcribcth Chrift ; 
[natclyand faithfully, fpcakcth of 
ihcrowne; whence the daughters' 
falem arc converted and ftirrcd up 
after hira» 

2h.6. ^Ufiate(fthQmchrtfmi(ui. \6^ 

Laftly, hearts truely touched withfin- 
:ere deure after Chrift, chofe rather to 
eeke him ia the Churchy in the fclldw- 
hip of the Church^thcnby wayes of fe- 
>aration> as this Church did:FF)Srii)&^ is thj 
M&ved turned dfide f tha wee majfeeie 
him with thee^ 

My teloved is gone into his gurden. 3 
The holy Ghoft in thefe words defcend- 
:th to fet forth the ftate of the Church re- 
%)rmed by the Miniftry o£ Luther ^waA o- 
:her lateDivines^as in the verfe following 
he calling of the J ewes. 

This reformed Church is diverfly de- 
[bribed : 

Firft^by Chrifts vifitation of her, to- 
gether with the ends thereof: 

1 Tofeede in the gardens. 

2 To gather lillies^ verfe i . 

Secondly^ by her mutuall fellowihip 
mth Chnliy verfe ^. 

Thirdly , by her degrees of rifing:wher- 
infhee is likened to be, verfe 4. 

1 As Tir^h. 

2 As Jerufalem. 

3 As an army with Banners. 

Fourthly^ by her members,ver. j'>tf,7. 
1 Eyes. 

2 Hairt 

Ufe 16. 




I70 'tUJUucfiheQmrchr^mmi. Cb. 

I %Hdr€. 

4 Temples. 
. Fiftly 9 by compatiog the fevetsdt tx& 
med Churches, as amoqgft theinfijvi 
aod pre&rring one above tlie reft of tbei 
formed Churches there: 

I As ^enes^ 6o. 
. % AsC0f$c$iiiMs^So. 

3 As Virgins without number ^vcAtt 

4 As 4 2>^^} and who, 
Htft,to Chrift is uodefiled. ' 
Secoadly» to the whole Chuichas i 

anhf §ney as a choice one. 
Thirdly, to the reft; 

1 BlelTed^to the Daughters. 

2 Praifcd, to the ^ueenes znd Com 

rerfe X. Afy heloved is gone downe into his gA 
deny to the bedsoffpices^ to feed in thegA 
den, and to gather lilies. 

Myhtloved is gone dorvne into his gi 
den:li The Church, which Chrift nc 
vifitedj and wherein bee was firft found 
that gencrall Apoftacy wherein t 
Church fought Chrifl; and could not B 
In the former Chapter was the Chur 

jK6. What meant hyheds of fpkes. 17.1 

if Wittenburg reformed by the Miniftry 
\{ Luther, which was a gardenj being 
Firft, ftored with variety of godly peo- 
)le, as fweete flowers fet in order, foine 
eaching, fome bearing. 
Secondly /enced in as with a hedge^pale 
)r wallaby the protcdion of Frederick the 
;ood Duke of 54x^/7. 

Tiurdly^ a place wherein Chrifl; walk- 
id (as wee do in our gardens) to refrefh 
limfelfe and his friends. 
' // g09fe doipne into his gar den y'y Defcen- 
ling from thofe famous Cities andemi- 
lent places of Rome and Conjlantinopfe, 
nto a meane country citie. 

To the beds offpices:'] Becaufein Ger- 
nany^t that time, fundry Cbriftians were 
railed and forted into fcverall beds and 
rompanies in.feverall places^ though not 
ittaining at the firft to be fo many gardens^ 
b many fcverall Churches- 

To feed in the gardens. 3 In proccflc of 
imC) thefe fcverall beds of fpices (com- 
janics of Chriftians) grew up to the faflii- 
3n of juft and full Churches in ^m^^, 
^tranburgh^BraJfely Berne y GenevaybcGdc^ 
hofc in Ha/sia and Prufs/a. 







17% FaidffiM ChriBiam cmpa/dtolXeti, Gh^ 

rerfe 15. 

both biimelfe with bitpMplei 
piaycis,and other worflitp and obel&aoe» 

Secondly > his people with his ww' 
and facraments , znd other otdioanoes^ 

And to gather /rJr>/^ thatis to^iAa 
and cdl more & more BiithfuUChnfiiaef 
out of a wild field of worldfy peGple iob 
the fellowftip of his Churchy as it WQte>li 
gittier lilies into his garden . 

They are called liBes, ^ 

Firft> for their faimeflc. 

Secondly, for excellency^ or ciiitaeficy^ 

Thirdly^ for Gods care in p^md^E 
for them beyond their owne ubburaod^ 

/ am my beloveds, and my Beloved is 
mine:hefeedeth among the lillies. 

I am my beloveds j and my beloved is 
mine:'] Which words imply fourethims: 

Fir ft>that the Church had familiar U* 
lowfhip with Ghrift in his holy {niblttc 
f ordinanccsjcfpecially inthe mainedodhjoe 
of pardon of (ins by Chrifts bloud alooQ 
and of juftification by faith. 

Secondly J that (hee enioyed this fid* 
lowfhip with him, before the time t)f 
her deliverance out of a Babyhn^^ oc 
Romifb captivity ; * for the fame lyords 


^rotefianuwhm^ and whjffo called. 17 j 

i upon the deliverance out of £4- 
enjoying Gods ordinances in their 
ount^ } but with this difference : 
he Church faiths OHy bel&vedis 
ndl am ^/ijbccaufe, firft,hede« 
her out of Bdbcl before hee gave 
firee ufe of his ordinances; but here 
urch faithy I am my behveds^and 
wed is mine*y becaufe fhee firfl: 
Chrift inhisordinances>bcfore fhee 
d deliverance from fub)e£tion to 
for Luther preached againft the 
pardons, before he rejedbra the fu- 
:y of the Pope. 

rdly, their open profefsion of their 
(hip with Chrift, when the Princes 
many openly protefted againft the 
& other corruptions in theChurch^ 
D^wed the defence of the reforma- 
gun ; whence they were afterward 

thrifts gracious proteiSionof thofe 
hcs, fpecially in their firft begin- 
br how fliouldZ^/^^rl'a poor Frier) 
ttempted and gone through with fo 
: work, againft fuch great and ge* 
oppofition,and in the ciid die quiet- 
is bed, if Chrift had not held him 






*i Kin. 

I Kings 
i£. 24. 

174 • HomTmahlapherkitiity. 

• 1 • 

asit weie inhtsarmes ^ 

He fie Jet h smeng tbi lilies.^ Hee'i^i 
ftcflieth himfelfe and (hcDgdieiiedi^ii 
people, coQverfiog amoagft dicm 
ftrove for whitenrac^ and puriQr, a 

ibiH mrt beemMl^o my kve^ 73rJI(i 
comeh as ^erufdemy (err Me 4$ 'm 

Thou art bediUifillMsTir^ah.'^ 
was the chiefe Gicy of the Kiogidone 
//fir/^fier they had feparated 
from ^ud^\ unciil SummtU waa 
wardbuilded *. . >« 

TheCitie andGoverners of k(tfae 
pie having recourfe to it for judgenMOlt 
rather then to JerufiUem) were atfirftii 
difgrace and obloquie with the few€i%K 
their fchifme and reparation fiomtk 
houfe of David at Jerufalem^xudSxha 
rebellion againftthe JQngof ^fiuidibtt 
this did not dimini(h her beauty, beiw 
this feparation was from God. 

Afterward Tirzah loft her beaofy I 
ereding the golden Calves^ and fiof* 
off (not onelyfrom the idolatry of J 
»im, wherein they did weU^ but) fioni ^ 
true worfhip of God^ reftored and cotti' 


Clu6. The Church when Uke Jerufalem . 17 j 

Qued in the Temple of^ernfalem. But S0- 
hmon here Tpeaketh oiTirzah while fhee 
rcteined her beauty : And indeed the re« 
formed Churches were in tluslike unto 
Tirz4h ; at firfl; in difgrace and obloquie 
for their reparation from R(me^ and rebel- 
lion againft theEmperour and other Prin- 
ces; andyet never the IciTe beautifully be- 
caufe this reparation was from Godwin re- 
gard of Idolatries of the Church of Rome, 
greater then thofe of Solomon, 

Thus the Duke of Saxony and the Land- 
grave of Hafsia were prolcribed as rebels 
againfi the Emperour^ and yet their caufe 
was bcautifull and good. The faithfuU ^t 
that time in England were burned in King 
Bern J the eighth's dayes , as Hereticks , 
and refradory Subje^s or Rebels, yet 
beautifuU in Gods fight. 

Comely as jerufalem. 3 In proccflTe of 
time tne Church wore out the fufpition 
and difgrace of hercfie^and fcparationand 
tebellion, and was countenanced and 
adorned by Royall Lawes in the daies of 
Icing Edward the fixth^ and by Lawes of 
the Empire tolerating the Protcflant 
X^rinceSjlb that the Church fccmed as ^e- 
^nfdUm^ the flate of Princes , the true 




•chap, 4- 9 

Cfaordi of God, & at miiy alfb witfaiiii 

fdfe,wbcTcin the comdiiiHrc coafifleit 
(o»L,» Jer^AUm had been direc Cities, 
Zi*iffidtm^M$ll»^tA all three were knit 
DOttrtier iixo one Jctm/^/ot : fo the three 
dBBceooes bnween Lafheraiu 8c aivi- 
mfit M doQriiieafiH HHfipUne at Gearjt, 
wot all compared together in broibcrl; 
lorc^ dior banoooy of confcffioiK. 

TerribU 4i m trmj wtti idjmers.'} The 
Church was icMtifiUlds rirz^ in King 
Ht»ry the eightbi dmc> cemeiy m ^en- 
fdlemvaKvag Edvitrdx\K{\^th%waK,ttr- 
ftbU At an army with banner t in Qureo f - 
lif^ttbs timc,whcn thcProteftamPrinceS 
grew formidable to the Empcrour, Eng- 
land and the lowCountrics to the Sfm- 
ard & Pope- How terrible was that o«t- \ 
throw which thtSfnaurditi 8 8 .recciv'd? i 

Turn away thine eies,(jrc. 2 Thecics,as 
abovc*,of the Church aflrembled,arcthc j, 
miniftcrs, or the members confidcrcda- 
patt J as firft, Icnowlcdgc; fecondly, faith: 
Inboth refpetas the ciesoftheChurdi [ 
were wondcrtull amiable : fo chat Chrift 
fpeakcth atFc^ionatly totheChurchaf- y 
tcr the manner of Lovers, raviihcd widi 
the beauty of their Spoufcs. 





■■' ■ . ■ .. II ■ I M I ^<. 

Ch»6* who th« Churches ejes, 177 ( 

:_ ■ . ^ _ *— -* 

Tur^t awifij tffiMt tjct^ /pr tb^ bsvf aver^ 

Wbfi(: vron^y Miniilen i\^ (bat 
firft age of the Reford[|€4 Qmrcbes 
ye^]^ ' as Lutber^CalviH, Martin Bu^ 
fir^CrsHmir^ Hoofgr^ Ridley ^ Latymtr^ 
$ur. What a ^rpQdel:fHl| mea^e of 
liegvcnly light 4tcl they of ^ Tudden 
jbjring iqrp the Church? aoci that oijt of 
ilhe middeft of daiknefle aqd Popery} 
\^fiq^ virh^ce itvira$) that the knoir- 
|Jip4k^ ^^ ^i^ch of the FaichfuU then 

as vrooderfiilly enlarged far beyond 

e igqoraiK^eot fbnocr times. 

Tbieeyespf the Faithful! in Chrtfis 
^pif lay imder their locks^ as hindered 
bo\B rieeie fight by oiapy errors ; but 
'ithe eyes of the Faithful!, now feeing 
tlx^ truth much oiiore plainly , ate not 
lijhidered by fuch locks hangii^ o^er 
tj^em : Hovecleere was their foitb^that 
hv^v^ fcene hioi vrfaich was iovifible^ 
fintfed not the fiercenefie of their | 
Icings and Princes » but endured pati* | 
l^nt ly ^ery P^rfecutions , and bloody i 
Maffaeres? ! 

N Til 



"-If ■,M9t ^m^ »' m I ■ 

' i - f . ' " 

I ' r I I I. 

178 H9» the WmiU isr reformH CM 


Ihj teeth iri like s^fhck rffifeif s 

goeMpfromwajhhg. _ ' 

jis a viect if Pemgtsfiitf :itri*fy 

Ifks^wiihintby locks: **;1* *•' 

' i The eftate ofcoottiMMi' Ghti 

^iet out by^the faaire 3 aiid oF the li 

afters fet dut by; tbe teicA', amic 

! Church Geveitiddn Jfiit-fonhb 

fiPieccofPOaiiS^nat, wistfaifelki 

cttie Churdb i^fotfltietl^aiimtheF 

live Church, whercihedefcfiptii 

tfaefe parts^ift ft<«fd, abd beien 

'4<^ Dticly vrit1S"fbfe di&frace': 

teeth are not <b'6ven cot ki ivfoi 

;6burchesfa^iB Ctirifls titM s^v 

^diem exceed their Brediren in At 

rity and Jdrifdiaion, vrhereasi 

were framed to more brot 

iGve in Chtifts time ; wbeno 

teeth they arc ft id to bee even 

virhich in irhefe teeth is here left 

yet both the Minifters of higbei 

lovrerrankd, were asfheepeflCM 

and conforting together, wafhed 

the Lavcrof Regeneration, fim 

and powerfull in their M iniftry 

therefore are here ddfcribed, as a 

*— ^ ♦ 

burch hdyp "Pifible before L uthcr. 1 79 f 



pe come up from the vradiing) 
'^tverj one haretb ttflns^Mdnone 
n among them^ 

^, vre may here leam to behold 1 
nt eftate of the Church. Some- 
t is in a Garden } fundry Chri- 
gathered together into beds and 

and grovring up into good or- 
rether , delighting and refire(h- 
th God and man with the favor 
ir fweetnefle : fiich «ras , and is 
:ate of the Church reformed • 
imes againe, the members of the 
h fcattered abroad in the vrilde 

feeking where they may finde 
, as in the former Chapter. 
: C burch is here vifible , as in a 
n, in fome of their eminent and 
>all members* If then the Pa« 
ske, where was the Church vifi- 
X}x^ Luther } Theanfwetis^ ic 

fible, not in open Congregati- 

Iced 9 as it were Gardens { but ^ bie before 
Iry members of the Church , as ' ^^^^^^ 
pices and flowers, growing here 
ere, whom the Popes and tiieir 
nents, like wilde Boares fought 

N i to 

how vifi:. 

, I 

j 50 

rf ■« 

AChturcbtthsi k is. ( 


: W'l 

wtoataaty andyecGbdpide 

Sometimr, the Chmeh fi 
Chrift oomfoiubly in bcr (bl 
ftibabliet , irbea good Chriftia 
OKC togccber toierve hun iBth 
pikityof bisofdinanoes: fiMnei 
iriientbqfcanfiiideDO fuch Gn 
nor hipD in aiqf place opddjftviii 
•ed , yet even then tbcy fiel 
MR and dietc tvfaeie cbey cao 


Secondly, the like ofes attlieici 
made of tbtfe Gaidenspf tittt C 
ver. 14. 

Thirdly, toteacfansatniedd 
tion of a Church •* It is, as itiie 
Garden , an aflleoiUy of many ; 
CbriOians, or Saints, asitirete: 
ffMces, or flowers, {eciaoidn, 
werefaeds , or knots, amoi^ft 11 
Chrift vralketh, they enjoying fe 
(hip with him in his publiqne 1 
naticrs, and he with ttiem. 

Fourthly, to refufe the am^ 
or ignorance of the Sepantifts , 
refiiie to keepe fellovrm^> ivitfo i 

L€t as hep chfe to CbriH. i8l 


churches, whom Chrift yet 
ftlloirfliip vrith j (hall oun bee 
»iire than his maker ? or the fotis 
rtall men moie holy tluui the 
: God > 

hly, to exclude the PopKh Sy« 
jes from the numbei^ofCbrifts 
ris } the Gardens and Churchei 
rift^as they have Chrift viralkia;( 
1I3 fo they know it, and profeflfe 
rejoycc in it, 
f my n^lMoveds ^ snJ tny welhlo- 

•1 The Church of Rome di(^ 
fuch a (bng as Hereticall pred- 
ion, to fay, lAmmjmlbekviJs^ 
is mine. 

ly^tbis doih teach us, that when 
:hes keep tbemfelves clofe td 
, and to the firoplicity of his or- 
:cs, that they can (ay, Ismmy 
Vids^andheismine. Chrift iriU 
limfelfc powerfuU and gracious 
rft them , for their protedion 
^mfort; he will not failc to (hew 1 
Ife theirs, when they faile not to 
hemfelvcs his« 

enthly, this may teach us, not to 

N 3_^ wonder) 

lob 4.17. 






^i . - «^ 


• *" 

i8i Ho'»Primit4MdreforH^Omr»dff 

I wonder if Chriftian afitdblies b 
firft fufpeded , as Tirzsb for (edi 
(eparatioD) &c. It is the lot of < 
Cburch> which when it growetfa t 
be better knowo^will appear robe 
is> comely as lerufalem. 

E ightlysfrom the defcription o 
Church nereby her Members^ ] 
I Haiit) Teeth, Temples ; gather 
I againe in the fame U(es made c 
like defajption, Chap.4. verfe t 
pag. ' in Ufes 2>3)4.there expn 
Ninthly, obferve the l^eSb 
Churches to be the fame that tfai 
mitive Church in Chriftstime, 
infundry prihcipall Members ai 
fpea:s ; and therefore the fims h 
bers in the fame fort dcfcribed , 
for word 5 yea, fuch fellowfhip i 
Church of the Jewes had with ( 
Gomming out of Babylon, The 
have the Reformed Churches 
Chrift comming out of Romif 
by Ion. 

There are threefcore ^eenes^dm 
[core Concubines , and Virgins^ w 




Vilfes and Concubines hol^ they differ. 185 

Thisverfe contoines the laft part of 
:he defcriptioh of the eftate^ of the 
fteforooed Churches, whijch is acorn- 
parifon of them together amongftf 
chemfeives } of ivhom k>me are, 

Firft, Queenes, and they are three- 

Secondly^Concubiries, and they are 

Thirdly, Damofelsj and theyirith- 
Dut number. 

Secondly , one is eminent above 
them all unto Chrift : Firfl:, a Dove, 
Secondly^ undefiled . 

Secondly, her fclfc one. 

Thirdly, her mother,an onely choice 

Fourthly, her daughter, blefleJ. 

Fifthly, the Qyeencs and Coticu- 
bines commended her. 
. There are threefcore ^ueenes^nd.four" 
[core Concuhines^ and Dimofels,^^ vir^ 
gin$^ mtbout number. 

Queenesdiffrr from Concubines in 
foure refpciSls : 

Firft, Qgcenes, or chiefc wives are 
taken intjp fcllow(hip wiih their royal 

N 4 Husbands 

rgrfe %. 

i<i< "r >. ] 

1K4 WfOnsiaaC^nMmsbt^th^iil 

. ■• • • ' • '- '1 ~ - • - . ^ . - 



httbiitdsby lokMUtff ftibiiJtCiM^ 
vHih coniett atld (blettMi ttj6^ 
offirieDds : tb(! CondlbiMsiif^ 

takes fuch tb him mbtf hf i^ 
DottimiOD, than by f^lMrlMf 

Secondly, Qaeekl<!fl»6f cllhift ii 
brine vrith them dowriet to thtU 

ias5. [ Httict^Lesionim to LMfitOmjiii 
sc5t.u I tttMotiy, wbuki hot give hh M 
twiriu«tyf^^^^j^^ Ieftherti6uHftt!««tol 

her in ConcuHmAmm ftiiki ^HM 

MMrmoHium: But Cotiedbffitl^ 

taken without dov^ fot rile 1 

parr, as ffdgdr^ Bilhah^ Zilpbdk^ &< 

Thirdly, chiefc wives had the k 

6Uhii families in their dwtie hi 

they had goverdment of the houft 

d^r and with their husbands, Hett 

j is that H4^tff, though calW jiBrai 

;wife, vctis faidtobe idSardbsh 

who alfo corrcaed her : the A 

callech her ^^r^^^maid^and ftieca 

^ar^b het NliHrefle, as likcwife the 

gel d6th, 


CJcn i<?.5 

vcrfeg. • 
vcrfe 8* 



Ch.6. fVcnodo^fjtogiygtgCbirilk i8« 

CoQcrfiides, rhQngh feoottdoy 
irives , yet ftm but i% feiviots, fave 
jnely tbcy wat admimd to the firl- 
kyvHbip of thtf bed. 

t^ounbly, cbiefe vrtves bnMigbt 
fofth childboytovrhooa belonged the 
Inhefitdtic^ } irbcfcas Coocubioes 
children bad, for the oaoft fMR oriely* 
(bme gifts given tbem. That D»it and 
Naptlli , G4</ and Afhtr , th6 foosof 
Bilhdhiad iSilphab bad Inberitances 
itnof^ their brethren, vras by ettraor- 

Queenii then ate filch Reformed 
Ct6ngfegit(ioM where fuch properties 
)f Queenes ate found t Cfarift (indeed) 
bokes for no Dowrie from us for h is 
>vtrne u(e, he needeth nothii^ of ours, 
leith^rbave Mreanythic^ to give him, 
>utduro\vne nak^dnefle, fifthinefle) 
ind beggery. Httt therefore looke at 
Chrift in the petibns of the Minitters, 
nthiyfe Vicegerents they are , and Eti»- 
Milidours alfojand in «rhofe name they 
9eing married to the Churches , doe 
beget children to Chrifti though Mi> 
nifters confidertd in comparifon with 
. ChriO,! 


I. ' . .».■ ' .. I . I I. . 


<6 Cm^Mket^eemMmHtfmdftt^, 

CWftv.fiiey aiebnci^^j'tlieiieiKltof 
dieBridegpDOine, nbtRridcarD Oi e t 
tlobfelvo. SuchChuiAesuen^wpl 
Cdiwre^tiODs aieTQ^eenet., ifitim 
die Mioiflefs and CoQgr«atioii»46e 
vidLinoonUfitecQQleor&re ci^cr 
dKotfaer^ as«»lKndKpe(mfed(» 
np dicinfel«es,firft, to the mh4 
ineii to the MinUtefs by tliiiiiilUf 
Cod. OTtbisfoitate fiiadby Poiig» 
pKkM» in Endaod, iod veiy BMaf 

ID die Refonndi fomigpeChnwJKi' 
other Congregitk>iis,iniicb||N«^>fi> 
niften , jKhraft upon dtein >«^Uioat 
dieir lik iog and confent » . and wbMn 
Minifters have to thean \if (bttecho- 
deftioe conveyances, afc mbie liketo 

Againe, fuch Congregaciom » 
cooae to their Mini Aers with a good 
domy, and comfortable and b«ioo> 
irabk n)aintenaDce,theyare like wiva* 
Others who brii^ little or namaUne- 
nance with them , are like to Cooeii' 
bines » thoii^h indeed the former .ooO' 
dkibn is more efleotiall to iawfeU 
maCTiage j to wit, freeconleitt, ani 


The hytsm' the bands of the Chureb. 187 

mutuall ftipubtion on both fides j for 
as fometiines lawful! wives have but 
poore dowries, aod Concubines ibme* 
times bring lai^e maintenance with 
them : to fome Congregations that 
freely confent to the acceptance of 
their Minifters can allow them but 
(lender maintenance, whereas Ibme 
others upon whom Minifters thruft 
themfelves are richly endowed : Fur- 
thermore, fuch Congregations at en- 
joy the power of the keyes, they are as 
Queenes, lawfull wives. The keyes of 
the Kingdome of Heaven, are 

Firft, the one of knowledge, Luke 

Secondly,the other of Jurifdidion, 
-Mat. 1 8 • 1 8 • and both of them men- 
tioned, i»#4M 6, i ^. 

Where then a Congregation en- 
joyeth a&ithfoU Mini(wy^> opening 
an entrance into the Kingdome of 
Heaven to penitent believers^nd (hut- 
ting it againft impenitent hypocrites 
and fcandalous livers^there the power 
of the keyes is not wanting } and if 
withall they have liberty exercifing 
• Juri(^ 



190 §fkmtUCimttmmi^^tt,.0iS. 


.^^^^^k^^^^^M _^^^^^^^^^0 4bB^^^^^^ d^i^^^^^b^^tf^^^K^h .^^^^k^H ^^^^a^bJI' 


^unft Chrift. and dick Mm* 


Caoc. f.r. 

of CoBcabines fomfeoic» Aconnc 
ananbcrpoc for aoaDoanuncsiodof 
Cfavdic^tliclcflc pmc die nesutCi 

Diiiviids beieckoDs iridioiK iMBi- 

. Firl^panly,bcanledKybneb«ei 
cwtciiing many of dum, andaieMl, 

SeooiKUy, p>rdy, becaofe Clrift 
■Bkedi 00 accooot of diem^ at jfdiqf 
nere with him iuiw mmmm, nor 
fvoitb the icckontnfr. 

^«/ my Dmt^n^ MmdefUdirtMe/^c.] 
A Dove is noted, 

Firft,for herdufttty; ! 

Secoiidly,ouldenelIe, or bxDOceacf. \ 
filch are tbofe Churches irfakh goe 
not a whoring after any Saperfticioc!* 
or Idolatry, nor exercite that capthi 
tyof Tyranny over their Sifter ChoT' 
dies, which thePopifli watchmen aie 
taxed for ; chat (mote and wounded 
the Miembcrs of the Churches for 

^^^ ieekiog 


Ch.6. Ho'^ the Cknrcb one. 


lecking after Chrift, and tooke her 
vaile from her , which are UDfpotted, 
wde filed > either 

Firft) of Romini polIationS) or 

Secondly , of wordly courfes. 

Is one • fuch congregations are 

Firft>feir9asoneco ^o.orSo. 

Secondly^ at unity^or brotherly love 
one with another^as one body, thoi:^h 
(battered into many places, as£^^- 
Uttd^ ScotUndj Germany^ &c. In all 
Ch'riftendome , fome Churches are 
inorechafte)milde,and unfpotredthan 
others, even of the fame countreyjand 
yet filch are but few, and though (eWy 
yet at entire unity as one body. 

The onely one of her Mother^ the choy^ fr^^n 
ceft one of her that bare her.'] In the He- 
brew phrafe, the whole is the Mother, 
the parts are the Members. The true 
Catbolique Church of Chrift is the 
Mother of all Reformed Daughters ; 
and thefe Daughter Churchte that are 
moft chafte and milde , and uodefiled, 
they are beft efteemed, and beft belo- 
ved of the Mother Catholic^ue 
Church) as comming neeref^to her in . 





L I ....,..—.' J— 2- r _ ■ Jt^ ' 

ipfli T# lUpHmm fkm $• prm0* 


Tmfi 9. 


htr\ yes, th gi^iuf 41*4 A§ ^9^ 

Htm , 0it4 fk^ rr^iPi ^.J "V^ 
Daaglliati, m^Mm^ iMt ibeM 
ben pfihiBuorpoiitc4 Cbpijphtia 
cioqcd ipth$ loimet fcHc ». tiitit 
^oA, ti^fpcher witb tfa^ir Cftwc 
litfl itrf i» Qyiww> imi CoQaii)i 
^ g^vp boDpitffiibk ut^lmm 
Mi Coogngitiooy that aie.i 

iy«cbf ipi94 fihiogi of tl»itltle^ M 

bKMTt ' 

Pnife i» ihff 9ckPQwlecigiog .9f : 
IJOPdthiogifiber, but bluffing is 

Fiffti9f Uiyioegpo^ttiingf t A 

$f«apdIy,t!)ofii4r«Mria^tfas CI 

4^f tni(oeaiielvs$ therem ncen 

W^f^H%^*^ )othe(everfe$,thc 
itog4fS arifing of tbe Chufeh oi 
Jflwcs jb 4e(cr^<) by fix Arginn^n 


The lewes lobenc€ and hlp to be called, igi 

Firft,by tbc ancxpedcdnelleofber 
arifing, joyDed with tbc admiration of 
it^9vho isjhe thatloeketh forthj ver. 16, 

Secondly, by tbe place of ber arx- 
fiog, the morning or the Eaft Coun* 

Thirdly, by the degrees and beauty 
of ber grace. 

Firft, frefb as the morning. 
^ Secondly, faire as tbe Moone. 

Thirdly^ bright and cleer as the San, 

Fourthly , terrihk as an Army with 
^snnerSyystx. lo. 

Fourthly, by Cbrifts vifiration of 
her w ith the end of it, ver. 1 1 . 

Fifthly, bytheuncxpefted helpes 
btbich this Church found for ber re* 
turn, V.I a. 

Sixthly, by the earncftneflfc of her 
calling given her, Return^ Re$urn^ four 
times repeated. 

who is this that looketh forth ;] Thefe 
Drords exprefle the unexpeded admi* 
table ariiin^of a new Church; and that 
sifter the Reformed Churches of the 
CcDtiles ; (he is a s^ulamite^ alluding 
tQ Salem the ancient name oiliruftlowy 



Ifa 66^9., 

194 TkHUmt ifbemi dud bvmuhaM 

I tiit Moiiter City of the. J k v. i s* 
' : This Church dien thnsanfii^, ii 
/dHtoftheJeiret which iveioiQlEeftr} 
iivhofe bqginning for foddea eomO' 

^(W o£muldnde%(haliiwad0ianUtf' 

totbemfelvcsandedien. .. ; 

^ !^i^f r2r^ m$r0fi$g,'] Hisr atiSog iHe- 
fenbbled by the momiog, . . -.-^ v^' 
' Firft, becitife this CfaDCck fluSit 
rife fiom the Eifteme Countrict. * 
' . -S^coodlyjber arifing lhtpe£klti 
OJEMrRefnrreftion from the ifeidL. 'i 

Thirdly, her arifine flqUlbeipM^ 

4fl^,asthcianaephrafcl^il1iwi ■ ' 

' Fdire as the Momjhi^^lt^^t^^ 

The Moone is fiiire by bdntty com^ 

nmnicated to her from the Svm. Ib 

the Suns brightnefle is light , .:be9$»W' 
frefbing, andTali in a glorious njaooer. 
TheCitizoDs of that Cbuichifaalldl 
at that time, or at leaft cbebodyof 
tbetii , have their fins foigiven ^em 
by the rightepufnene ofCbriftiBapo* 
ted to them.LTi]ey (bal en joy tbiMidaBt 
light of heavenly knovrIedge« They 
(ball excell in. purity of holixiefle. 
Th^y Challabound in copfolaciioDsio 
_^ ' tbe 


Ifai. f 9'2t* 
ifli 11. 


^^^ ■ ■ ■ f » m\ m 

The leypcs fl)all be terrtble^andto ^hom. 195 


lb 6^. 


the refrediing of chemfelvcs and «• 

TertibU as an -Arp^ mtb Banners.!^ 
Read ReveL 1 9 . J4. 2 1. The Armies 
of the Jcwcs (hall bee terrible to the 
Tarkes and Tartars , and to the falfe |^^^^-^? 
Prophet then driven from Rome by ^^' * *" 
fen Chriftian Princes, and aflbciating 
bimlelfe to the Turke for fuccour. 

/ went down into the Garden ^fNutsJ] 
The Jewifli Synagogues, fo called ^be- 
caufe of chat voice of hardnefle and 
blindneife drawne over their hearts, 
as it were a hard Nut-ftiell over the R®«n-Ti^ 
«ernelL ^ j^-J?; 

TofeethefruHs offhe vaUeys."] Val- 14.1/ 
kyes lying in the (hade between two 
tnouQtaines, bring forth fruit late- fo 
the Jewes are long before they bring 
forth fruit unto Cbrift. 

To fee whether the Vine flour ifhed^ and 
the F omgranates budded.'] The Jewes, 
that for hardneifc of heart , arc like a 
Garden of Nuts; yet when theircon- 
verfion (hall bee wrought , will bee as 
Vines and Pomgranates, bring forth 
fweet and wholefome fruits to the 
' O z refre- 

Cor. J, 



tg6 The lewffbdU sppurgmiexfe^dlf. 

m^fiiii^ of G p D and Mai^. 

Or ever 1 woe wmtte^ mffoedtmsdim 
like the Cbdreti ef jtmmiMseUkyOt 
feme apoo the Clufcts 6f a irllliog 
people ; Doctbicany thii^ coomed 
actiDavrares to Chrift IQ his cmnieper 
Ion ; but bccaule to his M iniftenymtf 
intis Name ibaii goe into Jthis G» 

Tbe Jeircs (hall appeue anatpC' 
dedly, prepaied to embrace Om 
cdiing : they (ball fiode the Jewesat 
Charets of ir liliog peopk , ita^ to 
iparch vrich them , whetberfbeyier ml' 
Chrifts Name jbey (hall call i tbeK 
ibule fliould no fooner defire it , but 
jtbey ihould bee fet in all readioefle } 
wbere alio is intimated the vriliiDg rea* 
diqeile of a willing people amoi^tbc 
Gentiles 9 to convey the Tewes imo 
their ovrne Copntrie, with Chatets, 
and horfes, and Dromedaries. 

Retufne^ returne^ Q ShuUmiterrt\ 
turkey returne ^ that we m^y hoke upn 
thee I wh4t trill ye fee in the Sbutamiti I 
41 it were th( cpfpp4^y of two armies^ 






^he levies called^ jhali march in amies ^ 19^ 

Retume:^ returne^ O ShuUmtte^ re- 
'krne^ This call fo often rcpcated^oth 

Firft, thecarncftfaefle of the Mini- 
ftcfsthat (hall call them. 

Seeondly^tbe hade that they would 
have them to make in going through 
nrich their convet(ion4 

That we may hoke upon thee , dr he* 
hold thee J\ ItistbedcfireoftheMini- 
fterS) andofalltheFaichfull. tobe*" 
bold this glorious Church vrhenfhee 
(hall be called. 

H^hat jpiOyeefie in the ShuUmite ^] 
But, as it wcfCj the company of two 
Armies, or the hofte oiMabanaim^ 

This is fpokcn, cither becaufethd 
Jcvves (hall, prefently upon their con- 
vcrfion, marftiall^ ot ranke themfclves 
into Armies againft Gog and Jl^agog^ where ftle is faid to arife terri- 
hie as an. Army mth Banners. Of elfe 
taking the word properly % the holy 
Ghoft Corapareth the Jewes to an 
hofte of Angels , which lacob Dw at 
Mahanaim • as indeed the feeble in 
that day (ball be valiant as the Angels 

O3 of 



— < I « I1 

% Sim* i^ 


198 Ho'9 to know a trut Cb»cb,C\ 

of God. Ttiis iBterpretadbii feea 
tocDctobeche more likely^ bee 
her warlike provifion wzs oefbre 
tioned, njer. io« Or otbemife^tbe 
ly Ghoft may allude to the hoA 
Ifiraeland fudab^ vrbkfa tireot to b 
Up Dwiaftom MdbsMim to lei 
lem^ after the Ifraelices were bfot 
CO fee tbeir errors in caftii^ htiu 
for jtfffdiem ; So (hall the Jcive 
tbeir coQverfion , aflfemble - for 
eftabli(haient of the ELiBgdome 
Throne of Chrift among tbem^ s 
xbey (halbebreught to icecfaeir fc 
enours in cafting oflFChrift fi> uhv 

The firftUfeofthisi^fordil 
Dinga different eftace ofallChri; 
Churches and Congregations, 
triall of our owne pariites« looi 
thcfe rankes every Coogregatit 
found, either a QueenejaConcul 
aDjraofcll, or a Dove : Ifvre 
freely confented to the entertainr 
of a faithful! Miniftery, commui 
us in the Nameof Chrift j if iircl 
with us to him a fufiicient down 



I Ch. 6* Ho-» to know a true Church, 


bis cnaincenaDce j If the vrordof God 
(hall be pov^erfblly difpenfed amongft 
jus, and the opening and (hutting 
of the Kingdonae of Heaven , and 
mthall the key of Difciplinebeenoc 
negleAed : If our Congregations} 
brii^ forth many children to God^par- 
takers of the Heavenly. Inheritance, 
then are our Congregations as chiefe 
virivcS) as Qgeenes to Jefus Chrifl: « 
But if our Minifters findenot conju- 
gal! and free acceptance from us ; if 
VFc be not ivilling to provide for them 
comfortable and honourable mainte- 
nance %^ Ifthe^vford be not (b difpen- 
fed that the people may finde them- 
felves either in good or evill elbtes $ 
If our Congregations bring not forth 
regenerate Chriftians to partake of 
the heavenly Inheritance, then^a^e 
they but as Concubines-in the light of 
God : If we have yet no Mtnifiers that 
vrooeus, and beleech us to be recon- 
ciled to Chrift 5 or if they doe^ yet we 
coily put them off with delayes, ot 
refuies^ then are we Damofel$)but nei- 
thetQpeenes nor Concubines. But if 








lkmc% m CbnA 
IcUUicB of die 


A ftoioAIHe bfiv adifiaeinu 

adiftmnrciitr ofall Chriftimi 

jod nail of onr Ofme csiatestM 

God { if our bcaits love neve 

tfaccoe alkd and knocked tf by^ 

I liidy lioid of Gods Oidimncet, 

I we bive coily poc off our Rq)eQt 

torhis day , or rcfbfe to bcarkc 

1 Cbrifi^ tben arc wc Danaofels^ 

I hriDg forth feed of Righreoufhe 

I Cliri^ by reafon we are under tti 

I vermnent of fiich who will requ 

j and well miy cotntniDd kof us,v 

; but as CoDcabioes. But if we I 

; condeicend to receive and em 

Chrift into our hearts with c 

conjUgall zff^&icm ^ and give nj 

icives tobioitobriag fordi the 



t Cte.7*I« 


Hd V to trj \f bet her -^e be Spoufes. 201 

of bis Spirit, and areeoaUedtogo^ 
vemeoar it Ives and £ifnilies after his 
will, then are we Royall Spoufes udto 
Chriftjefus : And if beyond chisvre 
grow up to a holy jealoufie againft eur 
felves, and keepe our (elves to Chrift 
cbafte, innocent, and undeftled, and 
endeavour to cleanfe our [elves from all 
fikhines offiefb sndfpirn* then are we 
iL% Doves unto jefus Chrift. 

A third Ufe to direft and inftruA 
Minifters and people how to approve 
themfelves and their Congregations 
in bed fore unto Chrift. Let not M i«- 
nifters thruft themfelves upon their 
people againft their confents, but let 
their people freely accept them, and 
comfortably oiaintaine them : Let the 
Minifters bee faithfuU in difpenfing 
Gods Ordinances, and the people obe- 
dient, to giveup themfelves to Chrift 
and his truth , till both grow up to 
heavenly and holy purity of worfhip 
and life; fofliall our Congregations 
bee as Queenes and Doves to Jefus 



lit ^■i*> 

aoj Innoceney not difg^racefuU. 




A fourth Ufe may be to etu 
men to wayes of fpotleflc Innc 
they are not difgracefuil, but bl 
the Faithfull,anidptaifedjeveni 
that are without. 

Fifthly, to reprove the cht- 
the leparaiion, who rcproa 
C hurch in ftcad ot blefIlng,or { 

Sixthly, this may teach ui 
pei^ a gowerfull and glorious 
ofthejewes in all thcparticul 
fore defcribed : fay, theybcc 
G/i/ifoas Fleece, dry ; when thi 
riles are moyftned with heaven 
they ftiall againe be moyftencd 
we {hall feeme dry in compar 
them. Though Leah ftcp firft ii 
cols Bed , and fo the Icfle < 
Church of the Gentiles into i 
lowfhip with Chrift ; yet the C 
of the iewcs, as beaucifuU as 
fhall in the end finde fcllowftii 

The f^Iory of their calling ap 

in the Text, bfcaufe theholy 

dcfcribes her by comparifon: 


I Thi^iorj andpd-Veroftbe Ic^es calling. 2 03 

fetched from earthly flovrers, or 
metals , or )evirels ; but from heaven- 
ly lights ) the Morning, Moone^ 

It appeareth further in their unex- 
pended and free icadineiie to embrace 

The po\¥er of their calling appears 
in their earneftnefle,and zeale of their 
Miniftry in breaking the hard Aiell of 
their hearts wherewith they were for- 
merly inclofed. 'i;fr«i i.In ftirring them 
up to fight manfully 3 and terribly 
Gods battels' againft the enimies of j 
the Church, 'y^.lj. 
I The Lordfpecdily haften the com- 
' ming of this Shulamite^ that we ouy 
behold her, jimem. 


— ««w 



T55 TiTT. 


Hr^r jejsmzr'ul arr^ij^^ir "wtmime, C 

w^tma.^ tor .:ansr : -v;** /«?:/? at Ji^^jfitat^. 

_f> -: 

» ■•.» ■■■ ■ : :"^ • ■■ ■ : 7-: ■--■". r ' 

/^i!f J trj&iV& loeksth tawdrd Dam^ifcus. 

5 ThtM head Hf^fft hie isUki^armel^ Mfd 
'hehdire of thine hesdlikfftirfle^ tbeKiftgu 
held in the gallerns. 

6 Howpiir , dnd hefWfUdfant art thou , O 
Ipve^ for delights! 

7 This thyfidttare is tike to afslm tree^ und 
thj hefts to cluftersofgrdfes. 

8 If^dy Iwillgoe up to the f dime tree, I 
will take hold of the ioughes thereof : nefm dlfo 
thy brefts Jhall be ds clnfiersof the vine , dnd 
thfj mell ofthj nofe like applet. 

9 ^nd the roofe of thy moftth like the toil 
mine for my beluved thdt goeth downefweetfy, 
canfingthe lips of thofe thdt dreafleeptofpedke. 

10 I dm mji beloveds^ dnd hisdefire iftom 

1 1 Come J my beloved^ let us gee forth into 
the field : let us lodge in the villages. 

jt Let fffg^ ttp early to the vineyards , let 
Hsfeeif the vine j^urip , whether the tender 
grape appear , ahdthepomegranats bud forth y 
there mil I give thee my loves. 

I J The mandrakes give a fmell, and at 
offT gates are all manner of pleafant fruits, new 
Hndoldy which I have (aid up for thee, O my te^ 



T^His Chapter to the end of the 

•*■ fourth ver.of the eighth Chapter, 

defcribeth a foqrfold eftate of the 


^*' Wil 





,t I "Hi 

> » 





opened and ticplaioed. 


The Text- 
chap. 7. 

HOw haut if fill are thj feet T^kbfhwes , 
Princes daughter ! the jejnte of ihj 
thighesare tike Jevtels , thewor%pfthehimi$ 
efa cunning workman, 

2 Thj navellis like a rtfund goilet , which 
wanteth net liquer : thy belly is likgauheofff 
wheat ^fet about with lillies. 

3 Thj two brefis are Itke twejreung Rets that 
are twins. 

4 Thjf neckeis as a tower eflwrj : thin 
eyes Ukf thefi^foeles in Hefhbon^ hj thegate^ 
Bath^rabbim : thy nofe is as thetertserefLAi^ 





r^iif J trj&iV& loek^th toward DamMfcms. 

5 7 ^i«^ ^^4^ Hf9H thie is like C^rme /, awd 
bihsire of thine hesdUk^ptTfU^ tbiKiff^u; 
held in tbt fallerns. 

6 H(fwfair^ dndbenvfUaffLnturttboH, O 
^rue^ for delights! 

7 This thyfidttare is like to afslm tree^ and 
by hefts to clufters of grapes^ 

8 If^dy I will goo up to the falmetreo, I 
mil take hold of the bouses thereof : now alfo 
thy brefts Jhall be as clnftersof the vine , and 
\hfj mell of thy nofe likf applet. 

9 n^nd the roofe of thy moftth like the beft 
wine for my beloved that goeth downe fweetfy, 
canjtngthe lips of thofe that areafleeptofpeake. 

10 lam my beloveds^ and hisdefire isto» 
wards me, 

11 Come J my beloved^ let ns goe forth into 
the field : let us lodge in the villages. 

J 1 Let ttsget np early to the vineyards , let 
Hsfeeif the vine fioursp , whether the tender 
grape appear , ahdthepomegranats bnd forth, 
there will Igive thee my loves. 

I J The mandrakes give a fmelly and at 
•nr gates are all manner ef pleafant fruits, new 
^ndold^ which I have faid f^ for thee,0 ttty bo' 

T|^Hi$ Chapter to the end of the 

^ fourth vcn of the eighth Chapter, 

defcribeth a fourfold eftate of the 





t %o6 SelfersliefiatefoftheUlri/kCku 

I I ' I - - ■ ■ ■ - . - .1 ■ . 

levrilh Cbuicb. Wbeo they i 
come to be converted aoco tbe 1a 
to vrit, 

Firft, as it (ball be in gatberii^ 

Secondly, as it (ball be, growii 
to ber Stature and Maturity, v^^"^ 

Thirdly ,as it fbail be further e 
ged by the accefle of the Geni 

Fourthly > as it (ball multiply 
fttttcb it fclfe into tbe Country i 

f;ef , and throughout the Lane 
frael, v. 1 1.— ^•4. of Chap.ii. 
That in ver. n. the Church i 
tethCbrift, and with him her fell 
have rccourfc into the Country 
lages^is plaine in the words of the 
met vcrfes, which fct forth a three 
eft ate of the Shulamite converted, 
vident by the Repetition of the vc 
x;^. 3. 7. 8. and all with fome ( 
rence j and the brefts are fo defcri 
ver. 3 . and fet forth an unfetled 
niftry , quickly ftirring up and dc 
to gather this Churcb and the 
tered Members of it. 

1 be feet he w^ (hod fignifies three things . 2 07 


This Church then in gatheriog, is 
defaibed by ten parts ; Feet, loynts ' 
of Tbighes, Navell, Belly, Brefts, 
Nccke, E yes, Nofc, Head, Haire. | 

How beautifuli are thy feet mthfbooes^f^rfi i- 
O Princes daughter! the joynts •f thy 
thighes are Ifke lewels , the wwk of the . ^»fe 
ha»ds of a cunning wt^rkman. 

How heauti full are thy feet withfhooes^ 
O Princes daughter i] In her feet <hod 
with (hooes there is a threefold beau- 
ty: for it implyeth 

- Firft, her retume out of captivity ; 
as on the contrary, bare feet is a figne 
of going into Captivity. 

Secondly, her challenging and reco* 
very of her lad Inheritance inlfrael, 

Thirdly, her walking in that peace 

Iof confcience which the Gofpel pre- 
pareth * whereas he that walketh bare- 
foot, either gathereth a thick brawny 
skin upon the folesof his feet ; or if 
his feet bee more tender, hee pricketh 
thero^ver and anon with thornes , or 
little (harpe fiones as fcruples :a con- 
I fcience not furniQied with true peace, 
j either 


Deut.if 9. 




^ ■— : 

so8 hlMS€onyerteJ^€re ofgreatMtk 

1 ehbervraxcthicfifclefle and brawn 
' elfe fcn](>ukMis SranxiODs.'ali tbe i 
ribings are beautiful! and gloriou 
on idbe contrary, it is a great lii 
brnce and deformity to goe into 
tivity, to fell and foregoe a mail 
beritance^ to vralke unquictly an 
comfortably : and if it bee beau 
and gbrkMis to letume out of I 
tycaptivity, and to recover tbe e 
ly Inheritance ; bo«r mucb nadn 
tojetber with tbeic outward thj 
to loyne a leturoe out of fpiritnall 
tivity, and recovery ofaneverla 
Inheritance, as tbe lewes (hall d( 
their converfion ? 
O Princes daughter !] So called 
Firft,becau(e they arc born of < 
the Prince of Princes. 

Secondly, the Icwes converted 
be of much glory and authority, 
as the Kings of the Earth, 

The jaynts of thy thighes^ &c^ 

word (ignifies whole bones ol 

tbighes s they for their apt and i 

turning in their converfion to < 

are like well wrought pretious le 


W, ■' 

'V bo t9 be admitted to the SMcrament* acp 

■ ■ ■ ■ . . . ■■ , . , , I ..11- 

:he vrork of the hand of God, the Spi* 

ttuall vrorkmanof allthe vrorksoftbe 

Thynavell^ &c. thyhtlly if likethe 
MveS^& The navell and belly are 
)Och hidden parts , not confpiciaoas 
:o them without ; and therefore let 
brth the two Myftcries,or SacraoKnts 
3f the Church , Baptifnae , and the 
Lords Supper. The Navell^ ferving 
[Qrthe nouri(hing of the Infant in the 
urombe, refembleth Baptifme, nouri- 
fhing Infants , and new borne babes in 
the wombe of the Church. 

It wanteth not liquor : 

Firft, of the blood of Chrift to ju- 
ftifie us from fin. 

Secondly, ofthe Spirit of Chrift to 
iandific andcleanie us from fin. 

The belly : to wit, the Lords Supper, 
it as anheape of wheat ^ for ftore ofj 
excellent, and fweer, and fine nouriih* 
Qient, (et about with lillies J becaufe 
Qnely the faithful! pure Chriftians 
nball bee admitted to paruke m that 

The Lords Table (hall QOt bee fee 

P about 

^ « 


«■» i»r rr ■ 




sib ifb» U he admitted to tbe'Sacrtm 



I about with weeds, piophaneaiidl 
.daloni finoeis, but with LiUies , 1 
thy Comtnuoicants. 
. -7*19 HM ^i/ff (the Teachers of 
Chatchy srt like t»9 yntfig Roes t 
their agilityi skipping up and clom 
fuckle the cOnvenis ( implying tbtt 
firftMiniftryoftheJewes, at the c 
yerfion of that people ft^llratbet 
as the Evangelifts, bound to no cert 
place, than its Paftors fixed to any 
led Congregation , which yet 
wardly they Aall be. ^ 
That are tmins.'] 

Firft, for their likenefle in clifp< 

Secondly, brotherly equality. 

Tbyneckje as a Tower of Ivory : th 
eyes like tbefijb pedes in Hefhhon , Irf 
gate of Bath-raUim : thy nofe it as 
tower of Lebanon , which looketh tm 

Thy neck ttas a tower of Ivory.] 1 
Beck (as above) is the faith of 
Ghurch, joyning Chrift &hi$ Chu 

together ; as the neck doth the I 



Ch .f. The kw€$ Repentance. 


jtsd tower ^ for ftrcngtb, of /very ^ fof 
precioUfneflC) for which faith isjC^m- 

Thine eyes are like the fjb fooks in 
Hejhbon^ hy the gate of Bath-rattim.] 
For the abundance of vfttter, meaning 
teachers ) that they, (hall yeeld even 
tears of Repentance at their converfi- 
on, partly for the great wrong they 
j bad done our Saviour, partly to confi- 
' der the unfpeakable. and undeferved 
Icindnefle of God towards them. 

Thy nofe is like the tower of Lebanon^ 

which looketh toward DamafcmJ] There 

was a double houfeof the forreft of 

Lehanon^iht one in lerufaUwy built by 

Solomon^ fo called by way of refem- 

blaoce ; In which bee put his golden 

(hieldsj whence 5^//][74)f taking them, 

is (aid to rake them out of lerufalem : 

of this houfe fpeaketh ifaiah^ Ifa.t 2.8 • 

There was another houfe built in 

the forreft of Lebanon as ^ppeareth by 

.this place, which is faid to Iooketo« 

I ward Damafcus^ to diftingui(h it fronqi 

1 the other which is in lerufalem. 

I Lebanon it felfe ftood inthe UtcDoft 

' Pi Con. 


V to 

I King.7,x 
&To. 17. 
I King. 14* 

-V '■"^■ 



*■ - 

^ Cot. X. 



— r= 

MMMbr»fiiuat€d. Cb# 


Gonfiotu^of //r^e/ Noid|var4.CQ«vi 
i[)ri# : and tbc^refoic chishoofebi 
10 Lebanon is laid to lookc tCKvaDd^ 

I m^frm ihc chiefe City of Syris, ^ 
Lebsiiom being foil of all aiaaocf 
pfcetaxkl firaguat tiees, aod flw 
and fpiccs ; the Tovrer built io Li 
non muft needs be compafled vrirb 
lireet fipeUing odours , to tbegi 
ie&e(hiQg and delight., of fifcfa 
(hould I<xige in ir^ 

Heojoe tl^ nofe of this pute Cbo 
i^ compared to this Tov«rer ^ bcca 
they that dvirell in this Church d 
bee wonderfully refrefhed vritb i 
(weet odours of the Miniftry , wh 
is the fwrcet favour of life unto life \ 
alfo with the favoury conference 
good Chriftians^and their faithfoUa 
godly converfation. 

Thine hedd upon thee is likeCdm 
4^d the haire of thine head like fari 
the King is held in the galleries^ 

Thine head upon thee is like Cami 
Carmel excelled for fniir^ and fuloc 
in feeding Cattell , and therefore 

. reckoned with Lebanom . and Shp 

I i 


Ifai.' jj.9. 

Vho the head eftheCbtiTch under Chrifi. iij 

md Bafha/fy famous for fenility. 

The hcadof the Church under Chtift 
Is the Civili Magifirate. The meaning 
:heo is, that the Magiftrate of this 
Church (hall yeeld (lore of (bund and 
rtYeet nouri(hcnent to the people, by 
giving and maintaining free padage to 
sach holy Ordinance of God , and 
il(bby veholfome Lawes,andla(lly by 
good example of godly life. 
Thehdireofthy head tike purpleJ] The 

baire ; whether it bee the common 
Cbriftians of the Church that hai^ 
upon Chrift, or the Ofiixrers or Ser- 
vants that hang upon the Magiftrates 
t>f that Church, they are like purple. 

Firft, not onely died in crimfon 
blood of Chrift. 

Secondly , but alfo of a royall hue, 
as purp!e is a princely die j all of them 
Us Princes. 

The Officers and Exaafcrs (hall be<! 
Peace and Righteoufne(Ie» 

Thefe Officers (hall not bafely 
(iiarkefor bribes, no^exa^ for fees, 
hor oppreflc for filthy lucfe , nor pick 
holes m aiens eftates to trouble the 

and i8« 

•r - 



116 FedroftefrMcb/hMUn^dsfcmri 

bncto Ittswho (btUpSmnttot 
imU bfltppioefiie , or mimy at the 
day* His woid nsuft ftand vrben bea 
and canh (lull fall : IfbeacccKU 
vefiebbf hobeur) weare (b imh 
vriiD is ic tbat dtflionouretb m i 
men (txMiId call a veflfell of gddo 
verimo tbemtre , and rrampfe 
sty yetthe vefifell is fttU a veflcl 
hoooitf) good, and rich> and peecic 
tbe mireffiay eafily be vira(hedoff fi 
(nieb veflfels* Be not difcouraged 1 
from Cbriftian cour(es by foe 
feares of reproach : The trutb is, i 
gpe on in iin , Cb r ifl: efieemech c 
as hafe peafants , as ugly and abc 


nableinhisfkht) naked, barcyde 
med) and denied ; yea, be efteen 
oar goings as going barefoot , wl 
either, firft, bramicth our feet vr: 
cbicke skin, that thereby we grot 
finfiblc and feele nothing : or {ec( 

ly, prickethuswithtmnecefliyi 
pies and fears. 

Secondly, we may from hence 

ferve to whom the praife of tbe i 

verfionoftbeforwardeft Chriftiai 


•filVii 1 


Ch. 7* Jnaha^tifts confined. 


due ; to wit, to the hands of a cunnin 
workman , the God of power an 
peace. We might be alfo called as 
often to retume » as the shulsmite in 
the laft verfe of the former Ghap- 
rcr : and yet unlefle this cunning 
workman put the bones of oor thighes 
into joynt , wee (hail not rerarne to 

Further , fee here the ufe of Bap- 
, even to Infants. The Anabap- 
tiils objeft that Infants can receive no 
benefit by it , becaufe they yet receive 
no underftanding , no benefit by the 
word : As if Infants cannot re- 
ceive nourifliment by the Navell, 
chough they can neither take , nor 
chew I nor fucke meat with hand or 
mouth : Baptifme is the Naveli by 
which Infants are nourifhed in the 

Fourthly , from this Naveli, never 
wanting Uqaor ; obferve, there doth 
never want juft matter of inftmdion 
and comfort to be fetched from our 
baptifme againft all temptations.Doth 
Satan detaine thee from obeying thine 







. •^".'•^V* 

al8 1 Comf(frts.from our Vapii/me. Cbd 



t!/Jtf. I 


effedaallcallibp ; R^OKinber id B^ 
tifme from thine Infaccy thou w 
admitted into the family of Clvii 
doth hee trouble thee with feavesi 
doubtt ^ that thy fiooes ate not pAi 
oed ? behold thy baptifme is fiiU 
liquor of Chriftsblood,to juftifietl 
from all thy fiones : Doth Satan ten 
thee to defile thy lelfe virith any fioii 
Behold thou art vvadied folenmcly 
baptifme from all fitme, and t^iltth 
defile thy felfe againft thy baptifm 
Fifthly > in the Lords Suj^r, i 
what plenty of excellent (bund 2 
fvrcct nouri(hmenc is offered to \ 
evenanhcapof wheJt: ChriHsfieji: 
ntedt indeed^ and hit hloodis drink i 
deed. There is al-fufficient nourii 
mcnt for an hungry foule ; this fewc 
to quicken our appetite to this h( 
vcnly bancpict. 

Sixthly , obferve what manner 
perfons (hould bee admitted to t\ 
Lords Table^ and hovr we (hould pi 
pare our felves thereto. Thisheape 
wheat is not to bee fet about iri 
weeds , bat with £iire lillie 


I (linking 

]h. 7* AtmUers mtift not be dry brefti^ 219 

rieanievrce ourfelves then from all 
randalous finnes, yea, and from all fe- 
rct (innes, to our beft endeavours, fo 
iiall we be fit to be (et about this heap 
f vrheat, the Lords Table. 

Seventhly, note that Mintfl:ers,to be 
!ke Roes , skipping up and dovrne to 
atberand fuckle the children of the 
Church, is fitter for a Church in ga-- 
iering,than convenient in a Church 
onftituted; for then thebrefts hang in 
beir place likeclufters of Grapes up- 
in the branches of the Vine,i;.7,8. But 
be^ mnft bebrefts givingfuck,notdry 
urles ; that is their duty in every eftatc 
if the Church . Or if their people bee 
jTOvroe up in Chrift to fitnefle for 
Irongmeat^ then They to be fiiU in a 
Ironger liquor than milke, as clufters 
>f grapesj full of vrines. 

Eigbtly, fee the beiuty and com- 
nendation of three cardinall graces : 



Secondly, precious , applying the 
>recious ptomiies,;indmakingus rich 
/vitii them. 



Heb. f.iu 




%2 1 Romesfal/e boafiing of her yporh. 


ofgoodm}rks Goclfbtbid,baciai 
conceive, Chriftconcealetfatbeii 
tioo of bei hands ^ to wit, bertro 

Firft, becaufcthcHarlotofRc 
fb delightcth fo much co boaft of 
handsjof hcrwotks, which Indeed 
wants : Cbrift had rather bis Cht 
(hould abound in good works it 
fence, thanboaftofthem, efpecii 
when they arc wanting. 

Secondly, bcpaufe it isbca!oDe( 
not wee) tbtt jporketb ail cur w 

Caatrc. 7. verf. 6 verf, 4. o( 

CftAf. Hcwfiire^^c. 

In thefc vcrfes theh©IyGhoftg 
on to defcribc the fecond eflate of 
Jewes Church , as is fpoken atx 
Cha^. j.ver. j.iover, g,y. asgro' 
up CO her full ftature and maturiry. 

For firftj beauty is not obfervcd 
full growth ; now here her beaut 
admired, T^er. g. 

Secondly , her ftature is exprei 
mentioned to bee a Palme-tree.f.; 

Thirdly, hct brefls arc here mcii 


Ch.7. TbeChunhoftbele-^cs. 

22 I 

difparagement to Magiftrates to be^^ , 
have tbetnfelves revereDdly in tbeni)! 
and to fubtnit themfelves unto them as 
ontoChrift. \Vfi 10. 

Tenthly/from this compleat de- 
fctiption oftbebeauty of the Church 
in all her parts, obferve, 

Firft , that the Church vira$ never (b 
compleatly beautiful! in all her parts^ 
as it (hallbe ivhen the Jewes are called. 
The Apoftolique Primitive Church, 
though a 11 fair, yet wanted this head- 
like Carmel , a Cbriftian Magiftrate, 
yea and feme purity of the Sacrament. 

Secondly, in that be beginneth this 
defcription from the feet, and fo a- 
(cendeth to the bead in order : It may 
kcmc the calling of the Jewes (hall 
begin at firft , rather with lome of the 
lowrcft people , andfoafcend higher 
and higher to more eminent perfons. 

Tbirdly^ in that the Church neither I 
here (where fo many of her members^ 
are let forth) nor in all this Song is 
defcribed, bythebeautyof her hands, 

(or fingers , wee muft not gather that 
therefore this Church will bee barren 
] Pf> 

X Cor. II. 

li I raJ 

f s4 ThfiMf of the lewfiChimkmft 

fenbled to Apples. t«r. $, 
Fourthly, by the power of bei^S 




Fifthly, by her hmim i^ia4 
irithCbrift, \ j. 

The fourth cftateotthitCfaBKl 
k Aiall multiply, and flaet^ it I 
into the Conntiy. villages^ ithiA 
bed, ver, it. to the 4. ctt die fi 
Chapcer/uid that 

Fir^by the occafion ofthii 
cvtafe, the Churches 'invitemeot 
Chrift to vific the Country vll£i| 

Secondly, by the ai&£tionate I 

vice of this Church to Chrift, cba. 

Thirdly, by Chrifts af&diooate ( 
bracing of herjia*". 3. 

Fourthly , by the Churches de 
for the cootinuance of this eft 
without interruption, ver.^^ 

How fiire^ and htm fleafa»t art ^ 
O love for delights I 

Horn fAtrtV] The ^^jrenefie 
beauty of the Church implyeth foti 

■ J 1 . 1 ■ < ' 

rhe lewes -ifillm^nejfe tojerl^e Cbrijl. 2 i y ( 

:o what is fouDcl in the naturall beauty 
Df the body. 

, Fir ft,a tocn(>leat intesrity of all the! 
Members of tb is ChurcQ ; where any 
Meoabcr is wantiog, there is deform i- 
ryj; beauty is blcmifhed. This Church 
(hall want then no Ordinances of God, 
nor any fuch Members to wh6m the 
difpenfation of each Ordinance bc- 

Secondly, a fit proportidh of all the 
Members of the Churi:h'one to ano- 
ther ; no fwelling^ no convulfions. 

Third lyj a good colour in the out- 
ward face of thiags, all carried |drcent- 
ly^ and in order : How f aire! Itimply-* 
Kh admirable beauty in all thefe re- 

How fUdfant for deli^hts^li This 
word implyeth a ready willingoe(& of 
this Church tor the publique worftiip 
ofGod^ which* is htit called delights}- 
as being the marriage bed whereta 
Chrift moft familiarly fblacetb him- 
felfe with his Church. 
., This ready wiHirignefle of this? 
Church: was foretokl,a«id the willing- 

CL nefiS 


i<w»wihfitwnfci*ri>iiii I II 

r 26 The lewes yfilUngneJfe to/eryeC 

1 Cor .9.7. 



ne& of this people CD zay fetvi 
of his is pleafant to him« 

Ol9vtf] As if the Church we 
lovelj I that it were even lo 

The five former verlesdefcribe 
Church in her feverall Meal 
part. This verfe confidereth the vi 
body met together in pd)iiqne di 

This tbyftature if lite te a fabm 
and thy inreftsto^lufterstf grapes. 

This thy Stature is like a fakie^ 
This tree is eminent, 

Firft^ for her ftraightneflc. 

Secondly, for her tallne^. 

Thirdly J for her perpctuall g 
nefle and fruitfulnefle, as that 

Fourthly, for her thriving i 
weight preffing it downe* 

Fifthly,for her eafinefle to be c 
bed, havinpr many boughes, whc 
to (lay hands and feet : So (hal 
Church bee eminent for upright 
thererein, for growing up even ag 
all oppoficionsof<?«^and il/4^ig 
ready entertaining of all the fait 
that (hall come to her« 

Mimfiers like ciufiers of Tfinegrapes , liy 

_, -■ * ' " I ■ — ■—■ 

Thy brejls sre like tht clufiers of the 
)i»e^gv4pes.^hcix Miniftcrs fuch like 
n foure refpeds, 

Firft, not fevr, as afore , tii^o ydung 
loes> but many^as cluflers. 

Secondly, not ftirring upand dovrn 
IS Roes, from place to place,bat hang- 
icg in their places. 

Thirdly , fiill of (trong liqaor of 
(bund Doftrine. 

Fourthly, requiring fome preflure 
in urging (chough little) before they 
fcfDpty chemfelves^btit uponeafie pref- 
Idre doing it plend folly • 

^{aid^ IwillgoeuptcthePntme-tree^ P^erfiZ* 
I win tdh bold of the boMghes thereof t 
mow aljb^ thy krefisfbdO teas du^Hfthe 
vifte^ amd the fmell of thy nofi like 

Ifdidy imllgee uf to the Tsime-tpee^ 
1 leill take hold of the hughes thererfJl 
Chrift fpeaices of bimfelfe to imply I 
the readf nefs of his Members to refort 
and floek to this Church of the Wes; 
fer what Chrifis Members doeuy the 
guidance of his Spirit, heaccounteth 
itbisoffne adion« This fbrivatdaeire 

CL« of 




228 Chri/is aHion ^bat his people do^ 

of the Gentiles to a&end and 1 
to lerufdlem , is dfewhere for 
8. more plainly ^« 

Now slfo thy brejisas the clufiers 
vineJ] And that is notrnthftanda^ 
plenteous accefle of the Gentil 
the Church .Here (hall be no' defii 
Minifters to teach and feed then 
but there (hall be ftill a large fupp 
ftorc) fv^eet and plentiful! reacbei 
dufters of grapes to refre(h thee 

And the fmeU of thy no fe like spi 
Notwithftanding this plenteou: 
ccflfe of the Gentiles, the lifcoA 
nion Chri({ians intainted vrith 1 
theni(h &Popi(hunravory poUuti 
yet the Chnrch her fclfe, and they 
live in it (ha 1 fni'd a fragrant favo 
the good convcrfation of the pec 

The fmellofthy nofe.^ Not whic 
nofe yceldcth,but which is yecld 
the nolcjto thy favoury dilcernin^ 
be fweet and comtbrtable astti 

Before, when this Church com 
of her owne people , her fmdl n 
that oiLehnon^ v.4. & now by tb 

The le'V^es h$ loofers by the Gentiles. 2*9 

celfe of the Gentiles it (hal not be cor- 
mpr* Indeed when the Ifraelites caoifc 
out of ^gyPytht mingled of the Qeth 
tiles mchtheai, drevr them avray to 
murmuring and kifting • for this com- 

giTcExtfd. 12-38. mthNumt. n.4. 
ut no fuch contagion (hall accrue tQ 
this Church by the mingling of the 
Oentiies with them. 

jfJtd the roofe of thy mouth like the teft 
wines ^ for my beloved^ that goeth demme 
freetly^ caufing the lips ofthofe thatarelfr^fi 9. 

' j4ndtheYoofe of thy mouth like the befl 
9/i!i^r« ' Hebr. Like good wine^ going to 
my beUved mofl firaightfy and rightlfj] 
ThatiS) the Define of the Church 
fhall bee as ever any moft fweetand 
powerfuU , and comfortable, and 
generous wine i it (hall ever goci or 
tenddiredly to Chrift^ alwaies aiming 
at the preaching of him. 

To goe rightly , or ftraightly , im- 
plyeth the mength arid generoufnefle | 
of wine 3 w^n it fparkl^eth upward in 
%he cup, as Prov. 23* 31. which here 
fxpreffeth the lively vigour of the 

a 3 Churches 1 


II ■ ■!<» M 

1 JO Efficacy ofdoStrinJitrs updro'^pfie/pi 

Churches Dodhioe^ in her preac 

pf Cbrift 5 caupng the lips sftifife 

areajleepe to [peak. Such (hall be 

fv^eet and povrerfuU ef&cacy of 

Do Ar ine of the C hurch then^ as i 

caufe the fljepy and drowfieprc 

for^ vrhether anjongft us Gentile 

antoogil the Jev^es « to open 

mouthes and ipeake plentifull; 

Gods praife AV bed the Apofties ( 

^tbe vronderfuU vrorkcs of Goc! 

ftrange tongues , Ibme of the pc 

thought theui to be full of nc«n 

but they were deceived , and were 

ling fo to account of them in mc 

ry. But thefe people (hall be fu 

new wine of the Spirit and Woi 

God, t6 open their mourhes to 1 

as the Ajx>ftlcsdii, the wond 

workcs ot God. 

I am my beloveds ^ and his df[%n 
wards me. 

! This profeflion of the Chwcl 
Hie is her beloveds, Arguerh, 
'Fir ft, her. familiar fellowfku 
Chrift.- r* 





f. Cbriftsftnng lol^e to bis Church. 2 31 

!Condly, her faitb, or confi* 
! of her Intereft in himi or his in 

lirdiy^heropen profeffionof the 

lat his defire is towards her , ar- 
I the ftrei^th of his zfSfSAon to- 
i her y and it is the fame word 
^, which there implieth two 

ttp theftrength of their alfeftion 
eir hdsbafld) and their elder bro* 

condly, the (ubor^inationand de- 
ance ' thereof upon their will : 
onner is here alfo meant, the lat- 
3th not ftand with the fovcraiga- 
id headfhip of Cbrift over his 
rch : Unlefle thus for, to iRtitnate 
ifts tender regard of the will and 
e of his Church $ as he would be 
willing to deny them, as loving 
ands be to deny their wives any 

s- ■ ' ■ ^ 

me my Moved ^ let uigoe forth into 
eld: let us lodge in the villages. . 

thefe words , the Church in- 1 

0^4 viteth) 

Gen. ^i^. 


f^erf. II. 


f^CJ/". I2c 


■ ' ' ■ H ' ————— 

Ihef^tbfull dijcolser their ajfeClionto Q 

iaviteth ChrjQ;^ to yifite the C 
trey V jUages about ber^ ii^^plyii^) 

Firft, her prayers to Chrift, 
with her he might lodge there | ] 
and fet Churches there. 

Secondly , her care to take am 
ferve allppportpnities to ^tdvance 


Let us get up early to the vi^i] 
let m fee tf the vine fiourijby whetk 
tendfr grape appeare^d the pofnegf 
Ludfmh^ibere will Ighj thee my h 

Let us get up early to the viut 
\ let us Jee if the vine fleurifh.] 
nmg if any pppon unity (hould 
it felfe^ to plant Religioji atnc 
them J then Chrift and flie txjig 
forward to further the fame. 

Thirdly, her promife to Chr 
employ her bcft endeavours tof 

There mil I give thee my loves.] 
love of the Ghujch to Chrift is 
cially fecn in reeding his La 
and Sheep : She therefore ofi 
to Chrift free ufe of her dearef 
beft aflfeaions to fet forward fi 
'WOx]c Fc 

T'"~ — 

loll. XI. ;y. 



The Church ypillm^to employ fir Chrift. 133 

Fourthly, her difcerning qF fotqe 
good beginning of fuch a wmkf 

The Hiandrakes give a fmetl,Siui st ot$r 
gates are alt manner afpleafean$ fruits^ 
new and ofd, which I have laid uf fir 
thee, O mj beloved. 

The Mandrakes give a fmeB. 2 Which 
is a Countrey field heaib,yec am iable^ 
which argueth ibme fruits to be gathe- 
red in the Countrey. 

jind at 0ur gates are all manner eif 
pi fafint fruit s^e^ and old.'] And there- 
fore, out of the abundance ofherovrn 
(lore , (be can fupply the Countrey 
with all fit heIps,to h^r further gathe - 
ring ande(hMi(b(nent. 

fvhicb I have laid up fir thee ^ O my 
Moved.] Sbeprofeffeth herdefireto 
employ all her ftoreto Chrifts advan- 
tage, and therefore abounding with 
Minifters , and other fie Officers 
for gathering and eftablifhing the 
Countrey Churches about her ^ (he 
exprefleth her readinefle to bring them 
put to hif fervice and ufe , as if they 
were fome good houfhold provifion, 
laid up by her for fuch a ufe. The ac- 
I ceflc 


^— ■« 

>^4 JTfe Cbar.'»ilUn^ to mphj all fir Cbi 

cefle of the vrbole Land of Ifrael 
lAU 4 the City is profitable. The Land f] 
* I be called BeluUh , as well as the C 
HefbziUb. venio. ACaufeyis 
dp for a mntualHecoarfe of Cc 







Ch. 8, 






opened and ixpbined. 

The Text, 
CHAP. 8. 



OThAt thpMrverf as my trotheKthatJm^ 
k^d the brefis §f my mother ! Vfbetf I 
Jheld fffde theeoHtylv^ould kffe thee^yet Ijheuld 
net be deffifed. 

2 Ireeuld lead thee , Mnd briitg thee inte nn 
mothers houfe^ rohowotUd inftrttlt iwe : looM 
eamfetbee to drtnkeoffiicedifi^ifteyofthejt^df 
mj pemerrAMt. 

'^Hu left hand fhould be mtder my hesd, 
iutd hie right handfhonld embrace mfe. 

4 I charge yoii^ O dsttghters of JerttfiUtft^ 
thatyefiir ftpt nf^ tier awakjimy4ove metiUhee 
fleafi, I. 

1_^ . S.(?*f 



1 iZS 


5 (iri« // fhts tbdt c$mmitb wffm 
mldimifeJiMingtffmibe/rtikvidi) If 
th€0 m tmderthesffU tree : tbefetfym 
breunttheefmh, thereQkhemfbttbee^ 
ibdflsre thee. 

6 Set me MS M fe^le upon thy heart yOS 4 
0p$m thine Mrme:far leve is 4s Jhvtjr 4/ d 
ieMteufieiicrueidsthegTAve: theeedlest 
efmre ces/et cffire^which hath m nufi vehi 

7 mtdHjiwiitertcamnettfttenchleveym 
CMfitheJUeds drewft it : ffa man wamUgr 
thefiMdwe of hit hctffefer leve, it woui 
terfy he centemvei. 

8 fTe hdve A little fificr, Oftdjhee hm 
kremfit^ whatpJiUl wedoeferettrjiifer, /; 
daj whe9t Jhejhiill iefpokefffer ? 

9 Ifjhe be a wall , we will tuili upon I 
falaeeeffilver : and iffhe teddaore, w 
inclefe her with boards of Cedar. 

10 I dm 4 wall, dnd my breaBs Iske tor 
them was lin his ejes as one that found fa; 

1 1 Solomon had d vineyard at BddUh^ 
be let out the vineyard ttnpo Keepers: eve 
f&r the fruit thereof was to bring d thotsfan 
tet ofjtlver. 

X 2 My ifineydrd which is mine, is befor 
thou (O Solomon J mttfi have a tbomfand , 
thofethdt keep the fruit thereof two hundr 

I ^ Thorn thdt Idwellefi in the gdtdem 
adftpdnions hearken to thy voice , cdufi j 
"'e ^reit. 14 y 

Ch- 8. Th$ conToertcd le^es Tti/h. a 57 

^ 14 M4k^ haSli mj biUvedidni hthm Ul^ 

T^fl E Church of the Jeircs , both 
^ ID City and Country thus gather- 
red, doeber^ expreffeher ardent af- 
fedion toChrift, anddue refpeftof 
bim^virhich the old Synagogue fhefred 
cowards her whilft he was oonveriant 
amoDgftthemin the flc(h. (Sincefitith 
(he) O tbst tboMwert as my br^thtr^ fffc^ 
Clvift vras made our Brother by tal- 
king our Nature upon him at his In- 
..caroation , and then hee iiickcd the 
I breads of the Church , attending to 
theMiniftry of/olMii,andodierJevri(h' 
Teachers : (he therefore to (heir her 
af&dion ^ defireth that he were noir 
amongft them ccnver(ant in their 
(breetsag^ine in bodily prefence, (hee 
would not doe then as the old Syna- 
gc^e did, be afhamed of him^orcoose 
to him by night j but (he would kifle 
him, and embrace him in the open 
ftreets , and yet no nxan (hould then 
defpife her (or her fo doing , as they 
did J but every one (houldencourage 





138 Cbrifis lift Undandrixbt '»i&4^Ch.^ 

I her ID her obKequioiirnefle to bim 
^»^«4» She would not lejefthioi, andilhnil 
*^'*^' himomoftheSvnagogue^ as herd 
Anceftors had done ; but if (he to 
him without, (he would lead hioij an 
invite him into theif Synagogue ^ ( 
Temple, there to inftruA her , at 
teach her the will of her father ; ib 
would not give him gall to eat, at 
Vinegar to drink , as her forefethe 
bad done \ but (he would caufe him 1 
drink of the beft delicate fpiced wifl 
and. the juice ot her Pomegranat. 

His lefp hand fbould bee mder i 
bead^ and hu right hand fhoul J emlfroi 

The left hand ef Gbrift is tl 
Chriftian Magiftrate , which flball 
thofe daies fupporc and advance tl 
Church, and hold up her head. 

His right hand is the Biithfull ^ 
nifters, which jfhall fpeake comfc 
table things to her heart , and fo ei 
brace her , //^ . tf 1. for this alfo fee. 
I charge y OH y O daughters efjerufale 
that you ftir net up^nor avpake my l^ve % 



'>fir duty to f^ay for lettes Comterpon. a 39 

Tbe Church cDJoyiag thele great 
ciercies and blefliDgs from Cbri£^ 
bargeth all her daughters , membeiS) 
ovvalk fo thankfully, and fruitfully 
ovrardsGod^ and lovingly and hdp- 
ully one towards another , andib cir- 
luoifpedlly 5 and inoflknfively tothem 
rhich are without, that no occailSDn be 
riven of their alteration ofthenrhap^ 
>y cftate. When the Church gave this 
:harge before, it was in regard of^he 
loes and Hindes of the field } feare- 
iill Chriftians cotuoiingon towards 
^eligipn , willing to fiocke, and feed^ 
ind converfe with the (t^epe i yet 
ready to ftart and flee away upon any 
feare of danger of perfccution s but 
30W no regard is had of thefe fearfull 
:>nes ; for they that (hall then reoiaifie 
fearefuU , when the Church (hall en- 
joy fo great light and fafety, they (hall 
7ee quite excluded ttotn canverftng 
nrith the Church. 
For ufe> we may here leame 
Firft^fincethe Church ofthe Jewes 
(hall attaine to fo great beauty y it 
ought to kindle our dci&e to* pray 




ITai. 4$^s* 





340 Mitiifiers appij themfebes id their pe 

eareeftly for their cooverfioby^ that 
may behold the admirable fain 
thereof, and bee delighted vrith 

Secondly , this doth teach us 
to approve our felves pleafant 
£iire in Chrifts eyes, eveu by kee 
his Qrdimnces in integrityj and 
plicity, and by a frilling r«tdiDd 

Chrift mav fee all the ntxhi; ii 
did when Satnan'' (hewed it to hia 
yet not admire it, yea, condemne'i 
vanity,. as it is* ; but a well ord 
Church) andreadyjhe admiretb; 

Thirdly, here Icarn the more ftra 
and fincere,tbe more patient and a 
the more faithfuU, the more fmi 
in all holy obedience , &c. the 1 
doe wee attaine to a Palme tree, 
full (latureof Cbriftianity. 

Fourthly, it may leafneamdd 
Minifters to apply themfelves t< 
eftate of their people : If they 
babes in Chrift, to De as breaf 
Miike to luckle tberatlfthcy be g 
to ripe yeares , to bee as cluft< 




Feri^ofdprofefsidnjhdilbe no dijgrace. ^4 1 \ 

grapes to refrefh themirith ftrooger 
liquor, be ready to poure outfvTee^t 
and comfortable liquors but fee (bme 
good calling to prefling you to it, let 
all your DoiSrine dire^; to Chri(l,and 
difpenfc it with fucb powerfull effi- 
cacy of tbe Spirit , that the drovrfie 
fluggard may bee raifed up to fom6 
fruitfuloelfe , ^nd noore holy walking 
towards God. 

Fifthly, this niiay teach townes vt^ll vjk ;« 
provided for, to lend their beft care 
and help fbr the edifying and calling 
horfie of Countrey Villages: Grudge 
Hot then at their ready refort^to the 
gatet>f your Aflemblies, but rather en- 
tourage them, that they may be parta- 
kers with them. 

Sixthly , this lets us fee, that time 
{hall come when forward profe£$on 
fhall be no difgrace 3 yea, qoen fliall 
kifle Chrift openly, and &all ik>t bee 

Seventhly^ the nalignity of otfr Aft- v^e^: 
ceftorl agllnft Chrift and bis 6<> 
I fpd n«iA provoke us to more zxsbor 





■tpiw ;^* 


" 94* P^rwarJ profeffton /ball he mdif^ra 

ciogofhina, and look fubjedioi 

Vfi$. I Eighily,wefflayhcre(ccihata&; 
full VJiniflry, and godly Magiftrac 
a pU-dgeof Chriils tender lore, , 
kindc embracing of the Church. 
^fig- ' Ninthly, wcarc benceto take 
ticc, that when a Chuich ea)0) 
many gracious and' fwcet bkfii 
froinCbrift, it is good for her tc 
it tad acknowledge it, and to be c 
ful that all hct Members may fo w 
astbcirhappinefle be not iuteirup 
In the fourrh verle the charge runr 
thus, Xha.L ye ^ir not uf^^c. Btifiii 
Hcbr. »''})fhoulayouliir uf^^Ct 
who (hould fay , when all things 
throughly and fully reformed and 
led; Why fliould you goc about 
Innovation ? This manner of cha 
wasneveruttcredbcfore, Cofit.z,- 
7. to the end. 

(t^bif a tbUthat commeth up from 
tVtUerRejJe^ leaning upon her.&ehvti 
I raifedtbee up under the apple.trte:tl 
thy mother brought thee forth therij 
hrat^bt thee forth thai hare thee, - • '" 

Innoloations in a fetied Church dangerous. 1^43 j 

¥vho is this that commeih up frtm the 

\ frilderne^.'] Id thefe words the holy 

jGhoft (Stteth out the calling and 

. cftare of two other Churches after the 

callingof the Jewes^: 

I Firft,the one arifing out of the Wil-. 

I Secondly, the other a little fiftcr^ 
: ver.%. 10. together with the eftate of 
'the whole Church, as it (hail then 
(land, from that tioie to the end of the! 
world, x^^. 1 1. 1 4* 

This Church commin^ up from thd 
Wilderneflc is defcribecf, 

Firft, by the une<^£tednefle of liet 
arifing, together with the admirat ion 
of the Jcwifk Churches there, ver. 5^ 
H^ho is this thdt commeth up out of the a?//- 
dernejje i 

Secondly , by the place of her ari- 
fing^the Wildernefle. 

Thirdly 5 by her famill iar fellowHiip 
with Chrift, joytied with her confi- 
dence on \\im)eaHing upon her beloveds 
Fourthly, by the means of thegathe- 
ring and raifing of this Church, / rai^ 
fed thee up under an dppte-tree.^cstr. 5. 

^' i . Fifthlt,^ 





\i^t^Char.fUte fifk^m tfOum^ 



■ ■ -il. ' lU 


^— f" 

»«er. tf. »h.|(^petiiioiitMEI|l| 
jni;^ bv « mpctvdV calnB ifimi 
liieijigtb and d^of fer^dlBflii 
flitf^wliichtbepiiMNttfa, . - '^ .■■:. . 
■, F^ft, by (ooiparifig heuABAi 
pcpaU to. tb$Be ditogi Bioft tai^ 

Sedoodiy, to the Qiaf>c^ . : ^ 

• ■ 

■Secondly , bjMUmpixing k ni t 
diii^ as lefle- than her zSdBd 
though tbeybe aUbofgreat forcei 
. Firfty to many waters, wdiich ( 
not c(ueDch her a&6Hon o^ love. 
. Secondly , to the whole fubfta 
of any nans houfe, which mwld I 
coQ^i;ained ifk were dlfeved 
wichdfaw herfkom Chriftt twr.y. 
. Tile caUiog and. eftate of theod 
Church.the little fifier,ts defcribej 

Ftt^ ) ^ \ltft cooioltatioii of i 

i_ -^ ^ 


Tbeftate of the Cburcha littleSifter. 345 

elder Siftefs j to wit , of the Jcmfh 
Churches , and of that Church com- 
sung up put of the Wildemeflki What 
they fhali doe for her vrhen (he (hall 
be (pbken of, ver. 8 • 

Secondly >foy a refolution what they 
(hall doe for her, futable to what her 
condition (as they (hall finde her) 
(hall require, o/rr. 9. 

Thirdly, a fitisfaAion given by this 
little Sifter, to the elder, how her 
eftate ftandeth,together with the caufe 
thereof^ Gods favour, that they may 
the better know what courfcs to take 
forhe^,^w. 10. 

The eftateofthe whole Church, as 
it fhall ftafid after the converfioni 
of the Jcwes, and of thofe other 
Cburche; is fet forth ; 
. Firft, frooi <^hri(ls care for them,: 

Firfl;,in bis watchfulnefle over them 
in hisowne perfon, which he ampli- 
fies by the lefle care which Solomon 
had of his vitieyard, committing the 
keepingof it to othen, ver. i i,ia. 

Secondly, in his charge to the 

R3 Church,] 


Church, thaibe miyhcarehcto 
panioas hearkening unto her, vtr. 

Secondly, bythc Churches pr; 
unto Chrift, that he may haftco 
tranflitingof them into heaven in 
endoftbcworld, i^er. 14. 

tfhc is tbifi that comnieih^^c,'] V 
ibcfe Churches .(hould ,bc thai 
maineto be called a fter the comer 
p^thejcwcsaod Gentiles, wccai 
ponceive any piore ficly than 
.^wchcs of ^JJyU i fecondly 
^jypfpfwhich we read y/u. 13.23, 
;Whcn a Cliurch Hiall bee dc 
"among the Jewes, fignified byEzti 
pgopdly Temple, the water of G 
.-Spirit fl,uil Aow fiom whence t 
ward, goe downe into the Deierr, 
from thence Tprcad themfclves I 
and neere. ^ 

This Defcrr, or WildemeiTci 
ward fromft«^'*&, is theVVildcni 
ci Arabia,, whither Spirituallgra 
/hall be conveyed by fome cooqbi 
ftom ler^fi/^, and from tbencei 
fiiali be? farther carried into thel 
CountueSjto the gathering, andc 


— r- — — — . — 

tVhat ChuYchc s come in after the Ic^es . 2 47 

verfion of the Jjj'yriafis and others : 
Wbencoic is » that Church arifing 
from the Wilderneflcof -^^4^/4, is 
faid to leane upon her beloved in an 
ArabUn virordjas vrhen the holy Gboft 
vras to rpeak of the BdhykntM Capci- 
yiry (or Wirlter) being paft, he ufeth 
the Bakjloj^ian or CaUean virord. So 
then, virhenthe Churchesof/«^ir4 (hail 
fee fucb a goodly Church fpring from 
jfmallhelpe, out of the Wildcrncfle 
of Arabia beyond their expedation, 
tbeyihatl fay of her, who is thi$ that 
commeth out of the wildernefje , leaning 
upon her beloved ? trufting by faith on 
bitn> and thereby attaining and enjoy- 
ing felk>wfhip with blin : tor to leane 
is put as an ad of faith or trufting ^, 
and tibe gefture in^plieth fanuHar \ ^^^^" ^? 
love*. ' . ,. 

/ rai^d thee, under an apple *reei] 

Chrift, or the Church of the Jewres 
by his povver raifcd up his Cburdb by 
the naeaoes of fonoc inferior Magi^ 
ilrate , teiecnbled here by an Apple 
tree, as before * : For though bee was 
not lo high and mighty as the Cedars 

R ^ of 



% •!^2,i^lC, 

Cant. i*3t 



Leaning an a£i of faith. 


oiLebanon , or the Okes of Bi^sn ; 
yet eminent be was, and his Ahdoir 
good, and his fruic cordiall and coio- 

And the meanesof the gathering of 
this Church, being at'firft bat an infe- 
rionr Magiftrare ; the Church had 
\ more need and ufe of faith to leane 
upon her beloved , when foveraigoe 
authority did not countenance the 

There thy mother brought thu fifth,] 

Towit, the Mother-Church oftbc 
Jewes,orthe Cathoiique>whidiisthc 

' ai.d.i^. ! Mother of US all. 

f^erf. 6. ! Set me a% afeale upon thy heirt , as 
dfiale up on think arme^for loveisftwig 
as death ^ jealoufie is cruell as the grave ; 
the coales thereof are coales of fire tphich 
hath a mojl vehement flame. 

S9t me as a feale upon thSlfe hearty 
as a feale upon thine armej] That is, Icr 
me be deep engraven as a (bale is into 
thine heart., or afiR^Aion, and as a fe^le 
onthicearme, letmebe cohtiriUallf 
in thy (ight and remembrarnce. And 
becaufe the heart is the feat of the 



^ ■■■ -'■ ■-■■ ■- 

*Ho^ hlfe asftrong as death. 249 

will^and thearaie of ftrcogth,thcrcforc 
{he defireth histdeep affedion and 
mighty (Irength and povrer alvraies ro 
be prcfent \yich hpt for her comfort 
and peace. . ' 

For love it ^rpMg as death J] Beach 
(henretb his ftrengtb, 
. Firft^ in fubddlng all forts of people 
high and lovr, young and old. 

Secondly, accepting no compaflli* 
on, noryeeldiog to any oppdltcion, 
but going through with his worke^ 
fuch ftrengtb of love (hal this C hiirch 
fhew to Chrift, fubduingall before 
her to the obedience of. Chrift, and 
not fuffering any impedicnegc to de^ 
taine her from him. ' 

leahufte is fruell as the grave.'] Jea- 
loufie is a mixt affc^dioriOf zealc or 
fervent love , and carries at any corri- 
vaih , arage vrith \Yrath againftthem : 
So fervent then (hall the-s^alous love 
of thff Church be CO Chrift, that (hb 
may not endure any fuch things as 
(hall fteale avvay the peoples hearts 
from Chrift , or alienate or te&n his 
af&dion to httr,but as thcgrave> : 


2f a The Church ofBgypt why a littleSifler' 

r^f, J,. 

ftentogivcto tbemtbe fincerc milk 
ofthcwoiclot thcmeanes otconfo- 
Ution in their oppreffions aod di* 

In the d*f wbea jbefhtl he fpokeafor,^ 
Whea the fuloefle of time ftull 
come, chat (be {ball grow up CO fdcb 
amultitudeofProfelTors, asmavbee 
fit to have a fetled Church cftabli- 
(hcd amongft them ; for there is s 
company grown up to be a. fit Spotib 
forCbrift. When there arefomiDy 
good Chriftiassas may conftiEute a 
wcllordcred ChufLb. 

Jffhe&eatpaS^ »e vUl&uUJapsnbtr 
sfa/aceof fiiver : And tf fhe Set door e, 
pe wfUenclofe her witbliettrds of Cedar . 
IffhehawAll, vewi'U^Mtld.'] That 
h^ if ibe have i Chriftian Mtgiftracy 
for the Magiftrate is a wall. 

■Ficftv highi to keep out invafions 
of enemies i even fo doth' he keepe 
oijc forraigne evills frona breaking ip 
upon his people. 

Secondly, clofe to keepc in h(! 
pcpplewithin bounds from faking 
Ottt vnto diCotdcr. 

Tbirdly, firme, wbcrcon to rearc- 
(ifoccafionbO ^fiher Palsce^ whcre-j 
on to lav the franieofa good motionij 
or courie to bee taken for Publique 

Fourthly, a Wallofpartitioo, to 
divide betvreene right aadvrrong , to 
'give every man his owm 1 

fn will tmldufom birafitver pdui.'] 

We will make her garment honoura- 
ble aQd wealthy* 

Ifjhe he s ^^r^.] That is^if (he have 
faithfuU MinifterS) whkh ac a doore, 
open the way to Chrift, that the peo- 
ple may eo in and our. and find paftnre 
inhim ;ire mNncllfehermtrhoMrds 
'tfCedsr.\Cedzt is a Timber that will 
neither rot, nor breed wormes, and fo 
will endure alwaies i Whence it was 
that the Heathen made thpir Simuls- 
ihraDeorumy Images of their gods of p^^jj 
this wood, tOInakethemf^ealeete^ cafi%. 
nalL Thefe Sifter-Chmrches then 
promifej that if their little fifter of 
Egjft have any faithfutl Minifters> 
they will provide for their fafetyand 
peace, that tbey bee not diioouragpd, 

nor 1 




254 ChriilyMilbim/elfe care for hit Cbur^, 

rerf. lo. 


f^frf 12. 

nor difturbed in their fundiOQ. 

Iwna waB^aadnty irresrts like ttmrs; 
tbtt f'^f i "> bit eyes as ene thst fumd 

Tlie little fiftcrof Egypt relblvethi 
her fifters, that (hee wants neiibtt 
Chtiftian Magiftiates , nor faithfiill 
M iniftcrs , fo full of wholcfbmc Do- . 
drinc, as that her brcafls fwell like 
Towers ; which yet ihe acknoivledge- ' 
ethtobe a fingular mercy and favour 
ofCbrift, and afcribeth all hcrftoicj 
tohis pcaifc i Thenwn I'gs e»e thiti- 
found faiJouY in bit eyes ^ 

Solomon had a vineyard in Bml-hit'l 
mon: A plsce fo fruitfuU that for e^;- 
cellcncy it was called the Lord of a' 
multitude, or the owner of grca t en- 
creafe. He let out the vineyard unto' 
keepers , who paid him a great rent, 
even thoufands for the fruit of it, and . 
yet had a good portion, certain huri-i 
dredsfortheirowne paines. 

My vineyard which ismtne^ ishefeft 
me : thou (O Solomon) mud have a tboti- 
fand.andthofe that keep tbefrait thereat 
two hundred, 


1 be Catbolique Church where it dwells. 25 5 

To wit, I let not out my vineyard 
to ethers , but I kept it ojy felfe al- 
vraies ; let Solomon take his thoufands 
for his fruits of bis vineyard, and the 
Reapers their hundreds ; I will not 
fo doe ) but take all the paines to keep 
my vineyard, and reap all the^aines 
ofthe fruits thereof to my (elCe. The 
.Bieaningis, when Chrift hath gathe- 
red all thefe Churches of the Jewes, 
Aifyrians, Egyptians, and neighboUjr- 
Natisns, hee will then keepe his 
Church with his mighty power , that 
neither Dragons, nor wilde Bores, nor 
Foxes (hall hereafter root it up , or 
make havock of it, as in time paft they 
have done : This is exprefly foretold) 
and flull.come to j^afle after thede* 
ftra^ion of Leviathsn the great 
Turke *. 

Thou thst dwelled in the gardens^ the 
comfsniohs hearken to thy voyce^ csufe 
me to bear e it. 

Thou that dweOep in the gardens^ 

The Participle being of the Feminine 
Gender,{hewetb that it is the Church, 
not Chrift that is here fpokeo 'toJ 






■ ^ 

56 The Catholiqw Church j»bere it dwells, 

_ i>- - . I I ■ I , . I ■ '— ^^— ^— »-^ ■ ■ ■■ *. 

whoisfaidto^0^e//M the garden • to 
v^it^in the particolar Chdrches»' asthe 
fea dwelleih in each particular Coan- 
trey feaj the German fea^the Spanifli 
fea, tbeBakicke (ea, &c. SotbeCa-{ 
tholique Church is divided into par- 1 
ticuiar Churches, or the Jevirifli Mo- i 
tber Church dvirelleth by her authority i 
I and directions in all other Churches, j 
I The comf anions hearkning to fhj word \ 
\ (jot voice) cMfe me to heart it J\ So the | 
vvordsin the originall which implyeth 
either rhat Church would have tte 
Mother Church of the Jewies. take 
care ofall other Chriflian Churches, j 
and give dircClions unto them, and 
,' yet not as unto her h^dmaids, but as 
to her companions 5 or elfe if the 
I words be read according to the tranf- 
Iziibxa ^ The companions hearken to ihj 
voice^ caufe me to heare it : They imply, 
that after the calling of thefc Chur- 
ches , this (hall bee their cenftant 
eftafe to the worlds end, they (hall all 
Firft, embrace one another as com- 
j panions, not claiming Romi(h Supfe- 


i Euacy* 



\ Gentiles not cafloffat the leTifes cdlUnv, 2 $7 

I Secondly, hearken to the voice and 

I diredions of the Mother Ghurch> (in 

j Solomons daies for mfdome to himi) 

j Thirdly, continue in calling upori 

1 the Name of Chrift without giffipa;- 

I tion and interruption to the end. 

! Make hafte mj Moved , and be thou 

like^q a Rooy or to a young It art ufon 

I the mount aine offpices. 

\ This is the prayer 6f all the Ghur- 

; ciies 5 Nov^ that all things are accoin^ 

plifhed^the which Prophets and Apo- 

ftles have foretold, that Gdrif^ would 

Ibaften hislaftcommioga^ fwiftlyand 

[quickly, ai thefwifteft of the crea- 

Wes, the^oe^orjoungliart^ tot^kt 
j them up witl;i hirnfelfe into the high- 
; eft Heavens of the Mountaines of 
■ fpices, where are all manner of fpices^ 
I where ixt all manner of fweet and fra- 
grant and pleafaht things, even fulnefTe 
of joy at Gods right hand for ever- 
more. Thus is the end of the Revclati- 
onsj The spirit and the Bride ^ and cvefy 
faithful! foule faith in like feafe, corrii 
Lord lefus^ cpthe quick ly . 

The Qfe 6f this is,fir£(,to tcaeh ui 

S that 






* Rom. If. 

Rom: XI. 

R:vc]. IX. 
▼cr« 14« 

\ 2 58 Gentiles wt cafh ^ffat the I ewes callinj^. 

that the Nations of the Gentiles (hall 
not be caft off from the fello^rdiip 
of the Chur:h) wheothe Jcwes are 
called 9 as the Jevres virere out of the 
Church, that the Gentiles might bee 
grafted in * ; but even after their cal- 
ling, otw Churches of the Gentiles 
(hall bee brought in ; yea, thejir con- 
verfion (hall bring from the dead inroj 
the world : ^yhat fhall the receiving of 
thembe^ but life from the dead ^ yea, the 
GeMtiles fhall bring theidr glory to it^ 
yea, the curled Canaanite (hail not: be 
excluded from partaking 10 this bief- 
fing *. How much more o^y we hope 
then that thefe Churches of Chri- 
ftjendome^wrhich have fuffered (b much 
with Chrid , and for him, under the 
Dragon, andtheBeaft, and the Turk, 
fhall partake with the glory of thefe 
Churches of the Jevres when the time 
fhall come. 
Vfe2. Secondly, this doth teach ushovr 
to attaine fellowfliip and holy fami- 
liarity with Chrift, even by faith, lea- 
ning upon him as our beloved ; infi- 
delity and doubting hinder our fweeti 


Faith giloe^ communion u^:th Chrlp. x 5 


communion vrith Chrift, laboartfiree 
therefore to abandon ic from us. 

Thirdly, 'virt may here fee the dtity 
of kiferiour Magiftrates what it is, 
even to fee that the Church be raifed 
up uAder them , how much more to 
coumenacce and proteft it with their 
fhadow , and to comfort it with th6 
fruit of thcirf^eet and whoIefbai6 
lawes and examples. 

Fourthly , this may ferve for tiyafii 
of the goodoelfe of our affe^ionsto 
Chrift J if we tbitftafrerhisdeepeaf- 
fediontouS) and continuall remem- 
brance of us , if wee labour to fubdue 
our felves and all ours to him^ if wee 
jealouily warreagainft ail that which 
might impaire oar love to hitn, if we6 
bumeupall oar imjtedioients , ifnd 
affliflions can difcourage us fmm 
him 5 if no profperity can (hake our 
intire defiires after him^we are then wel 
affeded to himasthis Church is : If 
we defire to have fuch deep place in 
Chriifts heart)itis a plain figne Chrift 
bath a deep place in our hearts* 









— t 

1 r^w \, * :is nftivihvw i; ; v-c 

f this i ■.. . 

• ■••li' {' •"■ * '^ ••I/I .'-r- •' ' '\ 

! It lit I '.iii ' f L. «? .'.SU WV#4lt ^ t . 

\ or* 1 * 1 * ■ • 


-. ... . .,, ■ 

• f ■ . • • . . . 

, '%DJ *.. • u' . Li iw'.v.'.r US* 

^ •■• * * "■-.,' ^ ,• 

I. i. 


I - . ' .. «..; 

• • « 

. I 





- ?' 

■ • I 

■ .*/ *. 1 

. ■ ■ . * - * .'I' • „ i ■ 1 ■ • 

■ ■ - . ■ ■ i ■ y- • -» •■ . 

. • * .1 ■# V 

■ "^ . . . . ' ;.. -^ 1 1. ,-^ ■ It' 

''■ ■ ' ■ ■ ^. r . •; > ■ •!; * '^ff- ♦ L^- 

. •• .jw . «^-. j-^ ■ ■*■" '"^ ^ 

ciJvJrvj" ::sff rheJ?<eiS:». ■ ot breaking j l»y^".«'>i 

* .?( .. V 

r.> uc as vvalK to k /.jxiui ,?.U 'i^fordcr, 
;t'C:Jiu> isaw^l" r^ there come 10 wuf- 
orJei>; V ft^tnwi fc hij,;h -ihat rSic y cannot 
amic over - it rtiiv -TiilU ^oc a bc^^ 

,:.. pro; \:j.r;iciiL% a!l cvii! (.ourrcs^! 

as a /'iu , i'/ricrcori ro reatc afilvcr 

Viacc forcer : vv uincon to Uy the 
jVame oi j. gi>od morion^ courfc, or 

* hxicr,- ro b.: ukexi fer die oubiiqa?' 

Ninthly, a?u[i:-,ry arSicItAUniftcts t^jip. 
' ^j \'}c as doore* ip open ? -"vTiiie cr>« 

!.arc r:.tii<f P-orc-;:.Mi:fes; yc^,,. fares of} 


Terttii- ! 



jtyof 'Mgn-rucs': if Minii^'T 

tdo:»: '-> ir i>,"'ild bee t* e?" Od- 

hrii ;heTT: in wiib' ban'-J. cp Cv 

4o[ vov'i^ tbi rheir (i^curiiy : ;.- ; 

dii'y of f^rr^ Migiftra- e and ait. : 

to htxn O.^e \» '/• . ^'r^ac no ene» i-^ 

3aay ! e ;? i::Wo?K Fc-^r .■ 'nong r Iv.*r-i , 

S ^5 .^^* J i: 7 rfr.oth'* hi with'ju't fid 

If^'te'^cr^rh'-y , this m;iy fcr us f 
• 'b.Tch ei"»fovIiiC: a tarhfuM MtV->. 

T-ve!v:i!:v thh le:s t:s 1^^ '^ 

•^ ^ ■ • ■ -1 » ! I 

• <- ». ■. ' V y 

..)■ . ^ -^r? . wc ' -n A-/" a"^. - 
.\f. -iP-j '^: .: ■ ^- «c ::''0'v-.. ... 

:;-^ . tr^rij V. no vu^^oy t;o oh".^ 
^ ' to i?r ; Wht-. i:h^ i?r^i^ ' i 

«. * -t ■ 


Cbriji Hfilfree his Lburchfrom MemmitsA^\ 

chat crooked Serpeot^ and the l)n« 
gon tbac is in the Tea (haU bs CUlM s 

of new wine •^ yea, tli^Lord wilUwpo' 
ic,heivill\YaccricevfrynK>loe{iCt Jffflb 
apy hurt ic > be wiU keep it ni^bt m4 

day i yea, Cfarift vrill one day tbe In 
Church froa) all opprcEloPf aQ^gftVK 
free pailage to all bu OKliflaoces^ ■. 

Finally^* this iery«$ to teicK Hs all 
what afFc^ida we -fliOQld have to the 
commingpfChriftro Judgement^ to 
.k fire him to be a§,tbc M^oeor a young 
fJm upon the mountaines offpices ; to 
take us up into the higheft heavens, 
where arc ail manner of fweet and ; 
fragant and plea fan t things, evenful- 
m£e of joy for evermore. 

The faithfull Spoufcsof Chrift do 
earncftly dcfire his commine to judge- f!*.^^*"J* 
ment > but Harlots would put oit his 
comming: Achafte wife^'andaloy- 
all Spoufe defires her husband to fend 
no more letters, but to haften his re- 
turne, and come hooie • but a harlot 
would have her husbands comming 
deferred ; fo they whole hearts are a 





- J